Windows 7 Mouse Acceleration Help!

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    Windows 7 Mouse Acceleration Help!

    First of all, Hi everyone. I just installed Windows 7, Its working like a charm. So far no unusual bugs/erros. Got all my drivers and hardware working perfectly. I never bothered with windows vista, I just jumped from XP to Seven. And i can swear my speakers 5.1 audio quality has improved alot!

    But anyway, to the point...In windows XP i used a registry file to disable the useless mouse acceleration. I havent tried that registry modification with Seven and i dont really want to risk using it on here as its not designed for Seven. So can someone please help me disabling Windows Seven Mouse Acceleration, Otherwise i really cant play any games properly! Im sure theres some registry modification to disable the mouse accel.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Ps. Does anyone know how you can access "run" so i can open regedit?
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    Just type regedit into the start menu.

    About the mouse, why do you go through the registry? Is the "Motion" setting in the mouse control panel item the "accelaration" you're talking about.
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    No that is a speed of the mouse, Mouse acceleration is something else. For example.

    If I move my mouse from one end of my mouse mat to the other, the mouse cursor will move a certain distance. However if I move the mouse the same distance from one end of the mouse mat to the other at a faster speed, yet the same distance then the cursor will cover a far greater distance. This phenomenon is known as mouse acceleration. There was a reg file available on gamer forums to disable this acceleration to allow consistency of mouse movement. But so far i have not discovered any solution for Seven.

    I know it sounds like a mundane thing. But for gamers this is a very big issue.
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    That tick for "mouse precision" under speed controls that.
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  5. pwr
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    XP 32-bit

    copernicus said:
    That tick for "mouse precision" under speed controls that.
    In XP, even if you untick everything in the mouse settings in the control panel - acceleration is still present. That's the reason for the reg fix.

    This is how it was done in XP: (Pasted from
    It seems that even without pointer precision disabled, the mouse under XP is still influenced by an acceleration curve. This is especially noticeable in games. To completely remove mouse acceleration from XP, you will need to go into the registry and adjust the SmoothmouseXYCurve values. Here is how its done.

    1. Click Start button
    2. Select Run
    3. Type 'regedit' in the open textbox
    4. Open the tree 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER', select control panel, then select mouse
    5. Right clicking, modify the SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve hexidecimal values to the following:



    If done correctly, you will notice you are holding a markedly more responsive mouse.
    If those values exist in w7, i don't know yet - but it is very important to gamers that they can completely disable acceleration.

    Edit: I also experienced accel after dsabling it in the control panel in w7, so there is something in w7 akin to what was in xp.

    You can easily test it by launching a game and then put the crosshair on an object in the game, then slowly move the mouse a few inches to the right - then move it back fast! If there is accel present you won't land on the same spot with the crosshairs.
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    windows 7

    I have the same god damn problem, Microsoft is so insanely retarded....I remove the mouse accel from the "mouse" menu in the controle panel, and after starting a game, it is back ON again! Just like windows xp, i tought microsoft had learnd by now...? If i could play cs 1.6 on Linux properly i would love to, but linux isnt developed for games so.....GG windows....
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x86 | Windows XP Pro SP3

    Hey all!

    I've found a way to control mouse acceleration in windows 7. It does not completely removes the accel but u can change the setting.

    Go to Control Panel>>Ease of Access>>Ease of Access Center
    Now click "Make the mouse easier to use" option. Under "Control the mouse with keyboard" section, you can see a button named "Set up Mouse Keys". Click it. There you can see a section called "Pointer Speed" where there are two sliders for 'Top Speed' and 'Acceleration'. Adjust both of them to your liking. If you keep accel slider to slow, you will notice heavy mouse accel whereas if you set it at fast, it pretty much feels like no accel.

    For me, both sliders to extreme left (high and fast) together with 1000Hz polling rate seems comfortable but its all up to you and your liking.

    Again i wud like to tell that it wont remove the accel at all. It just decreases the accel. Play with these settings to get the right feeling until someone posts a way to completely remove this mouse accel.

    Have fuN!

    P.S. Sorry if this has been already posted
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    Windows 7 Pro

    I have same problem, in Windows 7 I see a mouse acceleration...

    As I like to play FPS games, for me this is really a big issue, on Windows XP at least we have a solution for Microsoft bad coding practices, but what about Windows 7 ? Is there a solution for t his problem?

    Does this means that FPS players need to stay on XP ?

    Oh god, I hope I will not have to reinstall XP again, I just installed Windows Seven lol
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    Windows 7 64 bit

    sigh has anyone found a solution?? Very annoying problem. I'm surprised more gamers haven't complained.
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    Windows 7

    I'm not a gamer but a graphics/3d editor. Mouse acceleration is essential to me and to all those performing similar tasks. When moving slow we need a very slow, very precise moving pointer, when moving fast we want to jump to menu's, toolboxes, other windows, the taskbar, preferably in one single non stop motion. On my huge high resolution screen the precise motion is easy, but the fast motion is still way too slow. I'm convinced that setting the correct values for smoothmousex/ycurves should do the trick, but I have not yet been able to find the proper documentation. I believe that if we know what these values mean, we should be able to plot these and the values we want in a personal graph, fill the found preferences in in the registry and have each our own ideal acceleration curve/flat line. IMHO it shouldn't even be too hard to create a GUI utility that would change these registry values for us.
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