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Windows 7: Marvel not showing up in device man- storage controllers?

24 Apr 2011   #1

Marvel not showing up in device man- storage controllers?

thanks for the help.

I tried to delete this thread the site will not let me.

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24 Apr 2011   #2


I check maintenance from time to time. The only probs it ever shows is maybe when FO3 froze and I had to hit my reset button and then start as normal. Or seems every time I go to start my mafia2 on steam it tries to install physx and maintenance says it did not install right but the game seems to run fine. I figure it did not need it and did not install it or something stupid..

I later learned how to pull up task man and get back to my desk top and not have to hit my reset button by holding down ctrl alt and pressing delete key and then can get into task man. I had always been trying ctrl alt F4- did not work.

I swear I hope I do not have to reinstall w7. Best I can tell my system runs fine- other than FO3 can freeze sometimes. Played fo3 all day yesterday no probs. Other than that again seems physx and mafia2 might be acting up- again I am not sure it is or not. Mafia2 runs like a champ for me???

Maintenance only shows other than that the times it says windows did not shut down right, but it can do that after windows updates sometimes or something. It is not often, I just think w7 is glitchy. Other than lil silly stuff I have mentioned My system seems to be running fine. All my games etc seem to run well. Stalker soc runs better than it ever has.

Device man is showing my JMicron JMB36x controller but not the marvel. I do remember it showing before tho- odd? As far as physx goes- I look at that like I would if a game tries to install dx. I let it or games install what it needs- or they will skip it if not needed. Again mafia2 seems to run great, so.

I am using nv drivers 260.99 and precision 2.0.1 I see no reason to update my vid card drivers. I do not let w7 update vid or sound drivers or my marvel etc. And do not let w7 install that 1 driver said causes problems- cant think of its name now and do not install silverlight or ei9- I had that stuff hidden so it does not nag me. I just checked restore hidden updates that one said problem thing is not showing? I never installed it and I never let w7 auto install anything? I swear w7 can suck. I like it but it is crazy sometimes..

I am not sure this is a prob or not. Figured I should ask about it tho..

Thanks for any ideas or help..
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24 Apr 2011   #3

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

Read this thread - Marvell SATA-III 6Gb driver failure under Win7 64bit
Or go here and see if this driver works its the latest -
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24 Apr 2011   #4


I already have installed those said latest drivers from msi site when I built it in late december early jan.. Like I said it all works fine. It is just not showing in device man storage controllers. It did before not so now?

As a fact I seen that thread the other day. I was just surfing maybe see if I can help others. It was that thread and photo of device man and the marvel showing- I just for some reason checked mine and noticed it was not showing. It is odd. I know it was there before- I always check such things during my build.

I read it not un common for w7 reg to mess up. My system would not run if the drivers was not installed. My hdd is on the marvel port it does not work until the drivers are installed?

I swear I can not think of the name of said prob driver folks should not install accusysis or something like that. I never did let w7 install it. but is not showing in hidden drivers from windows update.

I kind of wish I never bothered now or trying to help others or found this. It is going to bug the hell out of me now. Again my system seems to run fine. I can really hate w7 sometimes tho.

This stupid crap has put my trying to over clock on hold too- sucks man..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Apr 2011   #5

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

all i can say is go to the asus site and download 1036 version and see if it works - its under sata - going backwards sometimes works - setup a restore point first if you think its worth a try - there maybe a readme file in the package, which might throw some light on the situation. Im not sure this good advice - below is the best idea.

if nothing else contact MSI with an email to support -they should be able to figure what you have done wrong - good luck with the overclocking when its resolved - you must be mad alright - i know how it feels.

I would also try the MSI forums as there is more than likely others there with the same problem.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Apr 2011   #6


It shows here in system devices and as working proper etc. I can swear it was showing before in storage controllers and is showing in that other thread you linked to.

I am just going to let it go unless others say different. I think it is a reg prob- just not showing where it should or something. As said it all works and is installed etc or it would not work at all.

I can not make w7 work right or as it should I am not ms or a suck company that made this crap..

Thanks for trying tho. I am really not trying to rant either- w7 is just stupid sometimes- I am sorry to say..

Guess I will put off my over clock for ever now. I spent the money I did with over clocking in mind. I wish I never had to move from xp sp2. If macs was gaming machines I would drop micro soft all the way around- period.

I have read about alike probs and will bet money it is a w7 thingy and reg thingy.

* shows working proper etc.. Driver dates can show different too- but I have downloaded and used all the latest stuff at msi site only now they are showing more new bios- it was only bios 1.3 when I built and I see no reason to update that.. Oh ya sound has a update. I do let w7 install and update the lan but thats it other than normal windows stuff and defender. I have not got around to updating my sound yet- but it has no probs I see no reason to worry on it..>

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24 Apr 2011   #7

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

If you need to oc i dont see any problems - overclocking only turns up the voltage to stabalise the higher frequencies of the cpu and the memory - true? it shouldnt have anything to do with the sata controller - after all its installed and working correctly - true? Im not saying your stupid or anything - i know i would be doing the same thing as you, for peace of mind, which is the best solution in any case.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Apr 2011   #8


Ya thanks whest. I know what you are saying. And too I do not think it would hurt trying to over clock. I do not really need to over clock other than knowing I have made it more powerful- But I was not going to try and push it to its max just 3.8 to 4ghz and should be pretty easy. Yes for peace of mind I like to know it is all running like it should be.

You are very nice for trying to help and would help I am sure- but as said- I have and installed those drivers and it is working- its just not showing where it should be is all. It will bug me. I have seen the other day how to manually fix reg probs but was another way said more easy and I think using device man to correct its self- I think I seen it at msi site. I just flip through these sites reading is all- not that I have probs.

I am going to fire up stalker soc or mafia2 and take my mind off of it or it will give me fits. My pc and gaming is all I have or I would have been dead by now.. I am good tho- not really upset or anything- w7 can get on my nerves tho. I am going to let it go or for now- laters I will try and find that info at msi site and post it here and see what others think or how to fix my exact prob using it..

I have been thinking about free cc cleaner I think it is- but I am afraid of it. Folks say do not let it delete or fix stuff you are not sure about etc. Well I guess I would not be sure about a lot of it. I guess I could let it scan etc and then post a screen and ask what others think and what I should or not let it do. But I am not sure it has a good reg fix and or reg defrag or not. I really loved tuneup utilities 04 tho. It kept my xp running like new all the years I used it. I read its best not to use stuff like that on vista or w7 tho- Ha ha we are supposed to live with the stupid crap I guess. I do not know what to say about it. If I keep on and on tho it is going to piss me off. I say again tho if macs was gaming rigs I would have no need for windows junk..

Game time. Maybe I will try and find a movie to watch first. I need to eat too. I am getting jittery..

Thanks bud. See ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Apr 2011   #9

XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

One last suggestion which may be worth a try is to type, or paste this in command prompt - SFC /scannow (firstly right click CMD and select run as adminstrator) this will check for any corrupted system files - you need the W7 install dvd in the drive before you start.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Apr 2011   #10


Here ya go. This is what I was talking about before and got to it from msi forums. I am not sure it will help me or not tho. I need to read on it more. I really am not trying to sweat it- my rig seems to run well. I think w7 and or windows stuff can get a funky reg pretty easy tho..>

Uninstall Drivers from Vista & Windows 7

I might try what you say too if I care to get into it more. Man I will have fits if I make it worst and have to reformat and reinstall w7 again. Which I would rather do that then a lot of guff and never fix it or make it worst and have to do it any way. It just sucks I have this prob to start with.

The dang thing was showing in storage before. In fact only the jmicron was showing for the yellow thingy in device man. Install that it went away. Then I installed the marvel it was showing there like from that link you posted and the photo on that page or thread- it is just gone now- sucks.

I had some bbq bacon chicken onion pizza- I am good to go now. Been trying to help a fella with a new build in gaming section. I think it is movie or gaming time- more like gaming time- I have seen all the good movies. I am in the red forest near the scorcher in stalker soc. Maybe I will go knock that out and have some fun..

My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Marvel not showing up in device man- storage controllers?

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