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Windows 7: Cases

16 Mar 2011   #11

Desk1 7 Home Prem / Desk2 10 Pro / Main lap Asus ROG 10 Pro 2 laptop Toshiba 7 Pro Asus P2520 7 & 10
Thanks Iggy

Thanks ignatzatsonic that's ging to come in real handy - gonna print it off and use it as my little Bible when the time comes - because I wouldn't have had a clue.

I'll follow it to the letter as I said I would have just put it all togeher and switched on and watched - probably it self destruct lol!!

Now I have decided on the Coolermaster Centurion as it does have the big fans and therefore theoretically quieter due to the slower speed required.

My PSU after a fair bit of researching is going to be the Corsair HX 650 which most seem to like and there is plenty of output for what I shall need I reckon.

RAM is G.Skill Ripjaws F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH (2x2GB) DDR3 someone told me they were using 1600MHz cards on the Gigabyte H67 U3DH but I didn't want to take the chance of getting it altogether and then nothing happening

Now the drivers you mention from NEC and Intel again I had no idea this had to be done as it was not mentioned in Scott Mellers video and i ama ssuming I put these onto a USB stick then download to the build .

Well this has ben a real eye opener and I cannot thank you enough because I would have ended up having to sort a lot of things out to get it to start.

Tools mate don't worry I have 55years worth of tools laying around - I used to dabble in audio stuff - vacuum tubes, dedicated trannies and components etc just have not done much with IC's as such.

Anyway I'll let you know how it goes and if it doesn't blow up maybe a pic or two lol!!.

Oh and johnnywillyums look mate that's a nice piece of equipment but a fair bit out of my price range at the moment ($279) - perhaps next build if I don't electrocute myself doing this one eh?? I must say the features are something else especially the roll out motherboard feature and the left panel removal which I was after.
and the small window in the left side i take is for a small fan forthe bottom side of the CPU.
Anyway thanks to everyone for for taking the time to help me out.
Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 Motherboard
Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 Motherboard

My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Mar 2011   #12

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Fair point IC but remember you'll be living with your case (and your monitor) for a lot longer than the stuff inside the case. Good big case can take any kind of upgrade and whatever the industry comes up with next.
However, for a cracking real budget case take a look at the Antec One Hundred which is about 42 GBP and, twice as much but lovely and really well featured, the Fractal Design Define R3. This last one is also built to be very quiet.
I built my first PC just over a year ago. It was easier than I thought it would be. I used lots of tutorials from this forum and elsewhere and even found youtube videos of people building with my motherboard or my case and they were very useful.

Good luck mate and keep us informed of how it goes eh? Cheers, John
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16 Mar 2011   #13

W7x64 Pro, SuSe 12.1/** W7 x64 Pro, XP MCE

As many response as there are to this thread, it has probably been mentioned before, but since you are looking at the CM cases, have you looked at the HAF 922? It doesn't have the black interior, but both sides are removable, and it has larger fans, plus more exterior drive bays.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

16 Mar 2011   #14

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 (rev. 1.1)

above is the download page for the b3 revision of that board.

select the driver dropdown and your OS type.

Drivers you will need:

Realtek Azalea: this is the onboard audio; should be Realtek ALC 892; you will have a Realtek entry in control panel.

Intel INF installation: this is the Intel Chipset Utility I mentioned; Install immediately after Windows

Intel Management engine interface

Realtek LAN driver; without this you have no internet connection; you don't need the diagnostic utility;

Intel SATA RAID driver; NOT needed if you aren't using RAID

NEC USB 3.0 Driver; this is AKA "Renesas" and is need for the 2 USB ports near the speaker jacks on the back.

Intel VGA driver: get it; this is for the on-processor graphics; works well. You will have an Intel graphics entry in control panel.

Then look at the BIOS dropdown. All you see is F2, so that is what your board should come with. I think the B3s actually have a UEFI (EFI??) rather than a BIOS. It is a replacement for the traditional BIOS and the very latest boards often have it. So you don't need to download F2.

Then look at manual dropdown and download the PDF. Read and absorb. It will raise some questions.

You don't need anything from the utilities dropdown unless you are using a drive larger than 2 gigs and even then you might not. It may be that the F2 UEFI already includes support for huge drives.

Re Gigabyte utilities. Your mobo will come with a disk full of utilities which I urge you to avoid for months and probably forever. They are mostly for overclockers and even they report that the tools are buggy. You don't need any of it.

What screen resolution do you plan to use??

Just corresponded with a major US dealer of fans---he told me that Scythe is shut down in Japan due to the recent unpleasantness. He has no idea when out of stock Scythes will come back in stock.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Mar 2011   #15

Desk1 7 Home Prem / Desk2 10 Pro / Main lap Asus ROG 10 Pro 2 laptop Toshiba 7 Pro Asus P2520 7 & 10

Ok Ignatzatronic haven't eally givne the reoslution much thought as I am just on the first build not that savvy yet and learning all the time.

I don't really know what I can use with the gear I'm getting and will need to do a bit of researching into this before my stuff gets here. Plus choosing monitors is a bit of a hit and miss affair for me they keep telling me Benq but the ones in town look as if they have been flattened (top>bottom) and I want a 24 that is a reasonable size not some squashed looking device. The Philips I saw there was more my sort of screen more TV like than a monitor and cheaper too!

Plus there seems to be a fair bit of difference in quality too. The Acer I'm using now is crap on colours despite the salesman telling me it was top notch stuff.

Hmmmmm yeh I did see Norton mentioned in there somewhere that'll have to go for starters as i'm planning on putting my Kaspersky Pure on for security and they don't get on well together at all. As for the other I'll do as you say and stay well ckear of them as I have had problems with that sort of rot in the past.

Hey and Johnno and seekermeister yeh I had a look at those - again the budget was a bit stretched (althought Antec as only $69) and anyway am going to do another build after this one if all goes well. Plus do it in a bigger case just this one seemed to be a good starter. By the way whats with everyone not liking the whie interiors?? - thought they would be easier to work on.

Anyway gotta dash - work again bugga and it was getting interesting as I have learnt a fair bit in the last hour or so - so again thanks to you fellows!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Mar 2011   #16

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit

You may get your B3 board before I do--I don't know, but I may be 2 or 3 weeks away. I haven't heard from NewEgg and the H67A-UD3H B3 is currently out of stock.

However: I did just now go to Intel and look for new downloads for anything related to the 6 series chipsets and found 4 things pertinent to the Gigabyte motherboard. I downloaded these items. These are for 64 bit Windows 7, but there are 32 bit version also if you will be using 32 bit.

Intel chipset INF update utility, dated 030311; this is newer than the one at Gigabyte

Intel GMA 2000 Graphics driver, dated 020211; this is newer than the one at Gigabyte

Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, dated 121510; this is newer than the one at Gigabyte. I think I erred in my previous post. I think you DO need this if you want to use AHCI, even if you will not be using RAID.

Intel Management Engine Interface, dated 020911; this is newer than the one at Gigabyte.
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17 Mar 2011   #17

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Hey IC. Regarding monitors. Have a read up on the differences between TN panels (that's most cheap computer monitors) and IPS panels.
For a reasonable priced IPS panel check out the Dell 23" and, even cheaper, the Viewsonic IPS panel, also 23"
You're gonna have to pay a lot for a 24" 16:10 panel these days as most consumer monitors seem to have standardised on 23" 16:9 aspect.

Cheers, John
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18 Mar 2011   #18

Desk1 7 Home Prem / Desk2 10 Pro / Main lap Asus ROG 10 Pro 2 laptop Toshiba 7 Pro Asus P2520 7 & 10
Thanks all

Hey my build is on it's way and I discovered I'd ordered the wrong mobo the UD3H-B3 instead of the cheaper UD2H-B3 but still it has extra slots and stuff on it and well $25 not going to lose any sleep over it - if I could get to sleep -too excited now!!lol!!

Now the monitors yep looks like I'll have to shell out for a more expensive one, problem where I live (country) there are not many outlets where you can get to see them sitched on, and the ones that are usually have Capt bloody Nemo playing - doesn't that annoy you??

Yeh johnny a 23 will do as my 21.5 Acer is big enough just thought - new machine decent size screen ......

Anyway will just have to do a bit more shopping round but again the net pics are always super clear etc eh?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Mar 2011   #19

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

This is the Viewsonic I was talking about. It's the cheapest IPS panel available and gets rave reviews over here:
ViewSonic VP2365wb

or this one is slightly more
Dell U2311 23 Inch Widescreen IPS Panel LCD Monitor

Overview - Compare prices - Details - Related items

I note a lot of Australian retailers sell Viewsonic but , afdter a quick look, I can't find that model
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Mar 2011   #20

Desk1 7 Home Prem / Desk2 10 Pro / Main lap Asus ROG 10 Pro 2 laptop Toshiba 7 Pro Asus P2520 7 & 10
Hiyya john

Yes I can get this out here but - at $830 is a tad out of my league.

However there are Viewsonics that are affordable such as the VX2439M (LCD) & VX2450wm-LED which have quite good specs especially the 2ms response time both have 300cdm and 1000:1 contrast and range from $220 - $285.

Now I'm inclined towards the LED what do you think as I am not that savvy with these numbers and tend to look for the contrast ratios more than anything else, and see some of the other brands quoting 12,000,000:1 etc. Yet the Viewsonics are 1000:1 there doesn't seem to be any set standards when I see figures that seemingly vary wildy as this.

For example I am using an Acer S221HQL at the moment that has 12,000,000:1 contrast 250nits?? and 5m/s response and to be honest the colours and general resolution are not what I call terribly after paying $248 for it.

So I tend to base the specs of the others against what this monitor performs like.

I have been looking at AOC and Asus screens which look pretty reasonable to me as the Benq's I have seen in local retailers look like they have been put through a car crusher the top/bottom measurement looks really out of whack. The Samsungs have in my mind got terribly overpriced so they are out.

This is the problem really see I live in the country which limits what one can get to actually seeing in action before buying. A pity I didn't get the salesman to get this Acer out of it's box (new shipment he told me) and show me first - I'd never have got it)

Ah well the build's on it's way so have got a bit of time to scratch around eh?

Oh that Viewsonic can be found through
viewsonic VP2365wb - Compare Prices and Deals, Shop & Buy Online in Australia at

My System SpecsSystem Spec


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