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Windows 7: Marvel not showing up in device man- storage controllers?

26 Apr 2011   #31

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

I have more ideas but i will wait till you try the other solution for device manager - if you still need to resolve this then i will help np.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #32


Ya as said- trying to get my ducks in a row.

I seen the thread here show your hdd bench scores. I downloaded and ran hd tune- but is the free or trial version 2.55 and made back in like 07 or 08 or so. new version is like 4.60 or something like that. It 2.55 was showing my drive as sataII at ata/133. It can not be right.

I sent them a email and my info on system and 2 screens the bench and hdd info- Asking if that info is right- waiting on them to get back at me.

I checked my bios- it is all set right and my drive is showing under ahci drives- but bios info can be confusing- stuff still says it is sata ide what ever. Bios does not tell ya drive speeds etc. But the boot screen does. it is stupid. Or I am missing something in the bios.

My boot screen black screen shows my bios version and is so fast I think it is pcie 5gbs and ahci and says my hdd is 6gigs- and again if I run marvel tray and log on it says my drive is working and is 6gigs.

I just down loaded crystal disc mark 301 64bit- I guess is right version- ready to run some benches with it. I do not know if I have to set it up or what is best to run etc or maybe it has its own defaults. I hope it shows disc info and lists my drive right is more what I am worried about.

I do not think this hd tune is right and or works right in w7 or 64bit. The bench can still be right- just the drive info wrong maybe- So I do not care to post the screen in the thread show us your hdd score etc. Them other folks are using more new versions and I guess the paid versions. I also will run the benches a few times some with everything on and running and some with all my security off and try for best score with crystal disc. I am not sure I can post them scores in that show us your scores thread tho.

I more am worried about my drive showing right as sataIII etc. Would be nice to compare scores or see what folks think about the best score.

Guess I could install my marvel drivers again. I am afraid to just delete them first tho- or my drive might go crazy and stop working. Guess I could just install over what is already installed- but it is all that stupid stuff that can cause reg problems. If it was not installed my drive or marvel would not be working. Again I do not know I really have a prob.

I wonder if I can use sandra light or something and more for system info and if it will show my drive speeds. Some stuff to old or not really for w7 or 64bit might not be right. I do not have no modern bench mark programs. I used 3dmark 03 all the time in xp every time I built a new rig or took them all apart to clean them and reinstall xp every 2 years or so. I have nothing like that or free for this system.

I have fraps but have never benched with it- not sure how to either- and not sure if it shows full system info and or drive speeds. You would think this said best thing since butter os would show that type info Drive speeds and if set up as sataIII what ever. Marvel says it is.

I am not sweating it or pressed- it will nag at me tho.. I will post some crystal scores here in this thread in a bit. I will run them a few times - might have to learn how to use it what ever- then to image shack then I can post them..

If I can make my self happy with some bench marks and can show my drive listed right and proper speed I will be happy- then maybe check out the other info posted here- see if I can correct marvel not showing in storage controllers. Last things I care to do is install the drivers again or my os again. I would try and run something like cc cleaner first and see if it corrects my reg prob if it is a prob- See that is it- I am not sure it is a problem at all. It all works fine- so.

We will see..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #33

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

Can you tell me what you have here intergrated periferals - SATA 6Gb/s Controller Mode - see what the options are here. Also check you have the drive plugged into sata 7 or sata 8 port on the motherboard for the marvell controller - you can use a single drive here with AHCI Inbox Driver Support -

Your manual sucks - can you check the status of the j micron controller i cant find anything much in the manual it may be permanently enabled because of the esata - this board must of been cheapish, as it seems to have a fair few limitations.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

26 Apr 2011   #34


sata 6gb/s is set to ahci and yes it is plugged into my white sata7 sataIII port or again it would not work at all. Well I could run the drive in a normal sataII port and is what I had to do to set it all up to start with- I said that before in another post. I said in another post getting the sataIII hdd to work was not easy and said how I set up the mobo. I have said marvel was showing before but not now- said over and over again.

Jmicron is fine and is the only thing showing in device man storage controllers. I found and installed and ran HWiFo32 it shows my hdd as sataIII like it should. I said the boot screen shows the hdd as 6gigs and marvel tray shows it as 6gigs. I installed and ran the new live5 update crap it does not show I need any controller update and it messed up my spy sweeper and is no way to stop it from running from the program at system start so I deleted that crap. Which I could use spy sweeper to stop it from running at start up or from windows I just deleted that junk- and it shows other updates not on the download page from the msi site. it is reasons why the forums say not to use that stupid junk.

I down loaded all the drivers again- going to install them all again- and again- this is more probs than it is worth and I think the more i mess with it it is just going to get worst when the prob the whole time is w7 junk crap- I wish I never had to change from xp sp2- I wish I did not have to use windows crap at all. This is turning into a flipping night mare- I am sick of it..

Again I do not know I had a prob- It gets worst and on my freaken nerves now. If I have to reinstall my os- I will just wish to get my money back for w7 and this msi crap- but to late for that now- I am stuck with this garbage and w7 will mess up again when it flipping feels like it.

Now I wish I never even started this thread and I guess yes this is a rant too. If mac was a gamer- Microsoft could kiss my butt. I am sick of guessing and sick of messing with it- and the more I do the more probs I have- it is typical windows garbage.

I do not know how many times to say it- it all works if marvel was not installed it would not. I am over it and now have to spend time deleting and reinstall spy sweeper or I will not be comfy and will install my drivers again and just add more stupid left over crap to the reg and it may never end- Both windows and this mobo sucks- I hate it or do now any way. And msi forums treat folds like dirt- I would beat the crap out of all of them if I could get to them. When I first tried to build this system they was no help- All they did and was moderators and was pm me talking about my poor spelling and english and grammar and I type to much bull chit- I would stomp their heads in in person it is just the truth. They would not have so much mouth in person either- so.

I was going to put in a support ticket with msi- it is 5 different stickers what ever all over the mobo and on the back side to so- stupid chit- I am not taking my system all the way apart and off the mobo tray just for this stupid marvel not showing up in stupid windows 7 storage controllers. W7 should have a reg clean defrag w7 optimizing program for its stupid junk- but no it does not. I am over it..

I might try the other info links in this thread later- but now I have other stuff to do install delete programs what ever- Thanks for nothing w7 microsoft junk crap..

No I am not flaming you whest- you are nice for trying to help. I am just going to try and get where i was before live5 crap or what ever. I swear if I have to install the os again- I am going to stomp it all and toss it out the windows- I did not pay for it any flipping way- even free windows chit sucks..

The only changes to my system that could have did this crap I can think of is sp1 update or my anti virus program update. But again It was all working fine until I started messing with it.. I am over it. Now I am going to delete and reinstall spy sweeper and drivers and to hell with it..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #35

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

Please try the Marvell SATAIII Management Utility - I know it might be useless but seeing you have it setup properly - i just had to make sure in duplicate - thats me - its available at the download site - its meant to be installed with it and may solve the problem - if it doesnt it surely cant do any harm.
Have you a bad asdl connection cause for me the only difficulty with installing the OS is waiting for the damn updates to install - dont worry im not suggesting it but ill give you a few tips in case it ends that way - first thing you should install are the chipset drivers than video card than sound - then any order for the rest. Since you need the marvell storage driver i would say to install straight after the chipset drivers or first if you dont intend installing the latest chipset drivers, but considering that is a recent board i would suggest they were installed first. You can download them from the intel download centre to get the latest -
Thats a sandy bridge board is it - they had some major defect in the first batch to do with a storage controller (but it was over time) I read I while back at guru3d etc, Guru of 3D: PC Hardware Reviews and tests just thought i would mention it.
Anyhow, do you have any friends in the know that might be able to help you resolve the problem?
Sorry just realised it probably isnt a sandy bridge board there cpu 's are 2600 etc wow bad memory.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #36


As for msi warranty it says it has a 3year from the time you buy it- you do not have to register it. But for faster support you should register it. Well it is all installed now. Maybe 6 months or year or so from now I will take it all apart any way to clean it and maybe install windows crap again and then I can get all the info off of the mobo to register it- I am not going to worry with it now tho.

I just wanted to simple ask msi support which drivers exactly do I need to know it is right and not have to install extra stupid junk I do not need and explain my prob to them- it is more like pulling teeth. I wish Abit never went under they was a better mobo and better manuals and better forum too. But asus and gigbyte are no better either. I used abit mobos for all of these reasons..

I picked this mobo for its features and warranty and did not use via sound or lan crap. Gees I hate it now tho..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #37


A lot of that stuff is extra- as a fact it only needs the basic marvel driver to work. A lot of that other stuff is for raids what ever- As said many times it marvel was showing in storage controllers before and I did not have the utility installed.

I will think about it. I think I can do it all- stand on my head and some more stuff it is w7 crap not anything else. Xp was a better os- I do not care what others think.

it is no write up on none of them drivers what is needed or for a basic set up nothing and yes the manual does suck. I hate it.. I guess we was supposed to be born with perfect knowledge how to set up msi crap or something..

The stupid winki start up lil os before boot to windows junk sucks too. I never use it- but one time forgot to remove my msi disc went to reboot my system an it tried to boot to that crap- but was back when first built it and has not one thing to do with this marvel crap- the marvel was showing where it should way way after that. I only noticed this stupid stuff after sp1 or avast program updates- I would bet my life it was sp1- or the few times f03 froze my system or something stupid..

You can read all over the net marvel can be glitchy too- who knows. The more I mess with it the more pissed I get. I could have let it go and been gaming all this time- ha ha.

Again I do not know 1 thing was wrong with my system- other than I know marvel was there before but not now- windows 7 its self could have changed how it shows that stuff and during build the yellow triangle was only for the jmicron install that it went away during build and from the disc what ever- you get to the jmicron drivers before marvel- install that the yellow triangle goes away in device man. Marvel did show there after you install its driver. Maybe w7 changed something- Gees I am about to stomp the crap out of it..

I do not even have to use sataIII or marvel at all to use the system. I can even use run my sataIII on the normal sataII ports what ever. which you have to do that any way until the os is installed and the marvel drivers installed- unless you know how to do it during os install- even so- the sataIII ports will not work until the marvel is installed. So during build you can not use the sataIII port the bios what ever will not see the drive until the marvel is installed.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #38

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

Well if you have to reinstall - what have you got to loose by installing all the drivers etc now - just drag out the mobo install dvd or cd and cramm them all on and see what happens - then apply the tooth extractor - i guess your one step ahead of me . Think positive you will survive, and revenge will be sweet.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #39


I have to say- I hate that winki crap tho. The system like boots 2x any time you restart the system before it goes into windows. And does the same thing on my buds rig. I never made same mistake on his rig and restart with the msi disc still in the drive. It is normal for these mobos and because of that lil said extra stupid linox os before boot to windows crap. I wish it was never invented.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 Apr 2011   #40


Only have to lose drivers being installed and deleted or reinstall over each other and lots of extra crap left over because of how windows does crap and can mess the reg up even more is what. But I am going to do it any way..

I am going to get to that now..

Again I am not flaming you or upset with you- you are very nice for helping. You have not 1 bit of this stupidity with macs. Only a mac is not a gaming rig- if so- I would never use windows again..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Marvel not showing up in device man- storage controllers?

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