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Windows 7: ext portable hard disk turned raw

19 Mar 2018   #1

windows7 home basic 64bit
ext portable hard disk turned raw

win7 home basic64
external portable hdd toshiba canvio 2TB model v63700-H 2TB - p/n HDTB120XK3CA
out of original case but seemingly operational in a generic case

The reason I preferred generic is that in the original one, the usb port I used before, the hdd had its led blinking fast and computer stucked... had to power pc off in order to unplug hdd.

Screen shots shows hdd in other usb port, generic case.

It is a back up hdd, single partition. Donīt know why it came suddenly unaccessible. I was performing a back up, loading it and then... pc stucked.

I already have a new (blank and manufacturer formated) Seagate 2TB to copy all data from the falty toshiba hd (although seems it's not toshiba's fault)

Iīve seen very helpfull people here, a special mention to Jumanji, whose patience and good will are remarkable.

I've also carefully read excellent Jumanji's TestDisk tutorial and feel (almost) confident in using it but, in order to do things well and for good, I kindly request guidance for this job, going one step at a time.

Thank you for reading.

ps pc language is portuguese, as I'm brazilian.

Attached Thumbnails
ext portable hard disk turned raw-toshiba-disk-management.jpg   ext portable hard disk turned raw-g-toshiba-ext-partwizard.jpg  
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19 Mar 2018   #2

win 8 32 bit

Welcome to the forum. Raw means it's lost the partition table you need specific partition recovery software there are lots of free ones. Don't use file recovery all files will be there when partition is recovered. If one free one doesn't work try another as often one will work
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Mar 2018   #3

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Just checked your local time indicated is correct. Fine. You had fixed the correct Time zone.

From what I understand, you have taken out the HDD from the original case and have put it into another casing. Right?

The Disc 2 is the Toshiba HDD inside the generic case and shows RAW. Confirm.

What is Disc 1 which has a drive letter E but with no media ? Anyway you seem to have removed it while taking the Partition Wizard screenshot. That is good. Please remove all other external HDDs/Flash drives / card Readers while we are on this job. Have only the faulty drive plugged in.

About your new 2TB Seagate drive. Is it an internal HDD or external HDD? If it is an internal HDD, how do you propose to copy any data from the faulty HDD if we come to that?

Answer all the above queries and then do this:

Uninstall Partition Wizard version 10.2.2 and install Partition Wizard v 9.1. If we find that it is only a partition lost and need to do a Partition Recovery only the old version 9.1 can do it free. You can download and install v 9.1 from here MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 10.2.2 Download for Windows / Old Versions /

Then post a screenshot of how your faulty drive looks in it.

I am off to bed now and see it only after another 8 hours. Further instructions will follow thereafter.

No need to be in a hurry.
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19 Mar 2018   #4

windows7 home basic 64bit

Thanks for the warm welcome!
@samuria thank you very much, I've been reading and became somewhat familiar with Partition Wizard and TestDisk, but I humbly confess I'm afraid of doing wrong.

You see, I didn't notice that the updated version of P.Wizard (free ed) hasn't the functionality I needed...
That's why I will follow Jumanji's orientation. I'm a newbie!

Jumanji, first of all, thank you so much for your time!

Disc 1 is Dell Vostro's desktop disk, originally formatted and partioned from Dell.

(didn't mention before but I tested the faulty toshiba hdd in my laptop and got the same behavior as in the desktop)

Seagate 2TB hdd is another portable external one, brand new! I've already tested it.

By the way, reading your orientations, I canceled a purchase of a WD hdd (my passport) after understanding the encryption possible future issues... that I also learned from you!

PW9.1 installed, screenshot uploaded.

Toshiba hd went raw nearly 40 days ago; since then I've been reading (trying to understand) about many possibilities of what had happened and possible solutions.
In this meanwhile I ordered (and canceled! Thanks to you!) the WD hdd; and then ordered, finally, the Seagate (without any encryption enclosed).
Post services in my country is ruinned, oh sorry, is run by government so it takes about 15 to 20 days to get purchased goods delivered.

I also inform that once the toshiba is plugged in, it isn't possible to unplug it; eject command warns me that device is being used... The only way is to power off desktop.

Thank you, once again!

Attached Thumbnails
ext portable hard disk turned raw-toshiba-2tb-pw9.1.jpg  
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Mar 2018   #5

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

OK, I have seen your screenshot. Since it was late yesterday night, I missed to note some important data. It is this.

Your faulty external drive does have a drive letter ( both in Windows Disk Management and Partition Wizard.) So it is quite unlikely to be a partition loss but a file system corruption. In any case, we shall run Partition Recovery Wizard and see what it shows.


1. Safely remove all external hdds/flash drives/ USB hubs/ Card Readers/USB connected printer- in short everything plugged into the USB ports except your USB keyboard and USB mouse.

2. Plug in only your generic external drive with the faulty Toshiba HDD inside.

3. Launch Partition Wizard. On the left Pane click on Partition Recovery Wizard > Next > Select your faulty Drive > Next > Full Disk > Next > QuickScan > Next. Allow the quick scan to complete. At the end of the quickscan you will get a window showing all the found partitions like the screenshot below. Post a screenshot of it ( only that Window. No need of any background). After you have taken the screenshot click on Cancel button on that Window and close PW. You can run it again if need be.

ext portable hard disk turned raw-20-03-2018-11-20-29.jpg

If it is confirmed that it is not a partition loss, then we may have to check for file system corruption with TestDisk. But we have to adopt a different procedure than what you have read in my tutorial which is relevant only partition loss and recovery. But don't worry. You will be guided. I have already given the detailed procedure for it somewhere else. I have to search and get it.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Mar 2018   #6

windows7 home basic 64bit

Dear Jumanji, I canīt begin a post without mentioning how helpfull you have been!

Please, get used to it!

Everything done as you said, screenshot uploaded.

I'm amazed of how many diferent situations one can have... I noticed a letter assigned to my faulty hdd but, even reading a lot of cases in the web, I still find myself lost.

Being on my own, I certainly would not take the right step!

Comparing to your example screenshot I noticed that in my hdd, status shows 'existing' (rather than lost/deleted in yours) and guess what... I'm still lost...

Well, nice and easy, one step at a time.

Attached Thumbnails
ext portable hard disk turned raw-toshiba-partition-recovery-action.jpg  
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Mar 2018   #7

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

Yes, As I said it is not a partition loss. The partition exists. That is why the status shows "existing".

We shall now move on to TestDisk. Go to my post #6 here WD Elements being read as RAW // Contents readable through app - Windows 7 Help Forums.

It shows how to run TestDisk step by step.

Download TestDisk for Windows from here TestDisk Download - CGSecurity ( The second in the list.)

Roll down in that page and download TestDisk 7.0

( Do not download " Windows 64 bit" - that is not for you even if you have a 64 bit system) Extract the to the root of your system drive C:. You will run testdisk_win.exe in the extracted testdisk-7.0 folder.

Now follow the Instructions in my Seven Forum post referred.

Post the sixth screenshot and close TestDisk. Let me examine it and decide what is to be done further.

If at any time you get a screen different from what is posted in that or you have any doubts on how to proceed further, stop,take that screenshot, close TestDisk and ask for clarification. Do not try to experiment on your own.

Note: ( You may also read my post#6 here Seagate 2 TB External HD file info corrupted - Windows 10 Forums The only difference is that you are not going to plug in your Seagate 2TB external drive as destination drive right now. So ignore any reference to the destination disk in those screenshots)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Mar 2018   #8

windows7 home basic 64bit

Hi Jumanji, thank you for the time spent with my hdd issue.

Downloaded TestDisk 7.1 (not 7.0 version - not available - nor 64bit version, just as you warned me).

There goes 6th screenshot, identical to the thread you mentioned (which I haven't read any further, will be doing from now, after finishing this answer).

Just to make sure, will you allow me a dumb (and predictable answer) question?

Hdd is plugged; led light steady. To unplug I need to power off pc. Does still have any risk to unplug with power on?

I promise not to ask dumb questions until the end of our journey!

Thank you once again!

Back again after reading indicated threads, I found (written from you)

External hard drive visible in Partition Magic but not explorer Solved - Page 2 - Windows 7 Help Forums (#20)

Yep, that is one of the cardinal rules. You should always "safely remove" the drives. That will prevent the drive being removed during the read/write process if you heed to the warning " The drive is still in use. Close all running programs and try again" But in most cases you will not know which running process/es is holding the drive. In that event you need to shut down the computer. During the shut down process the OS will terminate all running processes properly and after the shut down you can remove the drive.

If you are plagued with this situation more often, and do not want to shut down to kill the running processes then use the program Unlocker More programs by Cedrick Collomb - Softpedia or any other program that finds the running processes and kill those. ( In my case Perfect Disk keeps running in the background defragmenting the drives whenever the drive is idle and that prevents the external drive being safely removed. I use unlocker to kill the processes and then remove the drive)

My question is already answered! Thank you.

Attached Thumbnails
ext portable hard disk turned raw-toshiba-testdisk7.1-sixth-screen.jpg  
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Mar 2018   #9

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

I did not mention anything about your inability to safely remove the drives since I thought it was a problem only with the HDD in its original case and with the faulty HDD in the new generic case it is not there. Anyway you found the solution in Unlocker. I too have unlocker on my system tray. And me too have Perfect Disk, though it is an old version. Without Unlocker, your only option is to shut down the PC and then remove the external drive.

It is good that you caught hold of that thread by OP Nexus. In fact it was my first attempt on corrupt file system.. And you know what to do now.

Move the highlight to MFT/MFT Repair. If the MFT and MFT mirror matched perfectly then run CHKDSK K: /f /v /r /x Press enter. Note: Replace K: with the actual drive letter of the external drive. Also there is a space before every switch/option. Once you start checkdisk do not abort it in the middle for any reason. Let it run to completion even if it takes a day. Do not use your computer during the checkdisk run. No multitasking. Keep your hands off.

( You may ask why I didn't run checkdisk straightaway on your problem. No, I wouldn't run check disk unless I know for sure everything else is fine because if checkdisk aborts midway it can leave your HDD in a much worse condition. And when everything else is fine, you have no other option except running check disk :) )

If TestDisk says Unable to repair MFT then your only option is to buy a commercial software like Active@ file Recovery Erased file recovery tool - Active@ File Recovery - for deleted files and damaged disks. You can download the demo version, scan your disk and check whether it shows all your folders and files. You can even preview/open the files and check their integrity. If you are satisfied then buy a license.

I am off to bed now. ( You are smarter than what I thought. Surely you are no novice :) ). Will get to know what happened tomorrow. Good day to you.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Mar 2018   #10

windows7 home basic 64bit

[QUOTE=jumanji;3381472]I did not mention anything about your inability to safely remove the drives since I thought it was a problem only with the HDD in its original case and with the faulty HDD in the new generic case it is not there. Anyway you found the solution in Unlocker. I too have unlocker on my system tray. And me too have Perfect Disk, though it is an old version. Without Unlocker, your only option is to shut down the PC and then remove the external drive.

Jumanji, you are correct! You didn't mention about removing media. I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself correctly. It is related to my dumb question about unplugging unsafely. I asked you and then went to read indicated threads and the answer was just right there.

I'll proceed as you oriented. Later on I will bring the results. Thank you!
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 ext portable hard disk turned raw

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