boot from drives and format

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    If you PM me your Teamviewer user ID and PW I will look and see what is going on.

    Get Teamviewer here -> TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

    It's very easy, just download it and run it. Then send me User ID and Password via Private Message.
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    thanks , i know about it.
    i ll give u tomorrow.
    you are online at now.
    i try it now

    try this:
    id is: 380 948 820
    password is: 3696
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    thanks dear. i just restarted my pc.
    but didnt come any message.

    what should i have to do?
    d drive acts now an icon.
    wheather i should run Setup.exe or something else?

    380 948 820

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    thank you sooo muchhhhhhhhhhh sir.
    i m really pleased to you.
    you solved my problem.
    thankssssssss alot.

    can u help me dear? if i want to learn it, i coud'nt remeber whole thing at last night.
    i wat to understand it.
    Last edited by maifs; 27 Aug 2009 at 05:02.
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    hi maifs I'm glad it worked for you :)

    the commands I used are in that text file I saved on your D: drive
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    hello sup3rsprt!
    i have agian facing the problem now.
    please help me.
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    انا آسف. أنا لا أفهم سؤالك.

    can you be a little more specific about your problem? From what i gather for your original post, you are trying to format your hard drive, while installing windows ... from the same hard drive, correct?

    a little more detail on your situation would be of help, to both of us.
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    yes i want to run the setup from my primary hard disk drive D:.
    when system started then a boot option should be come for running it as sup3rsprt did it.
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    Could you post the commands sup3rsprt did - they are in a text file on your D drive.
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    Windows Boot Manager
    identifier {bootmgr}
    description Windows Boot Manager
    locale en-US
    inherit {globalsettings}
    default {default}
    displayorder {default}
    toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
    timeout 30
    Windows Boot Loader
    identifier {default}
    device ramdisk=[boot]\sources\boot.wim,{7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f}
    path \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe
    description Windows Setup
    locale en-US
    inherit {bootloadersettings}
    osdevice ramdisk=[boot]\sources\boot.wim,{7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f}
    systemroot \windows
    detecthal Yes
    winpe Yes
    ems Yes
    bcdedit /create /d "Windows 7 Setup" /application osloader
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} device ramdisk=[d:]\sources\boot.wim,{7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f}
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} path \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} inherit {bootloadersettings}
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} osdevice ramdisk=[d:]\sources\boot.wim,{7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f}
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} systemroot \windows
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} detecthal YES
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} winpe YES
    bcdedit /set {0cfde816-5060-11de-9aa1-96570576f263} ems YES
    Windows Memory Tester
    identifier {memdiag}
    device boot
    path \boot\memtest.exe
    description Windows Memory Diagnostic
    locale en-US
    inherit {globalsettings}
    EMS Settings
    identifier {emssettings}
    bootems Yes
    Debugger Settings
    identifier {dbgsettings}
    debugtype Serial
    debugport 1
    baudrate 115200
    Global Settings
    identifier {globalsettings}
    inherit {dbgsettings}
    Boot Loader Settings
    identifier {bootloadersettings}
    inherit {globalsettings}
    Inherited Settings (20200003)
    identifier {7ff607e0-4395-11db-b0de-0800200c9a66}
    description Hypervisor Settings
    custom:250000f3 0
    custom:250000f4 1
    custom:250000f5 115200
    Device options
    identifier {7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f}
    ramdisksdidevice boot
    ramdisksdipath \boot\boot.sdi
    bcdedit /create {7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f} /device /d "Placeholder"
    bcdedit /set {7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f} ramdisksdidevice partition=d:
    bcdedit /set {7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f} ramdisksdipath \boot\boot.sdi
    bcdedit /deletevalue {7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f} description
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