Computer not turning on properly

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    Computer not turning on properly

    I ran into an issue with my computer the other day and sent the following to MSI: While adding a SSD drive to my computer, an issue arose. My computer has a MSI P55-GD80 motherboard and in the lower right of the motherboard a button entitled `POWER ON¿. For reasons that I do not understand, to get the computer to turn on, after it has been powered down, I have to touch said button!

    Their reply was not terribly helpful: This type of problem is not a known issue at all so there is not solution to this type of problem. This is not normal behavior obviously, so this likely will be a result of some sort of hardware failure more than likely the motherboard. You can try to clearing the CMOS by removing the CMOS battery then shorting out the JBAT1 header.

    This made me wonder: There is a CR2032 battery on the motherboard and said battery is at least five years old. Is it possible that the battery died and that led to the issue? Is it possible that by a) clearing the CMOS and b) replacing the battery, that the problem will be resolved?

    In terms of clearing the CMOS, I assume that before I clear it, I should enter the BIOS and take pictures of every screen so that I can get everything back the way it was?
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    Does your MOBO have a chassis impact or intrusion switch? These are relics from early PCs, but they still exist on a lot of new boards. Here are a couple of pics as an example: Computer not turning on properly-2022_07_24_02_48_211.jpg

    Computer not turning on properly-mobo2.jpg
    Just an idea... Good luck
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    I believe it has an intrusion header, not sure about the chassis impact. What are you suggesting?
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    It seems that you have checked the obvious stuff; so, I thought it might be an obscure problem. I experiment with computers and I've encountered some strange problems that are hard to isolate. All I was suggesting was check and see if the switch might have been activated. Maybe you could disarm it. Maybe you could find a technical file from the manufacturer... Good Luck
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    The CR2032 CMos battery holds the BIOS configuration settings and runs the clock when the computer is off.
    If you start the computer on next day and enter BIOS and the clock is wrong it is a signal that the CMos battery needs to be replaced.

    You can run HWInfo It is a portable, don't need to install.
    Close the summary and hit the Sensors button (top left)
    If the battery voltage is below 3V, replace it.
    Before you remove the old one, take photos of the configuration settings.
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    Phredtx - there is nothing attached to the headers and I have the manual.
    Megahertz07 - cool program, thanks. VBAT is greater than 3.0 V - not the issue...
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    Check all the Front panel connectors (JFP1) , specially - Pins 6&8
    The front panel switch should be connected to Pins 6&8
    MSI P55-GD80 Manual
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    Megahertz07 - Good suggestion. In the past, when i would hear the disk's being accessed, there was a blue LED at the top of the case that was on. Seems that I am not seeing it currently and I see that connection for said LED on JFP1. Anyway, I will check these connectors late next week...
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    Your onboard power buttons use something called Easy Button 2 which apparently is an electromagnetic touch design for the power-on/reset/Green Power. Because of the nature of how this button works, it's conceivably possible you have a static issue or the computer isn't grounded. Or perhaps the board suffered from some kind of electro static discharge from you while installing the SSD.

    Things to try:

    1) Go into BIOS and use use optimized BIOS defaults. (Note that the SSD should be in AHCI mode, but if your OS drive is not already in AHCI mode you can't use that mode until you make a change in the registry. If you turn on AHCI and the OS drive is not set for AHCI and you can't boot, just turn off AHCI in BIOS. More info. here: 2 Ways to Enable AHCI After Windows 10 Installation Says Windows 10 but should be the same for 7).

    2) Try a different SATA and power cable.

    3) If you're using SATA ports 1-6 for the SSD, try SATA ports 7 or 8 instead. Ports 1-6 use the Intel P55 chip and SATA ports 7 & 8 use the JMB322 chip by JMicron.

    4) I'd see if you could benefit from an updated BIOS.

    A) I wouldn't use that Green power saving crap. It just adds more complication to the motherboard and would limit your performance on an already very old MOBO. You also only have SATA II ability unless you buy yourself a PCI-e card with SATA III connectors. There's a particular chipset you'd want with one of those cards but I can't remember that at the moment. Could be VIA.

    B) You can backup your BIOS to USB stick prior to monkeying around or flashing with a new BIOS. Refer to page 3-30 of your manual here. If you mess up a motherboard with only one BIOS chip, check out eBay for the chip that has BIOS flashed to it. I'd reflash it once in my MOBO. But that's just me. I do that to second hand routers and modems. You'll need a fine tip soldering iron. Look on YouTube to know how to solder. Specifically with small electronics. It really isn't that difficult. I prefer the tried and true Weller products, but can be a bit pricey.

    - - - Updated - - -

    MSI P55-GD80 - Pictorial Preview
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    Please mark this thread as Solved
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