Dual Boot Windows 7 & XP on 2 separate drives on Acer laptop

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    With separate HD's it's best to install each OS with the other HD unplugged, then boot via the BIOS boot order or one-time BIOS boot menu key. This avoids problems with the Win7 boot files being put on XP where it is installed first and Win7 second to configure a Windows Dual Boot menu, requiring repairs to remove the XP HD. Or if you install XP second it will steal the boot from Win7 if it is on the same HD or its HD is plugged in when installing to a second HD. Keeping the other HD unplugged or disabled in BIOS setup avoids these problems.

    Later if you don't like booting XP using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu key, you can install EasyBCD to Win7 to add XP to a Dual Boot menu, but since the boot files are already safely on each OS capable of booting itself, each drive can be removed without repairing the other.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    Did you even read SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD before assuming it's above your head? If you need help finding the drivers we can help you. Check the Acer support page for your model first, for XP drivers. If none determine the chipset by running Belarc Advisor
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    As for the F2 - Sata Mode - AHCI instructions, when I got into that, the setting was aready AHCI.
    Select that entry and press ENTER. What possible other possible values have you there? You can set it to "IDE" or "legacy mode"?

    Do you have "win7 system repair disc"? If not create it please, you need it later in the process. System Repair Disc - Create

    I alreayd found the correct WINXP sata drivers btw. I'll post them later in the process.
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    Good morning everyone. I have gone through the link you gave me Greg with instructions for slipstreaming and they look very easy to follow. It wasn't slipstreaming that I was doubting myself with. It was your talk of Sata Controller Drivers, and Chipset Configuration if Drivers cannot be found that had me scared. I went to the Acer Driver site and did a Search for Drivers and that site had them. What looked like a problem was that it seemed to me to require XP Pro to already be on my laptop and it would scan my laptop and install them as needed. I understood your post to say that I needed to find the drivers, download them into some kind of file as individual/separate files so that at the appropriate time during the nLite slipstreaming process I would point nLite to the right place. Thankfully, Kaktussoft has found the correct drivers and is willing to help me with this slipstreaming. Just in case some of those drivers might be incorrect I ran BelArc Advisor and have a profile of my laptop but I don't know what to use Snip Tool to show what the Chipset is. There's alot of stuff in that profile and I don't know what is the info you might need to determine what the Chipset is.

    I did the System Recovery disc for Windows 7 64 bit as Kaktussoft said and have downloaded nLite and think I am ready to begin the slipstreaming process though there is some confusion on my end regarding relevant/necessary "runtimes" asking after .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 (x86 or x64). I believe the x64 is what pertains to me as I have a 64 bit version and x86 refers to 32 bit version. But I'm not sure if I need to download that or not. Past that it starts asking for Windows Installer 3.1 though from the list, only version 4.5 is a link that I can click but again, I'm not sure it's relevant/necessary. A little advice here will be most welcome.

    I went into the F2 Bios and "IDE" is also available but for the time being I left it at AHCI. As well Greg, said that physically unplugging the drive I want Windows 7 on while installing XP Pro/SP 3 and vice versa. I have my crowbar, universal screwdriver, hammer, crescent wrenches ready to take this puppy apart though if at all possible I would prefer to use Greg's suggestion that disabling them in Bios so long as the result would be the same.

    Anywho..... what do I need to do next? I'm ready to get 'er done with your help.
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    If you're not familar with how to remove a HD from your laptop, you can google a video to see how by model + replace remove Hard Drive or disassemble. Otherwise enter BIOS setup to see if you can easily disable a drive - sometimes they are listed by serial which if googled will give you the make/model/specs.

    You can also leave both HD's plugged in but install in order of XP first then WIn7 to allow Win7 to configure a Dual Boot menu as it will when installed last. The only problem is that it will place the boot files for both on XP so if you ever want to remove XP you'll need to Mark Win7 Partition Active first to run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times

    You can print the Belarc Advisor to file using XPS Document writer, then attach it with paper clip in reply box and we'll help you find your chipset if needed.
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    Good morning, Greg. How are you today? I am eager to do this. First thing this morning I did the System Recovery Disc for windows 7 but since burning that to a DVD, I have had 56 more Windows Automatic Updates. Does that mean I should do another System Recovery Disk?
    As well, while I've been waiting for your and Kaktussoft's help today, in a moment of bravery, I took off the bottom panels on my laptop and practiced removing the two hard drives. One drive is under a much larger panel which includes I presume motherboard and cooling fan and a bunch of other stuff. This I presume is the C: drive because the second hard drive is all alone in it's own little compartment next door. It makes sense to me that C: would be with all the important stuff and D: would be the one alone. So I'm totally on board with doing what needs doing with Hard Drives pulled.

    I just need to know what to do. Kaktussoft found all the drivers but I don't know where or how he has "obtained" them. Do you want to help me with the drivers and the slipstreaming of my XP PRO/SP3 disc next?

    I tried to attach the BelArc summary but it has a .XPS extension and that is not one that can be uploaded to attach to this post. What else can I try to show this to you?
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    If it requires removing your mobo along with a lot of other parts I would not remove that HDD as it is extremely risky with a laptop involving hundreds of parts which are easily broken or wrongly reassembled. I only do this with laptops which would otherwise go in the trash, and have never had it go without problems.

    Just attempt to disable the other HDD in BIOS and if that fails install XP first and WIn7 second with both plugged in.

    Whether to make another Recovery disk is up to you. It wouldn't hurt to have a second so you could make the less complete one be backup. It's extremely rare anyone wants to go back to the factory bloatware.

    For the slipstream you want the XP AHCI and/or SATA drivers added to the image, that's all. If it clearly provides AHCI then for install use that mode in BIOS under SATA controller. It seems you already have the drivers so don't need to know the chipset now. But for the level of expertise required to slipstream, one should now their chipset.
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    Is it winxp 32 bits english? Please confirm. Then I'll post the drivers
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bits 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

    Here are winxp 32bits drivers for Aspire 8730 . most important for now is the AHCI one (the first in list). It has a folder called "f6flpy32" in it. that folder you you need for winxp 32bits

    CategorieFabrikantOmschrijvingVersieGrootteDatumAHCIIntelStuurprogramma voor SATA AHCI8.2.0.100127.3 MB2009/01/15Downloaden AudioRealtekStuurprogramma voor audio5.10.0.570455.3 MB2009/01/15Downloaden BluetoothBroadcomStuurprogramma voor Bluetooth5.1.0.450097.0 MB2009/01/15Downloaden CIRNuvotonStuurprogramma voor infra-rood (CIR) MB2009/01/15Downloaden CameraChiconyStuurprogramma voor camera5.8.33.4029.0 MB2009/08/21Downloaden CameraSuyinStuurprogramma voor camera Suyin fo 1.0M5.8.48.5019.4 MB2009/08/21Downloaden CameraSuyinStuurprogramma voor camera Suyin for 0.3M5.8.33.5018.5 MB2009/08/21Downloaden CameraSuyinStuurprogramma voor camera5.8.48.5016.6 MB2009/01/15Downloaden CardReaderRealtekStuurprogramma voor Card Reader3. MB2009/01/15Downloaden ChipsetIntelStuurprogramma voor chipset8.7.0.10072.1 MB2009/01/15Downloaden FingerprintUPEKStuurprogramma voor vingerprint-scanner6.2.3998.4 MB2009/07/23Downloaden LanBroadcomStuurprogramma voor LAN10. MB2009/01/15Downloaden ModemliteonStuurprogramma voor modem7. MB2009/01/15Downloaden TV TunerliteonStuurprogramma voor TV Tuner3. MB2009/01/15Downloaden TouchPadSynapticsStuurprogramma voor touchpad13. MB2009/12/16Downloaden VGAATIStuurprogramma voor VGA8.672228.9 MB2009/12/15Downloaden VGAIntelStuurprogramma voor VGA6.14.10.499020.0 MB2009/01/15Downloaden VGANVIDIAStuurprogramma voor VGA6.14.11.792473.7 MB2009/01/15Downloaden Wireless LANAtherosStuurprogramma voor draadloos-netwerk7.6.0.2645.3 MB2009/01/15Downloaden Wireless LANIntelStuurprogramma voor draadloos-netwerk12.0.0.78202.5 MB2009/01/15Downloaden Wireless LANRalinkStuurprogramma voor draadloos-netwerk1.01.05.00003.0 MB2009/01/15Downloaden
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    Unzip the chipset file and browse into it from Nlite which will show you the drivers to choose from.
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    Maybe simpler than slipstreaming. Create an bootable usb stick and let it think usb stick is called A (floppy). put ahci drivers on stick as well

    Installing Windows XP With F6 AHCI/RAID Drivers From DVD Without Floppy Drive

    After that you can install winxp on second harddrive. But it will update the bootcode on win7 disk (unless you detach it or disable in bios). To put back original bootcode:

    run "startup repair" from win7 install dvd or system repair disk. Startup Repair . win7 boots fine again afterwards.

    Later we can move ntldr.exe, boot.ini, ntdetect.exe to winxp partition. And repair that partition bootsector if you want to boot on its own if you want.

    Or we can give instructions how to add winxp to the win7 bootmenu using easybcd

    All info here Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

    No need to detach win7 drive physically from system (of course that's the simplest way to do it. But opening a laptop is not easy for most people).

    @Greg: Correct me if I'm wrong please
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