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    Windows 7 Professional (64bit)

    lm just curious, there arent any updates that are version specific? you see l'll be downloading the updates on my laptop which has win7 home on but l will be slipstreaming the updates for use with win7 pro.

    that said, are there any updates l should miss? ld glanced at this thread but not read it properly and seen some mentions of updates that might not like to be slipstreamed.

    on another point, just so l understand this right, l have to copy the content of the entire cd to my hard drive then point the program to the directory its stored in and it will rebuild the disk from scratch? so l could just extract the content of a downloaded iso (from digital river so l have a SP1 version) then just follow the instructions.
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    Don't worry, if they can't be slipstreamed, dism will skip them. You will get messages, that is normal.
    so l could just extract the content of a downloaded iso (from digital river so l have a SP1 version) then just follow the instructions.
    Yes, that is the best way to do it.
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    Windows 7 Professional (64bit)

    on another note, with my new ISO which has now been created (just finished compiling the slipstreamed files) can l just follow the instructions at the beginning of the thread to add further updates by extracting the already slipstreamed iso then adding further updates? (lm assuming it may skip updates already added) or would it be simpler to just start from scratch again?
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    Yes, you can use the same install.wim to add extra updates.
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    Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

    Kari said:
    Golden said:
    Thanks SIW. Im planning a clean install, so will test this over the weekend.

    Question : can I use an ISO instead of DVD in step 1?
    Golden, mount the ISO as a virtual CD/DVD and copy that, or extract it to a folder using for instance 7-Zip.

    Hi there

    I ran this on Windows 8.1 as it has built in ISO / Virtual DVD mounter.

    Also runs mega faster as you only have to burn the ISO at the end -- in any case will do it on to a USB stick.

    Will try installing the whole kybosh in a VM first -- that will install from a Software ISO on HDD.

    (For some things W8.1 has its uses !!).

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    Windows 8 Home Premium 32 bit / Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

    I really would appreciate some help: I tried to get through the process, but after a failed attempt I went back to the start point and realized I had a C:\UPDATE7v5 folder sitting around containing a "mount" folder which replicates the folder structure of a Windows system I tried to delete the folder to copy the contents of the zip file later directly in C:\, but the C:\UPDATE7v5\mount folder is not going away no matter what (meanwhile I rebooted the system many times) I tried to delete the files with the rd command from an elevated prompt without any result, I don't have any restore point prior to the problem and I can't "refresh" the system because I don't have enough free space (I'm using a keyboardable tablet with 40GB hard drive space) I would try to boot a Linux liveUSB and delete the data, but it wouldn't be the easiest solution to boot a Linux system on this tablet... does anyone have some other option to delete the C:\UPDATE7v5\mount folder? the DISM command suggested in the beginning of the thread gives error:50 also, I split the text in many paragraphs but it appears as continuous text, so sorry for the wall of text...
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    You may need to use dism to remount it, then unmount /discard followed by /cleanup-wim
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    win 7 64


    I have integrated all updates from 2014-09-09 into my ultimate win7 folder and created iso which I have installed on my lenovo laptop.
    After that I ran windows update which saying that I had to install 1 update that I could not see KB number of.
    I installed and booted.
    Ran windows update and found 18 more updates.
    Installed those and boot.
    Found 3 more updates, installed and booted.

    The last 21 updates can I download them myself from somewhere and then integrate with this great tool from SIW2?

    If yes do I then just download them into a new folder somewhere and point to this folder in siw2 tool?
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    Depends what they are. If they are .msu files, then you can almost certainly do so.You would need to put them in a folder the tool will look for. It looks for the folders created by WUD.

    If there are one or two that can't be integrated, it won't do any harm, because dism will just tell you cannot be integrated.

    It is most likely they are net framework 4.0 followed by lots of net framework 4 updates. Those can not be integrated and are a waste of time.

    It is better to google net frame 4.5.3 slim installer. You can run that as an exe file after installing. It is all in one, and supersedes net frame 4.0.
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    win 7 64

    Hi thanks..
    maybe I can skip all framework updates 3 and 4 and just use net frame 4.5.3 instead?
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