How Remove Bad New Win7 Install from Dual install with XP machine?

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    How Remove Bad New Win7 Install from Dual install with XP machine?

    I have an old XP machine.

    An Acer Aspire.

    I put Win7 Ultimate on it but it hasn't taken. Always gives me an error message and asks for the install disk again - which was a USB stick - but when i provide it nothing changes.

    So I need to get it off and start again.

    I have 3 physical disks divided into 4 virtual disks.

    Disk manager describes them like this:

    Disk 0: 20G Fat32 System. That's C drive
    Disk 1: 75G NTFS Active That's D drive
    Disk 2: 98G NTFS Active That's E drive
    135G NTFS Boot That's G drive.

    WinXP is installed on the G: boot drive.

    I had 20G free on the D drive and I just let Win7 find it and install itself there.

    All the advice I find on the web says delete the partition of the Win7 OS you want to remove. Well I don't want to delete that partition because it has gigabytes of data already existing before Win7 installed itself there.

    So how do I go about it?

    Is it simply a matter of deleting the Windows Folder and editing the boot manager text file?

    There was another old XP OS on that drive used before I installed this one on G: and win7 has renamed it windows.old. That's fine. There's also a folder that seems to have been made at the time of this win7 install. That should go too?

    There's also a Program Files folder that doesn't seem to have been made by Win7, because of folder dates. I don't know about it. Is it part of that ancient XP install or is it part of the new Win7 install?

    Either way it can go. I don't need that ancient install, it is just rubbish now.

    What should I do?
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    Post a maximized/resized screen print of Disk Management so all info is displayed using these instructions:
    Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

    I had 20G free on the D drive and I just let Win7 find it and install itself there.
    I'm not sure what that really means, or what would happen installing an OS that way.

    I install Windows into a pre-defined empty partition, or into unallocated space.

    I suggest using WizTree free so you can more easily see all files/folders on a partition.
    It displays hidden and protected files without making any Explorer view changes.
    They have a Portable Zip available, no installation needed.
    Antibody Software - WizTree finds the files and folders using the most disk space on your hard drive

    To me it sounds like your Disk Management is a mess and needs cleanup
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    thanks for your help.

    Here's the screenshot. Hope it helps.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How Remove Bad New Win7 Install from Dual install with XP machine?-snap-2016-07-28-11.21.17.png  
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    You booted XP and it has the G drive letter.
    Is that correct ?

    When you installed Win 7, did you start the Win 7 install from within XP (while XP was running) ?
    When installing an OS it's best to remove all drives except the drive you are installing the OS to.
    Starting an install from within a running OS will cause that OS to not get the drive letter C, as it's already in use when the install is started.

    Can you disconnect the D drive and see if the system will boot and run Windows ?
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    That's right, it boots from G. Into XP. After choosing 'old system' off the dos screen list.

    If I disconnect any on of the three drives the system won't run.
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    I don't know what to suggest to clean up your drives/partitions
    You might want to look for a XP support site to help with this.

    Normally i would suggest moving the boot code to the E partition, so only Disk 2 would be needed to boot up.
    But i don't know what attempting that would do with your situation.
    You have 2 Active partitions, a System FAT32 C partition, and the Boot (OS) G partition

    Also, you are very low on free space on E and G.
    Not having enough free space can cause problems.
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    I would start all over having only 1 drive plugged in at a time, as suggested, you`ve got a real mess there.

    Why or what is on C ? It`s such a small drive, not even worth using.
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    Yes starting over is a great idea.

    Disk (0) is 19 gigs. I would not even use such a small disk (drive).
    Disk (1) from what I can see is marginal in size for what you are using it for looking at the free space.
    Disk (2) is looking good. It would be a good place to install Windows 7 using about 100 to 150 gb partition for Windows 7 and programs.

    Just my thoughts.

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