re-install windows 7

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    windows 7 home premium 64

    re-install windows 7

    hey gang, i just got a new samsung r580. cant stand the bloatware they put on it.. if i get an oem win 7 home premium disc, will i be able to re-install it on there and activate with the code i have on my laptop?
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    You might want to give PC Decrapifier a try first. It can get rid of a lot of the bloatware. Works with XP, Vista and Win 7.
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    Use the key off the laptop sticker.

    It is possible to use the key off the laptop HD together with the activation cert - but is more complicated.

    sic0 said:
    hey gang, i just got a new samsung r580. cant stand the bloatware they put on it.. if i get an oem win 7 home premium disc, will i be able to re-install it on there and activate with the code i have on my laptop?
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    windows 7 home premium 64
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    excellent. i dont mind... even if i have to call them to activate it. the way i see it, i paid for the license, i should be able to have a clean install.

    i'll give decrapifier a try though, maybe that'll do it
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    I'd just start fresh with a clean install. As long as you have a valid key and a Windows 7 DVD, your fine. A ROBO call to Microsoft maybe needed.

    Dump the recovery partition while your at it.

    Prep a Drive for Installation
    Clean Install Windows 7
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    W 7 64-bit Ultimate

    Hello sic0, welcome to Seven Forums!

    You could use the tutorial at the link below to unlock the "all version" installer of any Windows 7 version you have though your activation key will only work for H Premium.

    Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create
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    Getting a Perfect Clean Reinstall of Factory OEM

    Many tech enthusiasts find a clean-copy DVD of their OS version and reinstall using the OEM Product Key on the COA sticker on machine. Any retail installer can also have all versions unlocked by extracting the ISO using ImgBurn, then run the ei.cfg removal tool, burn an all-versions DVD or write ISO to flash stick using this tool.

    Back up your files externally, make your Recovery Disks so you have a path back to factory condition, or save a Backup Image of the entire HD first. Run an audit of installed hardware and software including keys using Belarc Advisor. Gather your program installers.

    Boot the Windows 7 installer, choose Custom Install, then Drive Options (Advanced) to Delete all partitions not needed, following illustrated steps given here: Clean Install Windows 7.

    The installer is mostly driver-complete, with newer arriving quickly via optional Windows Updates. Just in case, have your Wireless driver on flash stick or CD so you can install it and get online quickly. Then enable hardware driver auto-updating and check for optional Updates repeatedly.

    Any drivers still missing in Device Manager can be found on the Support Downloads webpage for your model computer or device. Driver Install - Device Manager

    Install updates and then programs slowly over time to gauge performance changes after each. Don't let any programs besides AV and gadgets write themselves into msconfig>Startup as they slow startup, become freeloaders on your RAM/CPU and can spy on you. Startup Programs - Change

    Use a lightweight free AV like MS Security Essentials which works perfectly with Windows 7 Firewall.

    When it is finished, clean and order the HD perfectly using state-of-the-art free CCleaner Disk and Registry tabs, then Puran boot-time defragger + full Disk Check after adding Intelligent Optimizer on Additional Operations tab:
    CCleaner - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

    Finally save a Windows 7 Backup image externally so you never have to reinstall again, just reimage the HD (or replacement) using DVD/Repair CD with the stored image. Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

    Special note to HP owners: HP Recovery will now do a Minimized OS Reimage when booting from F11 which retains only the OS, Recovery Manager, HP Support Ass't, and HP Wireless LAN. This is as close to a clean reinstall as you can get without using a retail DVD with COA key. If you clean reinstall only to C and leave all other partitions intact, F11 Recovery will still work later if you need it. You can extract HP apps and utilities from Recov Disks using this: Extract HP 3rd Party Software from RecovCD. Backup C:SWsetup and C:Windows/System32/Drivers to browse after install for any missing drivers or software.
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    Windows 7 home premium 32 bit

    Good grief. I don't understand half of what you said. I did the custom install, which I understood would wipe everything out. Now I wonder if I've corrupted everything and will now find the upgrade DVD won't work. I hate to think I've wasted my money AND ruined my computer. HELP!!
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    I am trying to help you. If you don't understand something, then please ask a question to help me clarify it for you.

    If it is your goal to get the cleanest possible install to overcome possible corruption or infection, then the HD should be wiped prior to reinstall. If you didn't do this you have the option to do it over.

    There is no reason to fear the Upgrade version DVD not working due to possible corruption. It is used to overcome corruption, by a clean reinstall.

    Do you have issues for which you'd like try the clean reinstall? That is my specialty and I will be glad to help you with it.
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    Windows 7 home premium 32 bit

    I want the cleanest install possible. But I simply don't understand how a computer with a hard drive wiped totally clean can be recognized by the upgrade DVD as having had the Vista installed in the first place. Won't it think I'm trying to use the upgrade disk to do a complete install when I'm not entitled to do so?

    I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this computer functioning well. I just don't want to do something that will make it totally unusable unless I throw another $150 to buy a complete version of Windows 7.

    I do have the restore disks I made when I first purchased the computer. Should I do that before I get started trying to clean up my mess, or will that simply be muddying the waters even more?

    I think I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to do anything.... I'm simply too upset at this point to think straight. I've been at this all day, and it seems I'm only making things worse. This all started because the computer started doing odd things, like downloading files and then not allowing me to open them. I was going to do a restore, but figured if I was going to go through that exercise, I might as well upgrade. I was going to have to reinstall all my programs and data anyway.

    I'll look at the instructions to wipe out my hard drive and see if I can bring myself to do it. I'm not all that computer savvy. I can follow clear instructions, but if things don't act like they should, I'm totally sunk.

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