Acer TMP645, Win7 Pro 64-Bit: New battery status, fan running too much

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    Acer TMP645, Win7 Pro 64-Bit: New battery status, fan running too much

    The battery in my wife's Acer died abruptly a few weeks ago. It was 2-2.5 years old. The new battery possesses larger capacity than the OE yet, I am observing Windows is reporting varying time periods for the battery when fully charged. Initially, Windows was reporting periods of 10-11 hours. I just charged it again and it states 2 h 59 min... My reading here indicates batteries do not need to be calibrated as was the case years ago. What could explain these observations? Note, I have had the laptop shutdown as a result of the low battery two times and I fully charged it (as indicated by the battery status LED) before use. This charging method is the only thing I have seen suggested here for battery calibration issues.

    Second, the cooling fan in the laptop has been running too much in the recent past (1-2 weeks). This can be true if McAfee is running in the background but, it is not. The fan is on almost all the time the laptop is on...something is not right with this.

    The only other recent actions I have taken with the laptop was to change the Windows Update settings preventing the Windows 10 automatic upgrade. These changes have been stable so, I do not expect much of my current observations of this laptop to be related to this factor.

    Advice? Things to look into?

    Thank you.
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    1. Battery.
    *When you are using main power supply for the laptop.*
    If the battery required charging, then charge it.
    If the battery is full, remove the battery; when you shutdown the laptop, or before switch on.
    If the battery is 100% full, and did not remove the battery, in the long run the battery performance is affected.
    This is a simply layman term, not necessary to do any diagnostic unless you are geek and on testing.
    (For me, i use laptop as desktop, with the battery removed.)

    2. Cooling fan is running all the time.
    Do a quick troubleshooting &or testing.
    Do switch on the laptop and do nothing, and do not close the lid, as leaving it open. The screen will turn off by itself (setting).
    The laptop should not make the fan running loud.
    And use your hand to feel the laptop keypad near to the fan to check on if it is warm or not.
    It should not be warm, as you are not running anything at all.
    If still warm, then you need to check, whether the fan vent is block or not.
    Ensure the surrounding area of the vent are clear and open space.
    (I always switch on the laptop and leave it as open, and seldom close the lid. Immediate use.)

    Windows Update has nothing to do with it.
    If you are thinking that this McAfee is the issue, but it should not be.
    Most antivirus, etc; will not keep on running all the time in this mode. (Test it by the point 2, laptop is on and do nothing..)
    Most of them is active when there are files uploading & downloading, as this depend on setting.
    Even if you are doing scanning for virus, malware, etc; there will not be any heat involved.
    (I had 2 antivirus programs running at the same time, no fan noise.)

    Sometimes it is not the fan is running, it is the HDD is running and do have sound, at times.
    HDD running do give some sound, as this is common, as laptop HDD is 2.5" and will produce sound, but not for 3.5" HDD.
    HDD 2.5" is different from 3.5" HDD, for sound issue. Even you shake the 2.5" HDD, it will produce sound.
    If fan is running loud, just feel the keyboard on top of the fan to feel the heat.
    This is something similar to mobile handset, as many had said the handset is warm.
    Yes handset do have heat issue, that is because it is running several apps at the same time.
    If just stop using, say 5 minutes, the heat will disappear.
    So, as mentioned, both are identical regarding heat issue.
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