Can I delete the recovery partition and then re-install it

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    Can I delete the recovery partition and then re-install it

    I would like to merge two partitions, Partition (C) and Partition (Z). The problem is that the Recovery partition (D) is in between the two partitions I want to merge and only adjacent partitions can be merged. I would like to know if I can copy & paste the (D) partition to an external drive and after the partitions are merged, re-install the (D) partition.
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    How to extend partition easily with Partition Wizard - video help. This will show you how to extend any partition into any other partition's available space, even if they are not adjacent. Do not borrow from Recovery or it won't boot, if you really want a Recovery partition which reinstalls the worst install of Win7 one can have.

    Do you really want the HP Factory Win7 install which is the worst install of Win7 one can have, larded with bloatware and duplicate utiltiies which interfere with better versions built into Win7? Most tech enthusiasts prefer to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 in which case you can delete all partitions during the booted reinstall.

    I see you already deleted the OEM Tools partition which is the only one worth keeping so you'd have bootable Diagnostics from the ESC menu. Too late now.
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    Hello Greg,
    This is a new drive that was imaged using Macrium Free V 5.2.6504. The old drive was a 1TB drive that was 3 years old and the new drive is 2TB. I had thought that the new drive's partition (C) would have been expanded from the old one. It was not and as you can see, it created a new partition I labeled (Z) instead. Having said that, Macrium was the one that deleted the OEM Tools partition. I didn't and in fact, I wasn't even aware of where it was.

    Keeping the HP (D) partition doesn't really concern me unless it's needed for a recovery operation. In that regard, I have recovery CD's as well as Macrium's Rescue Media Win PE 3.1 on a USB flash drive. So, do I really need the HD Recovery partition (D) if I have these other recovery options?

    You mentioned that this partition (D) is needed for boot. I didn't know that and thought booting the O/S was in the (C) partition. At least that's what it appears to say.

    I agree with your assessment of the HP Factory Win7 install and I had previously deleted all the bloatware and duplicate utilities I could find.

    I'll try the MiniTool Partition Wizard and hope it does the job. Thank you for taking your time to reply to my thread.
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    Instead of deleting the Recovery Partition, delete the partition that is Z:, move the recovery partition to the end of the drive and then resize the C: drive. Acronis makes some great software for doing this.
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    Have you tested if the Recovery Partition will even boot and run after the cloning? If not I'd delete it and rely on an image you save of a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

    However if you want Recovery partition and it won't boot, we can show you how to Boot Recovery Partition using EasyBCD by creating a Dual Boot with it and setting its timeout to 5-10 seconds so its always available. Our colleague SIW2 can even show you how to restore its hotlink.

    If you want to keep Recovery, you can also delete Z which is empty. Rightclick Z to delete it twice in Disk Mgmt to delete Volume and then Partition until it becomes Unallocated Space. Partition or Volume - Delete

    You can then use Partition Wizard to rightclick Recovery to Resize, grab it with mouse and drag intact to the far right, click OK, then Apply. Partition Wizard Resize Partition - Video Help.

    Now go back to Disk Mgmt to rightclick C to Extend into the Unallocated Space as far as you want. Leave space if you'd like to create a new Data Partition in Disk Mgmt.
    Partition or Volume - Extend
    Partition or Volume - Create New
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    Can you delete the Recovery partition?

    Can you reinstall it?
    Yes and No.
    Yes - You can put the data on the Recovery partition anywhere.
    No - You will not be able to boot to Recovery with the F11 key (I think it's the F11 key on HP machines)

    I have a few HP machines and after I create the Recovery Media, I remove the (D:) Recovery partitions so I can partition the drive to my preferences (HP uses all four partitions - System, OS, Recovery, HP Tools).

    If your image has the (D:) Recovery partition in it (I think so) then it shouldn't be a problem to delete the (D:) Recovery partition.

    I would also delete the extended partition (Z:) - now comes the opinion.

    I think it's better to isolate the OS from the data. Instead of merging the available disk space back into (C:), I would actually shrink (C:) to 100 GB (Win7 takes 15-20 GB). You might not be able to shrink it that much, it depends on what resides on the partition. But take as much as it allows and then re-organize the data - moving it to one of the new partitions (next steps)

    Then I would create an extended partition that can be divvied up any way you like.

    The trick is, now that you only have 2 partitions, the next partitions you try to create with Disk Management will be another primary. You could make a 3rd Primary, say 50 GB and make that your User Profile location. The 4th partition you make will be an extended partition. Then you can make logical drives for Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Backups, Cold Storage, Install packages... whatever you need them to hold. You have lots of room.

    There's a tutorial that explains how to make user profiles on a partition other than the (C:) drive. I have done this on all of my machines.

    I also agree with Greg, in that if you have Win7 Install media, there's no real need for (D:). If you really need or want anything HP originally put on your machine, you can download it from HP.

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    The primary benefit of having data on its Own partition is to keep the OS/programs partition smaller for imaging purposes. So if Win7 becomes irreparable you can reimage C and your data will be safe and current waiting in its own partition.

    The best way to organize is sort data into User folders then either move them to data partition User Folders - Change Default Location, or right click each on the data partition to add to Library - Include a Folder setting each as default

    I prefer moving the User folders to data drive since I don't use Win7 Backup imaging which will want to include data partition in image defeating the purpose. I move my User folders into a OneDrive folder so they are stored simultaneously to the web and sync with all my other devices as detailed in Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with OneDrive
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    The MiniTool Partition Wizard worked like a charm! I learn something new every day. Kudos! :)

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    My Apologies to: Slartybart, Dlc41 and Greg for not replying to your replies after the one Greg sent about the MiniTool. I was not notified that I had replies. I will do my best to absorb those replies.
    Thank you all for your valuable time you put in. One quick note to Slartybart, my HP never had 4 partitions only three (System), OS (C), and HP Recovery (D). It never had an HP Tools partition. It was purchased on 5-19-2011. Maybe it was too old to have HP Tools..
    Again, thank you all...
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    Almost forgot. Here's the new layout;
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