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Windows 7: I upgraded from Vista to Win 7 with upgrade disk, Now a problem

01 Jul 2013   #11
Microsoft MVP


PC Matic is joke TV crapware. AVG hasn't been favored by techies for about 10 years. What's recommended and works best is in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 based on countless thousands of installs we've helped with here since before Win7 was still in beta.

You'll use the Product Key on the COA sticker which came in the Win7 Upgrade packaging. When you reinstall boot the installer and it will see an OS on the HD to allow use of Upgrade verison key during install - even though you should then go on to delete all partitions to create New one(s) as shown in Step 7 of Clean Install Windows 7.

If you wipe the HD or use another or new HD and no OS is seen by the installer then leave the Product Key blank during install and after install do the quick workaround in Option 3 of Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version to activate Win7 Upgrade on a new or wiped HD.

You do not have Win7 without SP1. These are like a car overhaul: they become the engine.

You don't need to mess with your modem or router at all. Just put your wireless driver in your backup so that if Win7 doesn't provide its driver during install you can install it yourself, connect to your network from bottom-right System Tray connection icon (or rightclick it to run Troubleshooter to find out why not), get online to run all rounds of Important and Optional Windows Updates which will provide almost all other drivers as well as important performance and security updates.

You can also plug in by wire and have a greater likelihood of being online after install, have the wireless driver come in on Updates. About 50% of wireless drivers are in the installer, while about 70% of ethernet drivers are. You'll know if the installer asks you information about your network if it's going to start up connected. Otherwise install the driver yourself first thing to run your Updates. You can set up your desktop while the Updates are running. After required reboots come right back to run Windows Updates again until exhausted.

You can find your wireless driver on the Dell Support Downloads webpage for your tag number, which is where you'll get any drivers still missing in Device Manager after all Updates are done.

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15 Aug 2013   #12

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

Ok, I have totally messed up my computer and had to upgrade to Professional. Not a big deal, but I want not to screw up again blindly uninstalling programs in the step that says "uninstall programs you do not use" step 3 of "Clean up Factory Bloatware, windows 7 help Forums"

I just downloaded all the security updates to my Win Home Premium installation on my Virtual Machine. It is attachment 1.

The following three attachments are what is in my PC Programs and Features section on the PC itself. Could someone tell me what I can uninstall safely. Like, I do not know if I need Adobe Air and the Adobe programs except for the Adobe Reader, which, I think, lets me read PDF files.

The C++ programs I have no Idea where they came from unless they were required when I was using doing Programming for Android and had the CG??? program on here to write Linux scripts.

Java, blows me away, I have no Idea what Java I need for every day use. When I was scripting for Android, I had to use an older version of it, so no idea which one to keep or get rid of.

I do not use Windows Live, so I guess I could uninstall that.

I uninstalled AVG and PC Matic and use the recommended MS Security Essentials with the Windows Firewall.
Actually I can not uninstall PC Matic because some file is missing, I am tempted to just delete the folder in x64.

I do not have a recovery disk, or any disk at all. A program Something Shield blocked my DVD/CD drive and now it does not work. It is uninstalled now but the drive does not work. [Most likes I screwed up uninstalling it before finding out how to unblock it]

I know I would consider this request a pain in the ass, were it not me, but what can I uninstall.

As far as downloading the ISO, I use Hughes Net, so it is mission impossible downloading a 3 gig file. I will take the PC to local shop to have it installed clean after Quicken Beta Testing. Or as soon as I screw up again and the computer freezes because I uninstall something I should not have.


Attached Thumbnails
I upgraded from Vista to Win 7 with upgrade disk, Now a problem-1.-homepremimumonvm.png   I upgraded from Vista to Win 7 with upgrade disk, Now a problem-professionalonmachine1.png   I upgraded from Vista to Win 7 with upgrade disk, Now a problem-professionalonmach2.png   I upgraded from Vista to Win 7 with upgrade disk, Now a problem-professonial-pc3.png  
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15 Aug 2013   #13
Microsoft MVP


What do you mean you "had to Upgrade to Professional?" Why and how?

Upgrade within Win7 is done only by Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to which only unlocks the few extra features in the exact same OS so has no bearing on performance problems.

Unless you specifically need one of those features it is a waste of an expensive OS since you already own Home Premium on the PC.

Since you couldn't have upgraded from Home Premium to Professional, you must have clean reinstalled in which case none of these other issues would be there. So perhaps first its best to clarify exactly what you've done and why because what you have said makes no sense.
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16 Aug 2013   #14

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

Why and How
I Uninstalled many, many programs in Programs and Features of the Control Panel. Then I went thorough Program Files and Program Files (x86) and deleted any folders that were associated with the Uninstalled programs.

In the following days the Beta of Quicken 2014 running in a VM started locking up. Could not Control Alt Del out of it, so I pulled the plug. Then the VM locked up, pulled the plug, then the VM would not boot up at all and the PC locked up, I pulled the plug. After that the PC would boot up, but when I clicked on any Icon all that happened was the spinning wheel for a while, then nothing.

After many boots into safe mode, I finally got PC to boot up and work almost like normal, but I figured this might be the last time. I debated with myself about what to do and went into Control Panel looking for some help on recovery. When I saw the Any Time Update, I jumped on it. I read about it, and decided it would be cheaper to pay $89.95 to upgrade than taking the PC to the shop. I bought it, Microsoft took control of the PC and installed Professional.

That fixed what ever I had broken. The VM worked again, Quicken did not crash, and I had all my original files were in tact [the ones I did not Uninstall or delete].

My daughter has been bugging me for years to get her childhood VHS tapes converted to digital. So I boxed them up and sent them off to be put on CD's, thinking I could copy them onto My Computer and make copies for other family members that wanted them. I used Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert them. On the final step of the conversion of the first disk, PC Matic's Super Shield Blocked Daniusoft for some reason, and I could not convert any more or find out how to undo the block. Now sometimes the CD player works and sometimes it does not, even after all PC Matic is wiped from the PC.

My Daniusoft program will not boot anymore. I figured, I should just uninstall it and re-install it. But now it is changed to Aimersoft and I am in a contest with them about the licence from the old program working on the new program, so it still does not work until that is resolved.

I was able to make a recovery CD yesterday for the Win 7 Professional. I do not know what to do with it, but I have it and since it has a Boot folder, I assume it will Boot.

Everything about the PC is faster, cleaner, more robust now and I want to know what programs I have on here that can be eliminated.
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16 Aug 2013   #15
Microsoft MVP


There is nothing about unlocking the few extra expensive features in Professional that could have affected performance. You still have the exact same OS in its exact same condition. It was not reinstalled or even touched except to unlock those features. Did you really need them? Compare Windows 7 Editions - Windows 7 Forums

I avoid telling users which programs to uninstall because it's rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, as useless as Anytime Upgrading to work in the direction of a perfect install since any factory preinstalled Win7 is the worst possible install of Win7 you can have by definition. That's why no tech enthusiast would run such an install but instead get and keep a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which I advised you to do in July and was ignored.

Only you know which programs you use or can do without. If you don't then open and study them to see if it's something you use or want. Then there are other steps if you're going to settle to Clean Up Factory Bloatwareto try to mitigate the bloatware's impact on Win7 performance. At best you'll still have the worst possible install of Win7 one can have.
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16 Aug 2013   #16

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

I am sorry that you feel I ignored your clean install. In fact I purchased an external hard drive and have all my "stuff" on it for re-install on the Clean Install, when I am ready to do that. I just want to wait until after Beta testing Oct 1.

In addition I have been reading and testing all the links you have provided me. To you, it may seem simple to do, to me it is daunting. All I really have to do is download a copy of the program ISO and do it. But, I have Hughes Net Satellite as an ISP and downloading a 3 gig file would severely deplete my monthly download allowance. I tried the other day, and my "up To" download speed was to slow to complete in allotted time for the 15 Gig a month I get to use from 2 AM to 8 AM.

I plan on having my daughter go to the local library with her Mac and download the ISO onto a stick and then making a Disk from that. The Library has free WIFI and way faster speeds that we get here.

As far as Any Time Upgrade not being able to do more than unlock features for the next level up go. All I can think of is that the Windows Home Premium Disk I purchased to convert from Vista, did not have the entirety of what a real Install disk would have on it. All I know is the computer did not work, now it does. And a lot better thanks to your advice.

I do need Professional BTW because Home Premium does not have the capability to Remotely connect. I have found work abounds, but they are cumbersome, because of the lag of my Satellite ISP.

Thanks for your help. I will post about the clean install, when I get it done.
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16 Aug 2013   #17
Microsoft MVP


Ask back any questions you have to get it done correctly.

Had you asked we could have recommended TeamViewer which is infinitely better and more reliable that Remote Disconnect.
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16 Aug 2013   #18

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

One needs to be smart enough to ask for an answer to a question he does not know.
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16 Aug 2013   #19
Microsoft MVP


If in the interim from July since we last heard from you it had been brought up at all that you were considering spending $90 on Anytime Upgrade, we would have helped you do the feature analysis and pointed you to TeamViewer since it's the only apparent reason you wasted the money.

We can be relied upon to help with those kinds of things because we deal with them every day here since before Win7 was released. So don't hesitate to ask.
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17 Aug 2013   #20

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

Well Grocker, I had to bust down the back door, go down the hall, into kitchen, down to cellar and out the cellar window, but I have a clean install now.

I went to local library with my daughters laptop. Said it would take 6 hrs to down load the file. I cancelled. Went home took my Windows 7 Home Premium x64 disk and stuck it in and chose Custom. It took forever, but finally booted up into Windows 7 Home Premium, no updates at all.

I checked the Programs and Features and it said there were no programs installed on this computer. I think that qualifies as a clean install.

I downloaded Chrome, my browser of choice.

I installed Greenshot, my favorite screen capture tool.

I installed Microsoft Security Essentials and downloaded the definitions.

Then I registered with the number that came with the CD, surprisingly it worked. Then I went to anytime upgrade and chose I have a Product Key to get Professional. I entered the Key, and now she is to the point of downloading 99 updates. Do not know how long that will take, but I will keep you posted. Wont be long until I have a clean install with Win 7 Pro and all the updates.

Then I will install Quicken Beta, and get the Data folder into Documents.

I will check it out and make sure all is well.

Then I have questions for you.

Like, can I custom Install Microsoft Office with just Excel from an old CD I have? I am sure I will need Adobe Reader, then I have to go find 7zip and a few other little programs I use.

Then I want to do an ISO of just this basic setup. I used Norton Ghost for XP to do this. What can I use in Win 7?

My System SpecsSystem Spec

 I upgraded from Vista to Win 7 with upgrade disk, Now a problem

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