How to get Canon BJC-55 IS-12 Scanner to Work

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    windows 7

    How to get Canon BJC-55 IS-12 Scanner to Work

    Gateway Laptop 32 bit. Opsys new with Vista upgrade to Windows 7

    How to get the Canon IS-12 Scanner cartridge to function on Windows 7.

    I am new here, please give me some latitude.

    Earlier this evening I made a post to a thread and this is new info that I have to report but I can not find my original post.

    Previously I reported that the MS techs could not get the IS-12 Scanner cartridge to function. Well, I stumbled over the (or perhaps one of many) solution a few minutes ago.

    This is exactly what I did:
    Left click Start, Left click All Programs, Left click folder IS Scan Plus, Right click program IS Scan Plus, left click Properties, left click Compatibility, change Compatibility Mode to: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

    For my then new job three years ago I bought a laptop, portable printer and the optional scanner cartridge. Discovered that the scanner would not work on my Vista machine. I tried Virtual PC but the laptop did not have Hardware Virtualization. I fummed everytime I had the need to scan a jobsite sketch or some other document. I had to copy it by hand, drive to a store or make several follow up calls to get a copy to my office, but only if the scanner worked !!!!!

    Finally I can use my scanner with my laptop on the road. Oh wait a minute, I quit that job and now I sit at a desk surrounded by the bleeding edge (the boss says this often as he relates spending money to bleeding) of technology. Well, its good to now have the ability to use it, in case I need it.
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    Windows 7 Enterprise (x64); Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
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    Windows 7 Enterprise (x64); Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
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    windows 7
    Thread Starter

    And ................

    ..........are you saying that my post is frivolous because MS has already stated the printer will function without additional software??

    Yes, I saw this page for which you have posted a link. The MS techs also saw the page for which you have posted a link. However, the scanner did NOT function and the MS Techs gave up trying. I found a way to make the scanner function. I thought that this info would be appreciated. My method to get the scanner to function is consistent with the page for which you have posted a link, no additional software was required. I think that most people are not aware of this compatibility menu on Win7, Microsoft's own experts were not aware of it.

    I think that if MS made mention of the Compatibility menu on the page for which you have posted a link that this would be very helpful to many people. I sent this suggestion to the Techs that I worked with the other day.
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    Windows 7 Enterprise (x64); Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)

    Bookman said:
    ..........are you saying that my post is frivolous because MS has already stated the printer will function without additional software??
    Nope, just trying to provide as much information as possible for anyone that may need it.
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    windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

    Scanner IS 12

    Ihave a notebook HP Compaq 2230s, Win7 Ultimate 32 bit, tried to install drivers
    for printer Canon BJC-85 and scanner cartridge IS 12. It was ok for printer, but
    impossible for scanner cartridge. Downloaded drivers for IS 12 from site,installing ok,but still not working after trying compatibility with XP packs/Vista packs.
    (for win7 nothing).Please advise.
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    Windows 7 32 bit

    Bookman's solution worked perfectly

    This solution worked exactly as Bookman described. I would have wasted my money on this (non-returnable) scanner cartridge without this solution -- THANK YOU Bookman! I just wish I'd found Bookman's solution before I spent two futile hours trying to solve the problem myself. Oh well. Live and learn.
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    windows 7
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    You Are very Welcome

    And I thank You for taking the time to Post a Thank You. So many people just take from sites like this and never say thank you nor contribute anything.

    I probably spent 8 hours over more than a year trying to solve this problem. When I had a different problem with my computer the people at MS were very helpfull. In the process of solving that problem I discovered the way to get my Cannon scanner to work.

    I sent my solution to Cannon but I received a reply stating they were no longer supporting the IS-12 and suggested that I consider one of their newer products. So, obviously the clerk who opened the email saw IS-12 and then hit the Function Key that auto generated the standard reply that all emails receive with IS-12 within the message.
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    Windows 7

    Thank You

    I want to add my thanks for you solution. Just bought a new laptop with windows 7. I was about to return the new laptop. Solution as simple as yours mean I can continue to do business as usual. I have used the is-12 for about 13 years with no problems and have found nothing to replace it. Thank you for taking the time to post your solution. It works like a charm.
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    Window 7 Ultimate x64

    A big thank you for this thread Without it, I would not now have a functioning printer/IS 12 scanner. A lot of people think because something was an issue months or years ago it's no longer an issue. However, there are many people who are now getting new computers running Windows 7 and finding these problems for the first time.

    Sometimes we over-think things. I was trying to download drivers for the printer and running into a situation where the program installation would freeze with non-compatibility errors. Who knew the problem was trying to proactively install drivers? The solution was simply plugging the Canon 55 into the USB port and Windows 7 instantaneously loaded whatever it needed and the printer works fine.

    I then downloaded the IS 12 drivers from the Canon website. I followed the instructions, choose Start, IS scan plus, right click, properties, compatibility, XP service pack 2, but the scanner wouldn't work. I had to turn the machine on and off a couple of times and then go in and choose different compatibility modes. Each time it would scan a bit more and then I'd get the "command sequence error" message.

    I finally chose "Change settings for all users" and changed the compatibility mode to Windows 2000, turned the computer on and off again, retried the scanner, and it worked perfectly. Then I checked the settings again and found it was now set on Windows XP service pack 2. So it seems to have re-set itself to the correct settings, I just had to play with it for a while.

    This is the best portable printer/scanner ever designed. I do not know why companies stop making and supporting great technology for lesser devices. I have two of these printers with scanner cartridges. I take one with me everywhere I go (I make 50 - 100 trips a year) and have one set up in my home office as an adjunct to my HP 8500 office jet. It's been driving me crazy to lose the functionality of these printers just because I got a super-duper new laptop. Now I'm a very happy camper, which I wouldn't be if I had not found this thread.
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