New Windows 7 install, mouse is not moving like it used to

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    Does anyone think the BSOD indicates bad hardware and I should just skip right to the mobo swap though?
    That BSOD can happen for a variety of reasons. I've had it myself in the past and in my case it was a driver issue. It's almost certainly a driver issue here too since it occurred after trying to uninstall the chipset drivers. I could be wrong but I would not expect the computer to boot properly without chipset drivers installed, and it's always been my understanding to update them by simply installing the new drivers, which uninstalls the old ones in the process... which you tried next with the same result, but maybe a kerfuffle there from uninstalling them the first time. Sometimes Windows "works in mysterious ways" and needs a couple reboots or a time out after "an event," then when you try the same thing later or the next day, it works. But that error is not an indication of bad hardware, imo, so if you have the time and are curious (like I would be in your place), I would do as you say and try from scratch with the system the way it is, before swapping out the mobo. That way, whether it works or not, you've added to your knowledge. Otherwise you'll never know.

    And it does happen on occasion that the latest drivers are not the best drivers for some particular hardware. I realize you're only trying to update them due to the mouse issue, but it might be the newer chipset drivers don't play nice with the hardware. Though it would be nice to find the update works now, and the mouse issue is resolved. Good luck.
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    So I think I got the driver swapped out. I noticed the BSOD always happened after the "USB device disconnected sound" played, so I first unplugged all my USB devices and plugged in a PS/2 KB and mouse, and that stopped the BSOD. When I tried to uninstall the old Catalyst drivers, I got an error saying they had already been uninstalled. So I tried to install the new ones, and there was no BSOD, but the install it failed on the IDE and SATA driver but the new USB Filter driver DID install. Since the old 12.3 driver only installed the USB filter driver, this seems to be how it should work (I was able to update the SATA driver directly via device manager). Unfortunately, it did not change the mouse behavior in any way. My new M305 also showed up from eBay, so now I am using the same mouse as the old system, and that made no difference. So I think we can say with certainty it is NOT the mouse hardware at all, which only leaves the motherboard or Windows itself as the culprit.

    I went to swap the motherboard out, and noticed that the one I bought off eBay has a crack in the top corner. I messaged the seller but I am probably going to return it, even though it appears no traces are damaged, but still. I bought another one off eBay and that will be here Friday. In between then and now I am going to do a fresh Win7 install, if that fixes it great, if not this weekend I will swap the motherboard out. If that doesn't fix it then this rig is getting abandoned and I will just go back to my old PC and start on building a newer Intel i7-9700 build.
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    So I swapped the motherboard on the system (same model)

    The mouse is definitely moving differently now, but not always the same way. Sometimes it feels fine, sometimes it slows down like the previous mobo, sometimes it just stops moving for a second and then starts moving again. I installed the latest AMD drivers, didnt seem to make much of a difference. Occasioanlly the computer makes the "USB Device Unplugged" noise too.

    I did notice that this board has the NIC and 2 USB ports on the same physical connector, and when I installed the NIC driver (Realtek RTL8111E) it made the same "USB Disconnected" noise. Maybe there's some conflict with the Realtek driver? I am using the driver from the mobo manufacturer website, I cannot find a manufacturer/Realtek driver download anywhere.

    I'm going to give it a few days and if not resolve this is getting trashed and I am building a new Intel build

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    Still trying this new mobo, and unfortunately, it;s not great. It's certainly better, but I am still getting some discomfort. I'm going to give it a few more days to see if I can adjust, if not it's off to the garbage heap and on to the new Intel build
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