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Windows 7: XBCD drivers for Xbox 360 gamepad

09 Mar 2010   #51

windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 x64

YES dont worry disregard my last post i found out i didnt replace it on pad 1 and i found my number through device manager now i can enjoy project 64 and resident evil 5 THANKS MAN now just to get that watermark...

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09 Mar 2010   #52

windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 x64

ok now that it seems to read all buttons i have one small problem it seems to read select as start... i think i have to edit gamepad settings in the launcher ill get back to ya on this...
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09 Mar 2010   #53

windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 x64

ok editing in the launcher was a bad idea and gotta reinstall im gonna try to match the launchers one with the xbce file but if this doesnt work im gonna have to find someone else to help me get this working
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09 Mar 2010   #54

windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 x64

yeh a few buttons seem to work but other than that the configurations are all over the place back seems to be start and i cant even fire a weapon although i can draw it out
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09 Mar 2010   #55

windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 x64

ok i got the game to read the triggers now i have one major problem my gun auto fires like its being slided on or something and this is the last thing thats beating me i finally got the controls working and changed and im being beaten by this damn auto fire thing how do i set the triggers as buttons?
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09 Mar 2010   #56

windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 x64

never mind guys i got the triggers as buttons through setup utility and whats better is that project 64 works with the triggers as buttons function too and doesn't need to load the separate triggers although that was already loaded so now i can press both triggers if want on project and play resident evil 5

thanks for your help guys
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13 Mar 2010   #57

windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1 x64
broken link

hey mate just to let you know link is broken again it might help to keep it permanently up for some reason just keeps breaking
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14 Mar 2010   #58
squall leonhart

Windows 7

the Xtemu download link is always the same.
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21 Mar 2010   #59

Windows 7

Hello, I followed Zorlac's instructions to the T, but I still can not get the rumble feature to work!
I think my problem may be that I am using a WIRELESS 360 controller and this was written for a WIRED controller. But here's what I'm getting stuck at in case that's not the issue:
I got all the way up to going into the device manager to change the driver but I can't find "Microsoft Common Controller For Windows Class" anywhere (likely because I'm using the wireless controller) so I went into Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers

I tried updating the driver for both the controller and the receiver but XBDC doesn't show up under either of them.

I tried launching x360ce and this is what I see

Notice that under the third tab (second pic) it says "Force Feedback: NO"

How do I fix this!!!!
I'm running Windows 7 Build 7600
My System SpecsSystem Spec
21 Mar 2010   #60
squall leonhart

Windows 7

Device support includes

;Wired Controllers
;Xbox Controllers
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_044F&PID_0F07        ; Thrustmaster Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_045E&PID_0202        ; Microsoft Xbox Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_045E&PID_0285        ; Microsoft Xbox Controller S 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_045E&PID_0287        ; Microsoft Xbox Controller S 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_045E&PID_0289        ; Microsoft Xbox Controller S 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_046D&PID_CA88        ; Logitech Thunderpad 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_046D&PID_CA84        ; Logitech Cordless Precision 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_05FE&PID_3030        ; Chic Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_05FE&PID_3031        ; Chic Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_06A3&PID_0201        ; Saitek Adrenalin 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4516        ; MadCatz 4516 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4520        ; MadCatz Control Pad Pro 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4526        ; MadCatz 4526 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4536        ; MadCatz Microcon Xbox Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4556        ; MadCatz Lynx Wireless Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4588        ; MadCatz Blaster 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0C12&PID_0005        ; Intec wireless 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0C12&PID_8801        ; Nyko Xbox Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0C12&PID_8802        ; Nyko Air Flow 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0E4C&PID_3510        ; Radica Gamester 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0E6F&PID_0008        ; After Glow Pro Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0F30&PID_0202        ; Big Ben XS Xbox Controller 
%XBCD.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_FFFF&PID_FFFF        ; PowerWave Xbox Controller 

;Xbox Steering Wheels
%XBCD_Wheel.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_0E8F&PID_0201        ; Gamexpert PS2/GC/Xbox Steering Wheel 
%XBCD_Wheel.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_044F&PID_0F00        ; Thrustmaster Wheel 
%XBCD_Wheel.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_044F&PID_0F03        ; Thrustmaster Wheel 
%XBCD_Wheel.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_044F&PID_0F10        ; Thrustmaster Modena GT 
%XBCD_Wheel.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_062A&PID_0033        ; Competition Pro Steering Wheel 
%XBCD_Wheel.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_06A3&PID_0200        ; Saitek Racingwheel 

;Foot Pads for Xbox/360
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_12AB&PID_0004        ; Konami DDR Pad 
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_12AB&PID_8809        ; Konami DDR Pad 
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4540        ; MadCatz Beat Pad (w/ Handle) 
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_45FF        ; MadCatz Beat Pad (w/ Handle) 
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4740        ; MadCatz Beat Pad 360 
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4743        ; MadCatz Beat Pad Pro 
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_6040        ; MadCatz Beat Pad Pro 
%XBCD_DDR.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0C12&PID_8809        ; RedOctane Ignition Pad 

;Xbox 360 Controllers
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_045E&PID_028E        ; Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_046D&PID_C242        ; Logitech Chillstream 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_162E&PID_BEEF        ; Joytech SE for 360 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0E6F&PID_0201        ; Pelican XSZ Wired Controller (Model #PL-3601) 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4716        ; Madcatz Xbox 360 Controller 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4718        ; MadCatz Street Fighter IV Fight Stick 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4726        ; MadCatz Pro for Xbox 360 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4728        ; MadCatz Street Fighter IV 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4736        ; MadCatz 360 MicroCon 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_4738        ; MadCatz Arcade Gamestick (Street Fighter IV Fightstick TE)
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0738&PID_BEEF        ; Joytech NEO Se Advanced
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0F0D&PID_000A        ; HORI DOA4 Stick 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0F0D&PID_000C        ; HORI Pad EX Turbo 
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_0F0D&PID_000D        ; HORI EX2 Fighter Stick
%XBCD_360.DeviceDesc%            =Install,        USB\VID_1BAD&PID_F016        ; Mad Catz Xbox 360 GamePad

;Xbox 360 Steering Wheels
%XBCD_360_Wheel.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_046D&PID_CAA3        ; Logitech DriveFX Wheel 

;Foot Pads for Xbox 360
;%XBCD_360_DDR.DeviceDesc%        =Install,        USB\VID_????&PID_????        ; (NAME)

;Xbox 360 Guitar Controller
%XBCD_360_Guitar.DeviceDesc%        =Install,         USB\VID_1430&PID_4748         ; RedOctane X-plorer Guitar
; Currently unsupported
; ------------------------------------
;Wireless Controllers
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 XBCD drivers for Xbox 360 gamepad

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