Non-ACPI hardware/BIOS, can I patch acpi.sys or similar to boot Win7?

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    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit

    Non-ACPI hardware/BIOS, can I patch acpi.sys or similar to boot Win7?

    Hi guys, complete newcomer here, so excuse me in advance for any n00bness.

    I'm seeking a way to install Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit on a machine that is currently running successfully Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit.

    The issue is, my setup is absolutely not ACPI-compliant, nor is the BIOS. The BIOS is also not upgradable to address the issue.

    I heard ACPI has been made into a requirement starting with Windows Vista, but I have also heard that acpi.sys can, and maybe even has already been, patched not to require ACPI anymore.

    I have also been told "seek SIW2" and "sevenforums". So here I am. From what I understand, SIW2 has made incredible tools and even provided direct assistance that allowed Win7 to boot into many systems otherwise thought impossible.

    Is this task possible? All I know is that I can mount both install.wim and boot.wim and replace acpi.sys with a patched one in system32/drivers. But my knowledge on Windows install media completely ends there... I am otherwise entirely new to any of this.

    Thank you for reading and considering ways to help!
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    W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring

    please post your comps specs, make/model

    ACPI is the legacy Bios option if your comp was running Vista thats what it will be
    EUFI is the modern version

    note if your comp is only XP then i doubt if your comp will ba able to run Ultimate.... min requirements 3GB Ram

    - - - Updated - - -

    Update should have said >>> IF <<< you could run Vista

    and have a read of this
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    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit
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    Model/Specs is Pentium II with MMX. With ACPI support, these can boot Windows 7, as seen in this video. ACPI is the only known issue for my setup.

    RAM is not an issue, as the required minimum is 512 MB (not 3 GB) and, according to the URL you gave, it can be even less than that for the 32-bit version.
    I have 512 MB RAM, and the Windows 7 installer passes the RAM requirement check when I run it.

    My computer does not run Windows Vista, and trying to install it behaves exactly as it does with Windows 7, which is the following error:

    Status: 0xc0000225

    Info: Windows failed to load because the firmware (BIOS) is not ACPI compatible.
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    W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring

    Hi Dubba,

    there are a couple of workaround Bios tools, that might help...
    this one last updated March
    SeaBIOS - Wikipedia
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    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit
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    Thank you for the SeaBIOS recommendation, Torchwood. Does it contain some form of ACPI emulation for non-ACPI-capable setups?
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    I saw your original post at the "other forum" while doing a search for an answer. I was thinking the same approach to this issue. I also searched Github with the search term "ACPI" and couldn't see anything withen the first three or four pages ordered by most stars that might fit the bill here. But I did find this interesting piece of software for others who might be interested. (I never did trust UEFI. Especially since it has its own built-in network stack).


    For the record and prosperity. If you only have one BIOS chip and manage to hose it over, eBay may have a replacement chip (or cheap motherboard). I'd re-flash it though if I bought a chip there. I do this with phones and routers I buy second hand. i.e., re-flash the firmware.
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    W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring


    sorry but thats my knowledge limit, but i've never had to play around with non acpi set-ups
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    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit
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    Those are interesting links F22 Simpilot, thanks for sharing. Yes, I realize that ACPI is a security abomination and thus should be avoided, although that is also true for a lot more hardware and software commonly present in everyday machines.

    But in any case, it seems that SeaBIOS alone won't be good enough for me, because my hardware itself is not ACPI compatible.

    I researched as many ACPI-related posts from SIW2 I could find, and although I see some patched acpi.sys files, which I tried (both on boot.wim and install.wim), they didn't change anything about the outcome/error message. Not sure if I did some wrong step, or if the modified acpi.sys files I found were not adequate for a situation like mine (which is that the hardware is truly not ACPI-compatible, rather than other ACPI-related problems, such as incorrect BIOS configuration etc.).

    I haven't found discussions on SevenForums yet that addresses Windows 7 booting in non-ACPI hardware... Maybe I just missed it. But right now I'm stuck...
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    Vista x64 / 7 X64
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