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Windows 7: Marvel not showing up in device man- storage controllers?

27 Apr 2011   #41

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

if you use live update - d load from mobo site it will only update the ones that need updating

My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #42


The live update shows stuff not at the msi download page. Some same some not. And again it showed noting to do with marvel. It shows bios sound [control center intel chipset] the 2 in the box are not on the download page and shows lots of extra stupid crap for video what ever. It is said bugged or something and can show crap not even for my mobo. It is said to download drivers etc from the msi mobo page and the link you posted before. I just installed and ran live just to see what it would show and not 1 was for marvel stuff.

The msi forums say never use it or ever let it update your bios ever. Again tho- bios update and some others are optional. I am going to reinstall my marvel drivers and maybe the utility also and the intel chip set again too. Just over write it all- and hope to ruin my reg some more so I can stomp it all and set it to fire- ha ha..

First I am going to delete and reinstall spy sweeper- I always reboot after delete a program and each install maybe defrag each time I install a program also.. I normally turn off all my security during program installs also. Well first things I do is clear all caches [ei8 chrome etc.] and flash player cache- and maybe even clean disc and being I am going to turn off all my security- I normally do a lot of the same before gaming.

Well I think for now I will just delete spy sweeper then reboot and start installing drivers and install spy sweeper last.

when you see I am logged out- I have started on it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #43


I really do not know spy sweeper is messed up but after live update install and reboot- ss pop up click it said ss did not start right last session or something- I deleted live update tried to reboot a few times it kept doing it until I let it send a report to web root- it stopped after that- But I do not trust it now- So I am going to delete it and re install it..

Other than these drivers maybe- most other programs or games etc- after I delete stuff I check for left over folders in say program files etc and delete them also. I will just have to set up ss again and I wait 10 minutes or so after each reboot to let windows calm down and do all its updates or security what ever before I go deleting or reinstalling programs what ever. So I will be maybe a few hours before it is all done- and guess what- marvel might still not be showing up in storage controllers and be a waste of time. I am going to try it any way.

I am disabled do not work and sit here normally gaming 15 or so hours a day- My pc is maybe like my pet and my only friend unless windows acts stupid. It is loyal like a dog and I can play with it and learn too- and I have to care for it and protect it etc. It may sound a lil odd but is true.. And I am brutally honest and speak my mind- I am not politically correct. I am me- sorry to say.

Again I thank you very much for helping me. I will post back laters..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

27 Apr 2011   #44

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

did you think to do just a system restore - check hidden restore box and see how far you can go back - your lucky compared top me i had undetected diabetes which is probably the worst thing on the planet - i had a three year 24 hr a day permanent migrane - because the extra suger thickens your blood every muscle in your body aches 24hrs /per day and your balance is out with constant high blood pressure of 240x110 and sugar levels between 20-30 and its insignificant compared with parronia your brain experiences. 5 year straight - worse part 3 years straight and that was the worst part it lingered on for another ten years but one night i came home after a rage ( and the 5 years) and the headache eased and the parronia also eased back heeps but i was left with heeps of pain walking etc for the remaining ten years before iw as diagnosed with diabetes.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #45


I delete restore points every month or so if it seems to be running right. I just happen to notice marvel was not showing is all. Might not be anything wrong in that- being me it bugs me tho.

Sorry to hear about your illness. I think I can be having sugar probs. My eyes are getting bad too- I can not see text clear with out these reading glasses- My eyes ears etc have always been better than normal- but if tired I guess small text on bottles what ever could have always been a lil hard for me.

I will survive until I die is for sure.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #46


I will let it go tho- the thread has got off- folks might have fits. It is good to talk about stuff some times and get it out or off my chest. I talk more than I should any way and it really bothers folks. Type more than 1 word or 1 sentence or a 3 line paragraph them of short attention spans have fits might even cuss ya or something and get away with it. Then my 2 finger typing and poor spelling or grammar what ever- so.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #47

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

Wow thats really sad - lifes a hell of a lot uglier then most people ever get to see till they are old - im like you i hide in my computer a lot - still do a couple of games NFS World and Unreal Tournament 3 - they sort of entertain my skill levels for most of the time - i havent played them much recently sort of hanging out for the windows 8 public beta - i did 2 betas and the release candidate(RC) with windows 7 - man that was a rage - microsoft had its own QNA question & answer and just people from all over the world like software junkies almost helping each other, bitching partying, yeah it went on for months then they shut it down just before the RC if my memory serves me well. You should join in all you need is another partition on your hard drive - if u decide to reinstall the os you can create 2 partitions on the drive in custom install - divide the drive in half or there abouts - i guess with w7 the betas they were good to go from the beginning, ie to is to say very stable, and great to work with. I'll have to cut this a bit short as im getting glasses shortly - maybe this week cause my close up vision is really clapped out so hopefully i'll be able to see things properly soon - but seeing is believing as they say, and i wont believe till i can see and that's for sure. I really understand how hard it must be for you, but thats life, and it aint going to change in the near future although its starting to evolve in a different direction.

Ive really taken to my computer and thrown caution to the wind to learn more but i can afford to and you cant, however, theres not that much you can do to hurt these putters as long as your sensible but ruthless in the same momentum.

Sleep on it mate i gotta go before my eyes burn out etc, etc, cya tomorrow. Yes we will probably have to keep to technical stuff on this site or they might come down on us.
my email:
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #48


Take care man- see ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #49


I deleted all that extra stuff man. It will just make folks hate me. My life is hard enough as it is. I am happy 2 people of the 275 views tried to help. I would guess others could have helped but I type a lot and I am my self. I guess no help is better than folks posting just to give me a hard time. Tell me I am stupid or talk about my walls of text or why dont you learn english learn how to speak or type like they do at most other sites or like msi site and was moderators at that- even pm me with the same lil girl stuff. I have copies of the posts and pm. It is ok tho- this is my first and last msi product. I would rather have no help than folks cuss me out because I am not as perfect as they are or in forums any way- they would not do it in person I am sure of that. Maybe it is no fix maybe it is not broken at all. I do not know- I am done with it tho. It works is all I care about..

Any way. I installed all the drivers again and as I said it was a waste of time. Marvel is still not showing in the storage controllers. If I remember right w7 update had a marvel update a few months or so ago. It was for the tray I think. I can not find it in update history- again odd I guess. I remember letting windows install it. Maybe that changed something or w7 changed something and marvel does not show in storage controllers any more. It shows in system devices tho and config is part of its name- not saying it needs to be configed- again stupid and or confusing..

Seems tray and utility is the same thing just named different. I installed the driver first and checked well checked after each to see if in storage controllers and no. then tried to install tray it said it was a older version so I said no- rebooted etc. Tried install utility it was same type install as the last saying I have to also install the tray [meaning when you click install it is like a multi installer more than 1 item and tray is 1 of them and says has to be installed] and said it was an older version when I clicked install- so they are same maybe not same version 1 versus 2 etc but same thing - thanks again msi ha ha- stupid crap. Nvidia does stupid stuff too- go to its site for say amd drivers- it will change the dates every so often but is the same drivers- go to install it it says it is already installed- I hated that crap- keep the dates as is I know it is no updates after a year 2-3 years etc..

Now that I think about it- that is why during my built I had to install and delete drivers a few times it was confusing me and 1 was older than the other- I had to delete and install the later- MSI sucks.. Its live and or other update thingy sucks too- I have to put bios on flash drive if I want to update that- but is not needed so.. Can get other stuff from its site sound what ever..

Any way it is all working and boot screen and tray say same info as before. Maybe that marvel update from windows changed it or something. But the tray and or utility also takes over from windows- you know when you plug in a external drive or flash drive the lil pop up says installed or you click it to disconnect the device/eject media what ever.

I am going to turn on 1 of my external drives now just to make sure it is all working. I need to move some stuff any way. I guess I am done with this now. Still wish I had a reg clean defrag optimizer program I trusted I would run it and see if it fixed any thing- might help make the system run better or make it worst- but it runs good always has other than lil glitchy w7 stuff or fo3 can bug out.

I am not sure I should bother with that other info posted here- again if not broken do not try and fix it. I do know marvel was showing before tho in storage controllers. I best let it go. I did not bother with spy sweeper either. It just acted up that live crap starting at boot up jammed it up- after I sent the report to web root its ok and has updated and all that good stuff to so and says all its parts are running and all- so. I am not going to worry on this stuff any more. I need to defrag and then maybe run some benches this hwinfo32 has benches built in and I will run some crystal marks and post all of them here laters I have nothing to compare them to tho. Guess I could google and find some benches others have ran and try and find near same systems and drives compare my speeds to theirs..

As said before- I did not know anything was ever wrong and I was not pressed. That live update thingy and ss pissed me off a lil but I am over it. I am going to plug in 1 of my external drives maybe move a few things and maybe fire up a game just to see all is good. I will posts those screen some times soon maybe not today or next few days- I need time to see all is working right..

I have ut3 also not installed tho. I never really liked it and they messed up my flack cannon- titians was ok. UT04 was my game my fav mp to this day- not installed either. Cheaters ran me off- got sick of them. Use to play ut04 some 15-17 hours a day for 2 1/2 years. Use to play some older cod mp some times not ever like ut04 tho. Bioshock2 mp is the only other I ever liked. 2k messed that up- few maps and suck gfwl junk and dlc's the haves and have nots. Bio2 mp could have been really great if maybe epic made it. All mp games are hack cheated the first day out even gfwl or valve stuff. I do not much play them any more- all sp now. Well I will play borderlands co op it is cool forgot that 1- I have it installed- all stalker mp games sucked. A year or so ago I tried some codwaw mp but pb would kick me after a few minutes I could not figure out why so heck with that crap.

I loved nazi zombies tho. Installed all the custom maps or many that was cool and recorded them. Just youtube or sony or what ever kept saying copy rights on music built into the game and put restrictions on some vids or youtube threaten to delete my account over stupid stuff I deleted them all. All of my cod and mohaa and bioshock play throughs- over 2000 videos deleted- do not plan to ever buy anything else from either again - if give to me I might play them. Sucks man- now I play games with no music takes away some fun in some games too. I did not add any of it like most folks do. It is built into the games- I just record game play- and get chit for it.. its ok no more money from me.. Have like 2000 vids on the tube now and if added back what I deleted I have about 7000 I can upload now and make more everyday. That is all I do is play my games and record while doing so. Maybe watch a movie or post in a few forums some times..

might get me a nap here in a bit- after I let these boiled eggs calm down some I just ate..

You are a good man- tried extra hard to help me and you are very nice. You can pm me some time if you like we can talk chit what ever..

Take care bud- Laters..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Apr 2011   #50

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

Ive slept on it and i think since you have it setup correctly in the bios - it must be that driver cleaner program that corrupted the files somehow - solution that might fix it is right clicking CMD click - run as adminstrator, then typing or pasting this in - SFC /scannow and press enter - have your w7 dvd in the drive so it can fix any corrupted files, other than that reinstalling w7, or just leaving it as is.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Marvel not showing up in device man- storage controllers?

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