SSD installing need help

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    win 7 utlitmate 64bit sp1

    SSD installing need help

    Hello guys

    I will try and explain what I want to achieve with my new SSD.

    As things are now, I have 2 500gb hard drives, C:/ main drive and D:/ storage.

    I have bought my first SSD drive. It is a Samsung 840 Pro 256gb.

    Now, as i have games (BF3) installed on C:/ I would still like to play from that drive.

    I would like to install the SSD drive and do a clean install of Win 7 ultimate 64bit so it would act as my main drive. I want to retain everything on the old C:/.

    What are my best options ?

    Thanks in advanced
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  2. whs
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    With a new install of Windows 7 you have to reinstall all programs. During the installation you can direct them towards one of the spinning disks. But that may be pretty awkward and I therefor propose another option.

    If the data on your current C fits on the SSD, you can transfer all of C to the SSD. If not, we can see how to reduce the stuff to make it fit.

    Give us some idea how much data (size of C) you have on C and what the biggest chunks are. For starters you could get rid of the hiberfile. The command is powercfg -h off. I also recommend to reduce the pagefile to 2GBs. For the rest you may want to run this program which gives you a good graphical overview.

    Here is a tutorial how to transfer the C partition to the SSD. If you have $19.95 to spare, use the Paragon Migration Tool which does the job with 3 clicks.

    SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

    If you decide to do it the manual way, I recommend you copy the bootmgr from the 100MB system partition to C before you get started. That makes the transfer job a lot easier because you can forget the 100MB partition.

    Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

    For questions, post back.
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    win 7 utlitmate 64bit sp1
    Thread Starter

    Thank you whs for the fast reply and the advice.
    I shall take you up on most of it. My C drive is in the 400gb region so too big for my ssd at 256gb.

    All I really want on the SSD are the OS and my games.
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  4. whs
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    Question is whether the OS and the games will fit. Do you have files/folders in Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos - and how much data is that, if any. If yes, those could be easily moved to a seperate partition. If that is an option, let me know and I give you the best way on how to do that.
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    Do you really want a fresh install... why? You can clone the HDD to SSD very easy without paid software at all! WHS (previous post) knows the tricks (very easy to perform). In short (without details) procedure is as follows:

    1. Clone the C drive (assuming only C is on original harddrive and it fits on SSD). Otherwise: Remove or uninstall unused stuff and empty temp folder and recycle bin. Be sure to align the new C partition during clone.
    2. detach old HDD and boot from SSD. Not booting? Do a "startup repair" to transfer bootmgr and make a new fresh bootmenu. Successfull? If so continue
    3. Attach old HDD again. Be sure to boot from SSD again, so change BIOS "boot device priority"
    4. Adjust drive lettering in "disk management"
    You may disable the hiberfile to get extra space on SSD. You may decrease pagefile size as well. But not really necessary.
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    I wouldn't even bother putting the games on the SSD, I run all mine off my Caviar Black. I accidentally installed Crysis 3 on my SSD and notice absolutely no difference whatsoever.
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    Win7 64 Bit

    I have my OS on C and in my Dell media bay D"storage. I did the same thing..I even bought the Samsung Pro 256 gb. I used Paragons OS to SSD program and it worked perfect.
    I didn't change the bios to achi from raid because it gave me a hard time. I read Intel's contoller works well with this setup of Raid from them on my machine and it does fly now with the ssd.
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  8. whs
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    Boozad said:
    I wouldn't even bother putting the games on the SSD, I run all mine off my Caviar Black. I accidentally installed Crysis 3 on my SSD and notice absolutely no difference whatsoever.
    I think he dreads to reinstall all the games. I can understand that. I try to send him down an alley with the least pain for now. Later he can still sort out what to do with the games - one by one.
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    Windows 11 Pro

    The games are really no problem if you have an external drive or somewhere else to put them. Just copy your entire games folder to the external drive and delete them from their current location. Then Install Origin to where you want it, once installed, delete it and copy everything from your external to where you installed Origin. Steam is easier. copy Steam to where you want it. Delete everything except the Steam apps and the Steam exe. Shut down Steam and restart. Go to where steam is and open the Steam.EXE file. It will say installing updates and send youan email with a code, type in the code and you are good to go. When you start a game both will say download, click OK and comtinue. But, it will 'download' the game from where you saved them. It should take about 5 minutes to set the game up.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit sp1

    Your Samsung 256gb SSD should have come with an installation disc. On that disc is a "Migration" program that you can use to clone your existing drive to the new SSD. Of course the total used space in your existing drive has to be less than 256gb or you will have problems.
    Also on the disc is a help file that should be read before you do anything. I recently used the Samsung "Migration" program to clone my existing hard drive to my new Samsung 840 Pro 256gb SSD & it worked perfectly.
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