My mouse moves, but doesn't click?

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    Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit

    My mouse moves, but doesn't click?

    Laptop Information:
    OS - Windows 7 Home Premium
    System Model - Hp Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
    Version - Service Pack 1
    No flash drives, mice, etc. are being used with this laptop

    When it started: Yesterday, I was replying back to my friend on skype when my mouse suddenly dragged one of my contact's names and I couldn't let the name go. I tried exiting skype, but I would get a circle with a cross over it. Same thing when I would hover over the taskbar. I couldn't click on anything. I'm not sure if I used the mouse to turn off my laptop, or if I used my keyboard. Then, I couldn't click on anything, so I believe I used my keyboard to shut it off (Windows Key + tab twice to get it on the shut down option).

    What happened after I got back on (two hours later): At startup, system seemed slower and I still couldn't click on anything. There are optional updates, one being for my touchpad, but it's an optional update that was released in 2013, while this issue started just yesterday. The system performance would be fine at first, but ultimately, it would give me a loading sign with the mouse and not do anything. Later on, I got on again and it was the same thing, but the mouse randomly selected a portion of the desktop without me clicking anything.

    Main issue: My mouse can move, but it doesn't click. I can right click, but can use the arrows or maneuver. I can't tap the touchpad or the left button to select. The system start up seemed slower after the mouse stopped working.

    My laptop does have issues that I will soon be getting fixed however:
    8 system registry issues (found using Avast + Command Prompt)

    Please help as soon as possible. This issue is really frustrating me.
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    Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium SP1

    Hello NorthernStar. Welcome to the forum.

    It will be important to determine if this is a hardware problem or a software problem.

    Let's start with some basics:

    • Start the computer in SAFE MODE. See if the problem persists there. (repeatedly press the F8 key as the laptop starts to get to the menu)
    • Beg, borrow, or steal a corded mouse > plug it in while on the Desktop > Let Windows install the generic driver for it > see if the same problem exists with the corded mouse.

    Let us know what you find doing those 2 things.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit
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    I have tried repeatedly pressing F8 while starting up, but it continues to boot normally; unfortunately, I don't have access to another mouse.
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    Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium SP1

    You may not be pressing F8 soon enough. Try pressing it from dead off and immediately after you press the power button to turn the laptop on.

    If still no go then try option #2 in this tutorial:
    Safe Mode
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    Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit
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    The second option works for me. What shall I do next?
    Unfortunately, I only see 3/4 of the screen (screen is busted, needs replacement) and I use an HDMI cord to show the screen on the TV. It doesn't seem to work in safe mode. However.
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    Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium SP1

    Running in Safe Mode rules out any driver conflict. It points towards a hardware problem: defective touchpad.

    You could confirm this further by installing the corded mouse. If the mouse worked normally but the touchpad did not that would be strong evidence.

    Given you can't do that test, you might try uninstalling the touchpad from Device Manager and then reinstalling it again. You should be sure you have the touchpad driver ready before you do this. If you do not have the driver already you could try and download it from your laptop's manufacturer.

    • Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Device Manager
    • Find the touchpad and right click on it > Uninstall
    • Restart the laptop
    • Windows will find the touchpad on startup and install a generic driver for it.
    • Run the laptop like that for a while before installing the manufacturer's driver. See if it changes anything.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit
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    I am currently downloading the Synpatics Touchpad Driver from the website; to clarify, I must download this driver first before uninstalling the current driver, correct? If I did not download the driver, would it start installation upon startup after uninstalling the current driver?

    On the website, it says to save the file to a folder on my hard drive, I am wondering if leaving it in my downloads folder would be okay. What do you think?
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    Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium SP1

    Yes, you can leave it in your downloads folder.

    When you uninstall the touchpad and restart, Windows will find the "new Hardware" and will automatically install a generic driver for it that is included in Windows 7.

    The driver you downloaded is a different driver, one that is tailored for your laptop and your touchpad. You will need to install that driver manually, usually by double clicking on the exe file you downloaded to start the installation.
    I suggested to download the driver first because you will want it on hand when you need it, for convenience, not because it is required to perform the test suggested.

    That test is 2 part:

    • Run the touchpad on the generic Windows driver for a while - does it work correctly now?
    • Then install the dedicated driver - does it work correctly now?
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    Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit
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    Before I uinstalled the driver, the mouse would not recognize the icons the mouse would hover over on the taskbar. However, now the icons are lighting up when my mouse is hovering over them, both on the taskbar and on the desktop. However, I can not left click to select or launch a program still. When uinstalling the driver for the first time, my laptop was restarted. This is what happened to it after being installed again.

    Installing the dedicated driver had no effect upon installation. When installing, it said to uinstall the driver and install it again using "Add/Remove Programs." Upon launching "Add/Remove Programs," an error message popped up saying that the driver was not installed properly. I then uinstalled the driver, and ran setup again; this time, it was successfully installed, but still no effect on the mouse.
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    Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium SP1

    It's looking more like a defective touchpad.

    A more definitive test - to rule out any problem within the Windows environment - would be to download a copy of Ubuntu. You can put this on a USB stick and run it without installing it on your hard drive.
    This will run a Linux based OS, completely separate from Windows.

    If the problem persists in Ubuntu, that will pretty much decide it: bad touchpad.
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