Your Win7 Install Experience?

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    Your Win7 Install Experience?

    I noticed while installing Win7 it creates a separate 200MB partition for "System features operation", I believe this partition is created for System Restore points which is great for system stability
    What do you guys know about this separate partition it creates?

    I also love the new boot-theme and the install time is rather awesome compared with Vista`s

    How long did your install take?
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro

    Strange, it did not install a separate partition for me with the 32 or 64 bit Windows 7.

    Your Win7 Install Experience?-disk_management.jpg

    They did install pretty smoothly and quick though.
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    8 Pro x64

    The installation of the beta itself was very quick and relatively hassle free (apart from the fact it refused to install until I had reconnected my Vista drive) It was everything else that took forever....

    Unfortunately MS still haven't fixed the "I'm a new OS installation and therefore the ONLY OS that matters. I know there other OS'es there, but watch me break them " mentality.

    I am loving the restart / cold boot times though. Kapow!
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    Windows ME, WIndows XP Media 2005, Mandriva, WIndows 7-64bit

    Well considering I loaded it onto a brand new multimedia system I just built, it was abit of a challange. First I tried the 32bit version disk I had but couldnt never get passed the finialization of the install so finially gave up on that thinking it was a bad disk, and tried the 64bit version. That one did eventually load up ok but now am left with two Windows 7 option when I reset or turn on the system.

    One is the 64bit version and am assuming the other is the 32bit, when I select the 32bit version option it then goes back to wanting to continue the install process even though the disk isnt in the drive anymore, and it failed many times before that anyway. Weird...
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    SEVEN x64

    all my Windows 7 installs were pretty painless, i had to reinstall 6801 after buggering the taskbar, but apart from that....plane sailing

    im not seeing this 200mb partition either..?? W7 is on HDD2

    Your Win7 Install Experience?-tre.jpg

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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]

    Hi Guys,

    the way I understand it the install will only create the 200MB boot partition when installed to a totally clean un-partitioned drive. If there is any previous structure existing on the disk then the install will respect this and just prompt for a location to install to

    Oh and to answer the original question - have done about 10 installs now without any problems
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    Windows ME, WIndows XP Media 2005, Mandriva, WIndows 7-64bit

    Barman58 said:
    Hi Guys,

    the way I understand it the install will only create the 200MB boot partition when installed to a totally clean un-partitioned drive.
    Sounds right as it did add the 200megs to mine as it was a clean install.
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    Vista Ult 64 bit Seven Ult RTM x64

    No 200 meg partition here either. All of my installs have gone pretty smooth. From the boot disk or from within Vista.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64/ Windows Vista Ultimate x64

    No problems here either just had to keep an eye on it when it restarted so I could select the drive from the boot menu so it wouldn't boot vista up.
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    7 X64


    Seems to me that 7 will keep the System partition separate from it's Boot partition.

    Therefore :

    1. If you have a System partition already on the hd, 7 will utilise that and install the o/s files on whichever partition you point it to. Thereby keeping separate System and Boot partitions.

    2. If there is not a System partition already present , 7 will create it's own 200mb one - again keeping System and Boot partitions separate.

    Don't know if there's a way of changing that , except, perhaps using the Command line in System Recovery options to physically move the contents of the System partition to the Boot one. Of course that would need to be set to active.

    I use M$ speak here - System partition is the one containing Bootmgr. Boot partition is the one containing the o/s files, including the bootloader - winload.exe.

    Haven't tried every possible scenario, so can't be 100% certain, but that seems to be the case.

    Hope it helps

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