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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    Wishmaster said:
    Hmmm .. noticed another minor issue.

    If my monitor goes to sleep, after waking it again launching a app that requires Admin rights causes a small issue.
    The screen just goes black, and hangs a second before the prompt (and sound) comes up.

    It only happens after bringing the monitor out of sleep. I rolled back to the previous driver, the issue was gone. Updated to new one, and the issue returned.

    So I know its the driver, but Im unsure if its some sort of issue between the driver and my Motherboard.

    Can anyone reproduce it?
    Wishmaster said:
    Im back to 285.62 for now, as its pretty stable for me.

    Only seeing that delay when a UAC prompt is initiated the first time after the monitor came out of sleep. Afterwards, its fine untill the monitor sleeps again.

    I saw the same issue with UAC prompts also, right after my initial clean install of these drivers.

    Went away after the first reboot, or maybe second one and hasn't come back after that.

    Although I don't have my system sleep, or let the monitors sleep so that may be why I don't see it anymore.

    I did read about others with the same/similar thing also. Forums - GeForce Forceware 295.73 WHQL Forums - GeForce Forceware 295.73 WHQL

    Don't see it listed in future bug fixes in Manual G's post, so probably doesn't know about it.

    Official WHQL NVIDIA 295.73 Display Driver Feedback Thread For NVIDIA Geforce Desktop/Notebook/ION GPUs - NVIDIA Forums
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    Thanks :)

    Yea, I dont let my PC sleep at all, but I do let the monitor sleep.
    If you do, right after it wakes you'll get the black screen pause when a UAC prompt comes up that first time, then its OK after that.

    Also noticed the Video Enhancement (specifically Dynamic Contrast) was broken for me. At least with Nero. Well, it works but certain scenes just look bad. Mostly darker ones.

    That, and my Lan goes offline when the monitor sleeps for some reason. have no clue why but does it with the new driver.

    Certainly nothing major, but slightly annoying.
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    windows 7 pro 64bit sp1

    hi guys..

    my first post ever,hehe
    i'm in trouble and this forum looks like a responsive one,i hope so..
    i just bought asus n43sl sith gt 540m 2G as the second GPU card.
    the card driver from asus couldnt be installed,it is ancient too anyway,haha
    so i decided to install this 295.73 version..
    i tried WEI and i got 6.9 for the card..
    however,when i tried to open the nvidia control panel,it wouldnt open..
    instead it showed me a window saying: 'you are not currently using a display attached to any nvidia gpu' or something like that..
    i tried GPU-Z and msi afterburner and both of them can see the card..
    it doesnt show any problem either in device manager,only the dxdiag also can only see the intel card..
    i tried reinstalling the nvidia driver couple of times,using driver sweeper and safe mode.. even using different version of drivers.. my OS is win7 pro 64bit sp 1..

    anyone have any idea?

    appreciate it..
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    windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Welcome mshiddiqsh. First make sure you are installing the "295.73-notebook-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql" and not "295.73-desktop-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql". Also is the nvidia gpu the only gpu in that notebook?
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    windows 7 pro 64bit sp1

    hi Zahl, thx for the reply..

    yes i am sure that it is the notebook version..
    and nope, it is a dual vga notebook, the native card is intel HD..
    i dont really understand yet about this kind of technology though,hehe..
    oh yeah, i also downloaded the latest driver of the intel card via the official website..
    however when i checked it with driver whiz it said that it isnt up to date,haha,weird..
    but i havent tried the newest intel driver though,i feel it is unlikely that the intel driver is the culprit,hehe.. do you??

    thx a bunch..
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1

    Welcome mshiddiqsh, does your BIOS have an option to disable the onboard Intel GPU or a setting to choose the primary VGA adapter?
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    windows 7 pro 64bit sp1

    Thx Britton30..

    Nope,it doesnt even have any important settings beside boot priority and bios update.
    I have thiought about modding my bios to see if this is the reason,but i'm affraid that my laptop would be bricked and i'd revoke my remining 11 months warranty..
    Anyhow,even if it is not set as primary,it should be operating right? Since the WEI could access it and various softwares can see its performance..

    Thank you..
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    windows 8.1 Pro x64

    My guess is that when you uninstalled the nvidia drivers some things like the display output may have switched over to the intel gpu. Can you open anything directly from the nvidia installation folder?
    At this point I would uninstall the drivers, install the latest available on the asus website, and once I verified all was working I would install the latest nvidia release on top without uninstalling the old ones. Also make sure you chose a custom install when installing the drivers and selecting "Clean installation" whenever possible.
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    windows 7 pro 64bit sp1

    Thx Zahl.

    I see,i havent tried to open anything from the installation folder,i'll try later.
    I did try that,except i dont know what you meant by verifying that everything is working,it looked fine by me when i opened its control panel.. The problem happened when i opened the nvidia control panel.. As if it cant see or connect to the card.. Eventhough windows can,through WEI,GPU-z and afterburner also able to.. It's so confusing,haha..
    Anyway,i'll try again what you said and report it later..

    Thx a bunch..
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    windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Sorry I meant verifying the nvidia control panel worked with the asus supplied driver. Does it work if you install that driver? It does seem like the laptop is using it so if the nv control panel is the only issue you can substitute it with something like nvidia inspector. It also seems to have some optimus specific options you can mess with so I recommend checking it out regardless.
    But have you looked in to windows power management for any options on default gpu or display? Make sure its set to balanced at least.
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