Mother Board Failing (what else could it be)

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    Mother Board Failing (what else could it be)

    quick run down.

    windows 7, 4 gigs ram, 1.3mhz duel core amd. labtop. 500 gig hd.
    Toshiba c675d

    Alright fast run down.

    Safe mode is fast (seems stable)
    Normal windows (with or with out any other programs its slow, copying moving files slow, can't open more then a few programs with out the computer freezing. When I have one program running its like it takes all the ram and memory I can lets say download a program and browse the internet. Also if I update or run virus scanner I can't do anything else.

    Other issue. Some times computer won't boot up at all it locks up. Reguardless of fixes my computer keeps updating the same files, once I install them they either break the computer and I have to roll it back or it reupdates the same files over and over again.

    Once I turned computer on computer did a update and my network adapater disipered.

    My buddy thinks my mother board and I remember when I tried get computer fixded they said same thing however the computer is so new.. I have had a few times where computer had power issue where cut out in middle of a update and I have factory restored the computer once (I forget why but computer wouldn't boot up)

    at this point ... im just confused... at times its running good (though the not being able run mutiple programs or to multi task and slow copying) is a constant problem.

    I run windows firewall, avast, and microsoft essitiels.

    Beside that I have run malware and auto run and yada yada.. I never found any problems... beside registery issues and such I ran update fixes... I have tried everything I can think of ..

    Options have not tried. Factory reinstall (following the link that person posted for clean install) I have not tried that...

    Checking the mother board (sending computer be repaired somewhere)
    I simply assume they would never fix it (just tell me its my issue) or nothing wrong

    SOOOO is there any way to figuer out what the real problem is?
    A mother board testing program would be great to rule that out?

    I havn't tried reinstalling windows again mainly because .... the computer been running slow sense I did that last time...

    Could motherboard account for issues with software? like windows?

    I dunno It works for what I need it for (so long don't game) or try multi task but its just frustrating never knowing if its going die, or restart. I can't shut it down because updates and that break it and all my restores have updates waiting install... so any info be great.
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    Seriously I have seen this post about 3 times in a few different places no matter where you post it will be the same answers my friend I'm saying this with all respect

    I would just use the warrenty with Toshiba call there customer care explain to them what is going on I'm sure they can assign some kind of Tech or even a place you can take it for further inspection

    Im very sorry that none of the answers given here helped you in anyway but you must understand if all else fails take it to the Manufatuer and have them look at the issues they would be the ONLY people or person's that could help you now

    I would start calling Toshiba and start asking questions ASAP !
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    There is no quick way to diagnose a failing motherboard.

    You have multiple posts about this.

    I assume all of your posts have got you nowhere.

    At this point, you could have hardware problems or Windows problems. No one can tell. It's almost impossible to follow your posts.

    You shouldn't run BOTH Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials.

    If I were you, I would:

    Do a clean install of Windows. Make a new C partition. Leave the recovery partition if you have one.

    Make your recovery disks before you start if you have not done that already.

    Don't install any programs. Just get Windows running, with all critical and important updates, plus anti-virus. NOTHING else.

    Then try to evaluate your hardware and performance.

    We have no idea what damage now exists. Start over. One step at a time.

    Or, as Solarstarshines says, you could give up and call Toshiba.
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    ok. thank you for the info. I will look into the main answers I get from you and friends.

    Either get it fixed (prob not cost effective or even covered)

    Clean install of windows (may not fiix problem but I won't know if I don't try)

    Nothing, except the way its running now which is.... flacky

    at any costs I will deff try to read more and post less about every issue clearly they must be related in some way.
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    Hey, Have you even bear to the idea that it could be a failing HD with bad sectors that contain some of the windows system files required for a successful boot and smooth operation of windows? if not, you might want to consider my suggestion. I am a service tech at a local computer business and I've seen in the past computers that match your problem description. go to and download what's called seagate sea tools, which is a very reliable HD scanning tool. you want to burn iso image to a disk, then once burned, boot to the disc (because its a dos bootable tool) and perform a long scan. the time of the scan varies depending on the total size in gbs of the HD, the tool reports found bad sectors as it is scanning (if any)

    please let me know afterwards

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    just wondering would be worth doing just a basic reinstall with my restore cds? or off the hard drive to factory settings? or is it worthless unless its a OEM clean install like the link people keep giving me? Im just keeping my options open thanks :) whatever I choose want to choose and move on stop talkinjg about it :P
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    Call Toshiba. To quote you: "move on stop talking about it."
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    Before moving on, follow what elunderdog18 posted. Also run a live Linux CD and try copying files to a flash drive - compare to Windows performance. If no HD issues and Linux is about the same as Windows, time to contact Toshiba.

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    yea i know. I got a issue with worrying about how they might not cover it or might send it back however I know that if don't fix it its gotta break sooner or later... I mean freezing is not normal :P or random shut downs and crap...

    its frustratinting too
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