Buying new PC

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    Buying new PC

    I have had a Chillblast Fusion PC since 2009 and its really on its last legs with Windows 7 Ultimate installed. So I spoke with Chillblast after checking with my son, regarding a new PC, Windows 11 home, Gagabyte B660M AX D4 Motherboard, Intel Core i5-12400F CPU, 6 core/12 Threads, 2.5-4.4GHz, Noctura NH-U95 CPU Cooler, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, 1 TB Seagate Firecuda 420 M.2 PCle Gen 4 Solid State Drive (do I need a bit more?) Chillblast 750W 80 Plus Power Supply, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Graphics Card

    We came up with this new build that will enable him to play the odd game or two, but I am not a gamer but may try a bit? and it will have Windows 11 home installed. I have moved most of my data to a WD Hard Drive unit, so very little on the pc other than programs

    My question is, probably asked before, is, if I do a backup of my old W 7 PC can I simply use that to install onto the new W 11 PC or do I need some sort of software. If so whats the best please?

    I had thought of getting someone (IT man) to transfer the old to the new, but there are so many statements that the transfers are not a problem and I just need reassurance if possible and at 81, i'm past my sell by date and not too bright in the IT area.
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    there are a few things to consider.

    1. If you get a cpu with the F suffix, you will always need to use a separate graphics card with any os. There is extra flexibility with a non F cpu.

    If you have a spare license lying around for win7/8/8.1/10 you can use that to activate, instead of buying win11 from chillblast.

    My question is, probably asked before, is, if I do a backup of my old W 7 PC can I simply use that to install onto the new W 11 PC
    2. It is difficult to run win7 correctly on intel 12th gen. Some people have done it, but requires a lot of faffling around and considerable expertise.

    If you want a good pc for yourself to run win7, I suggest 8th gen intel. It is what I am using. It also officially qualifies to run win11 should you wish to at some point in the future. You can get them second hand reasonably now. It is a completely different league from your old chillblast.

    2x8gb ddr4 ram 40-50.
    300 series Motherboard typically 40-70.
    Cpu about 75 for i5 cpu ( 6 core) or 140 for i7-8700 ( 6 core/12 thread)

    You could use your existing case, power supply , etc

    You could also use 9th gen cpu on most 300 series motherboards. There are some modded win 7 igpu ( cpu graphics ) drivers for 9th gen but I haven't tested them.

    You can use your existing win 7 license from the chillblast on the new mobo. Might need to call MS on the freefone number, it is very quick and easy.

    3. If you only want to use the 12th gen and dont want another machine for win7:

    You could do the free "upgrade" from win7 to win10 (Pro) on your chillblast. Transfer that to the 12th gen machine, then do free upgrade to win11 (Pro) . That is because win10 will probably transfer fine to the 12th gen machine whereas you would have a lot of difficulty trying to transfer it as win7.

    That means you wont be using win7
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    Buying a new PC

    Thank you for your reply, but you have completly lost me with the information you have given,

    Are you saying that the suggested hardware will not work well and that I will have problems using the information on my existing W7 PC?

    I do not want to keep windows 7. My old PC is not up to the standard I require and windows 7 or 8 is not needed. I dont understand the hardware costs you have mentioned. I am not looking to buy low cost hardware and dont understand 9th generation.

    Whilst I appreciate your reply and do not wish to seem rude, but the question has not been answered and I would very much like someone to reply who understands the older generation are not 'geek' minded and sometimes very simple in understanding of equipment.

    The existing chillblast PC has worked well since 2009 and just want a better PC, updated with windows 11, that will allow me to use existing excel and word that windows 7 has been using as well as whatever else there is. It seems that you are saying I have a great big problem and hope others can help with a reply that is understandable.
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    You dont have a great big problem.

    Your new 12th gen machine will be fine with win10 or win11. It is not suitable for win7.

    I will have problems using the information on my existing W7 PC?
    I dont understand what that means.

    If you no longer wish to use win7 on your old machine, you could do a free "upgrade" to win10 on the old chillblast machine.

    Theoretically, the "upgrade" should retain your programs and settings.

    You should then be able to transfer the upgraded win10 from the Chillblast to the new machine and it will have your programs and other stuff in it.
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    Thank you. As long as I can transfer enough information to the new Windows 11 home from my old windows 7 to be able to use my previous data, that is all I am concerned with. My question was about suitable programs that I may need.

    Perhaps others can just confirm in simple terms that windows 7 to windows 11 is OK as I dont understand why I need to transfer to windows 10 first and S1W1 is not making this clear and understandable.

    I live in a simple world, so simple answers are needed, it's old age!!!!
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    What do you need to transfer - is it just documents, pictures etc? or do you have programs you need moving?
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