a10 7850k cooler adequate or not

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    a10 7850k cooler adequate or not

    i want to know if the a10 7850k cooler is adequate or not for temps in game
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    Well no the cooler still brings enough heat to make the processor throttle. I suggest getting a Cooler Master Hyper 212 for that.
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    Well no the cooler still brings enough heat to make the processor throttle.
    Huh? Sorry but that makes no sense. Coolers don't bring heat to processors, they pull it away.

    And contrary to what many would like us to believe, OEM coolers are more than adequate for most users - even with mild to moderate overclocking. They have to be because ONLY the OEM coolers are warrantied to properly cool the CPUs they come with. And they are warrantied for 3 years. That CM 212, for example, only has a 1 year warranty.

    It is also critical to remember it is the case's responsibility to provide a sufficient supply of cool air flowing through the case. The CPU fan need only toss the CPU's heat into that air flow. If you are not doing heavy overclocking, your case is clean of heat trapping dust, and your temps are still too high, you need to look at case cooling first. Either add another case fan for better front-to-back flow, or replace the current case fans with larger, higher CFM fans.

    If still overheating, then consider an aftermarket cooler.

    What are your temps? That CPU is rated for a maximum operating temperature of 72.4C. Are your temps regularly exceeding that and sitting above that for more than a couple seconds? Is your system throttling down in speed?

    I use and recommend CoreTemp to monitor my CPU temps in my system tray. I also like HwInfo64 but it does not have a system tray component.
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    The standard OEM cooler is adequate for the task of cooling a CPU, but that's just it. It's adequate. If you want better cooling, or you are concerned with high temps, then you have two options:

    1. Buy a better aftermarket cooler.
    2. Run AMD's Cool 'n Quiet utility (has to be enabled in BIOS)

    But first and foremost, as Itaregid said, is airflow inside the case. You must have good airflow if any cooling solution is going to work well, and that includes with the stock cooler, or an aftermarket cooler.

    Cool 'n Quiet is a good solution to hot processors. What it does is lower the clock speed in cases of low demand on the processor, and then ramps up the clock when the CPU works harder. This keeps the chip cooler overall. I notice a difference of about 10 degrees at idle with C 'n Q enabled. It does have its drawbacks though. There can be a slight lag when starting programs, but overall it works fairly well and really helps to keep your CPU cool. Best of all, it's free, and there is nothing to download. It's built into your chip. :)
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    Just to add to avoid confusion over what is "adequate".

    You should always be concerned about "high" temps. But note that cooler does NOT automatically mean better! Keeping your electronics and processors adequately cooled is absolutely critical - no ifs, ands or buts. But electronics are designed to operate in a "normal operating temperature". As long as you stay comfortably within that range, all is fine.

    Admittedly, these are arbitrary numbers but as a general rule, I like my CPUs to normally sit below 50C and my personal threshold to take action is 60C. If I see CPU temps rise above 60C and sit there for more than a couple seconds before dropping again, that is a signal I need to address better case cooling (typically, it means I need to clean my air filters).

    My point is, there is NOTHING to suggest a CPU running at 35C or 25C will perform better, be more stable, or have a longer life expectancy than a CPU running at 50C. All the 25C really gets you is bragging rights.

    But if your CPU is running at or near it's designed limits for long periods of times, that can affect stability and component aging. So you need to be monitoring your temps. CPU temps can swing wildly in just a few clock cycles. And with 3+ billion clock cycles every second, that swing can happen fast. That is why I said your temps need to sit comfortably within that "normal operating temperature" so you have enough headroom.
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    What is the exact Sharkoon case do you have dipdapslap?

    In my opinion all cooling starts with proper air flow through the case.
    Even in my system with custom cooling; without the proper air flow through the case it would be a waste of my time and money. The air flow through the case, therefore air flow through the radiators has to be proper.

    Each case has it own basic design that helps or hinders air flow.
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    my case is
    Sharkoon MA-M1000 Micro ATX Case

    or if you want a amazon link https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/...?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    and for every one i dont have the prosessor yet just wanna know if i need a aftermarket cooler and i dont wanna overclock just game and surf the internet
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    Layback Bear said:
    In my opinion all cooling starts with proper air flow through the case.
    I agree completely.

    That is a "micro" ATX case so fan support is limited. But it does come with 1x140mm and 1x120mm which is good. And it supports a standard size PSU which can help with air flow.

    I've had mixed results with side panel fans, often finding they disrupt the desired flow through the case rather than help with cooling (unless they blow into a tube that channels the air directly onto a CPU).

    Without knowing what your temps are, I don't know what more we can offer.
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    ok thanks can eny or you help me on this? my pc black screened randomly
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