USB 2.0 Controller Hangs Win7 Install/Boot

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    Windows 7 Professional x86

    USB 2.0 Controller Hangs Win7 Install/Boot

    OK, I had the issue that several people have had with windows hanging at the "Starting Windows" Screen. I discovered that disabling the USB 2.0 Controller in BIOS allowed me to finish the install, and boot into windows normally. I re-enabled the controller and booting into windows hangs at the same place as before...turning it back off fixed it again.

    My problem is that my only disk drive is a USB external drive, and I will probably be doing some file transfers using USB...I need the speed. Installing windows took a LONG time at USB 1.1.

    Flashing to new BIOS and running windows update will be tried today to see if that will solve the issue but I wanted to post to see if anyone had some ideas that I hadn't thought of.

    System Info:
    Win7 x86 Pro from MSDN, burned with USB/DVD tool provided by Microsoft
    Pegatron IPX7A-ION Motherboard
    Intel Atom 330
    USB External DVD-ROM/CD-RW Slot Load Drive
    7" Lilliput Touch Screen (VGA)

    Note: I had XP running great before installing Windows 7

    Thanks in advance!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    Definitely update your BIOS, and see if there are any Windows 7 chipset drivers available.
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    Windows 7 Professional x86
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    This has become very frustrating. After wrestling with the BIOS update utility that came with NO instructions (luckily I know how to use command prompt to pass commands), I arrived at "This program must run in MS-DOS mode." I found how to do this in previous versions of windows, but not windows 7. Any suggestions?

    Windows update did nothing to solve the problem.

    The boot hangs on loading disk.sys or classpnp.sys. Disk.sys is the last file to show in the list while booting in safe mode, classpnp.sys is the next file in the queue. So I am not sure if it hangs while loading disk.sys or directly after.

    Any ideas would be awesome, I am about ready to throw XP back on...
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    Are there any chipset drivers available from the motherboard manufacturer?
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    Windows 7 Professional x86
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    After some more trouble shooting, I have narrowed the problem down to my USB hub, my usb external disk drive, or both.

    Windows recognizes the disk drive just fine in USB 1.1. Unplugging the hub and enabling USB 2.0 allows the computer to boot fine. Plugging in the hub after windows boots causes several "This device could perform faster.." messages. I am using a new belkin 7-port usb 2.0 hub.

    I have a...unique...set up so I was hesitant to start unplugging things but decided it was time to. My hub is powered and on a 10ft usb extension. I had to set it up like this because my optical drive (powered only by a single usb port) is far away from my pc and the length of the cord caused too much resistance for the drive to operate properly. Could the 10 ft extension be causing the issue? Be reminded that xp handled it just fine...

    More trouble shooting will be done tomorrow in the daylight.

    Edit: I have downloaded and installed the latest chipset drivers from nvidia. No change in the problem :\
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    Windows 7 Professional x86
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    Update: Definitely has something to do with the USB hub. Windows loads perfectly long as I don't plug in a keyboard or mouse to the hub...weird. The disk drive works fine from the hub, both keyboard and mouse work fine plugged into a port on the computer. Keyboard and mouse also work fine if plugged in AFTER windows loads. The keyboard works fine in BIOS.

    The keyboard and mouse I have been using are not part of a set. They are made by two different manufacturers at two very different times. Both work fine through the hub when used on my main desktop pc, the only difference is that I am using Win7 Pro x64.

    Kinda disturbed that I seem to be the only one that has run into this Thats my luck I guess.

    Any suggestions on solving this issue? I would like to run a keyboard/mouse though this hub at some point.
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    Windows 7 Professional x86
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    Windows 7 64bit

    Your not alone. I have a externally powered Mikomi 7 port hub. Windows hangs if devices plugged in to hub but not if they are plugged into PC USB ports directly.

    This is obviously a HUB win 7 issue as the same hub with the same devices worked without any problem in Vista.

    I have Win 7 64 bit Home Premium...
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    W7 x64

    There are USB devices that simply don't work with W7. I have a card reader that is affected - only answer I found was to buy new hardware (although I expect these types of issue may be resolved by Microsoft whenever SP1 is released...)
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    Windows 7 64bit

    Yeah I had issue with card reader also crashing WMC every few seconds.

    windows 7 wmpshare.exe

    Seems to be sorted up to now...! Roll on SP1 and I guess 2...3 etc
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