Is it possible to install 7 to a gen 12 intel system Nvme

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    Is it possible to install 7 to a gen 12 intel system Nvme

    I'm building a newer system. I still hate win 10.
    I did an ASUS Z97 to a Nvme on the PCIe express adapter A while back. It was so fast I later relented to updating to win 10 Only have the Xp virtual environment taken away, Now that PC, I can no longer use my cad 2000
    The short solution is just keep multiple boot dr
    So can it be done with ASrock Z690 MB and a Samsung 990 Nvme and 12 gen i7 intel cpu
    If there is going to be many driver issues this time it wont be worth the head ache.
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    Asrock mobo might be a problem. MSI and gigabyte apparently doable. Check at win raid forum they do a lot of that kind of thing.
    Canonkong is the guy to ask.

    This poster is obviously running win7 on msi z790 and cant find drivers for the net card. He could just replace it with a cheap card that does have win7 drivers
    Intel I226-v Driver. Can I get drivers for w7? - Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008 - Win-Raid Forum

    Ther are no win7 drivers for intel 12th gen and newer cpu graphics, so a separate graphics card is needed.

    For AMD Ryzen cpu and motherboards by canonkong:

    [Solution] Win 7/Win8.1 x64 Ryzen APU Video driver - Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008 - Win-Raid Forum
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    Thanks for the reply. For the Nvme I will just do 10. But does what you say meen a win 7 ssd HDD wont boot on that system?
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    I dont know. Ask at the win raid forum.
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    Thank you!
    I did visit that Forum, and did find the answers. It is NO ,if one wants such a new system you will have to give up something. Starting with the onboard GPU , A video card was implied to work. But surely there will be more. With such board related incompatibilities , if I wanted a spare boot-able drives from my collection . I have many ! I will not be able to do more than access them as file storage. I expect even then a few problems will exist. I like my old system , if a component like MB dies I wont have a 7 OS any more.
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    It's getting to the point now where Windows 7 is no better than Windows XP or Windows 98se for that matter... Time to move on, but the new OS's now of 10 and 11 are complete crap. I personally run a stripped down version of 10 myself. I wouldn't have it any other way. There are no forced updates, no BS Ads crap in the start menu, none of that BS. I don't know how people put up with that crap. Then again, most people aren't very computer savvy so at the mercy of what "the man" M1(r0d1(k tells you.

    You may be interested in this.

    Then there's this. I don't know if they updated it yet without checking. But they said you want to wait for the update... whenever that happens...



    In my opinion XP was a fine operating system and all Microsoft had to do was refine that and it'd be awesome, but NOPE! They now created three, count them 3 operating systems (8,10 &11) and made them like a repurposed glorified smartphone or tablet App/OS and threw the PC user right out the Windows.
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    This forum and the 10 forums unless those who can keep writing the code for drivers. So we can remain independent. Microsoft will move us to a subscription OS . I have long believed the virus creators were also the solution providers, I don't have to name them we all know the antivirus software. Likewise windows updates are also some of the problem moving you to newer devices. I have a surface pro 7 tablet and only keeping it on the older 10 version does it remain usable . The updated security will disable the WiFi connection if one does the update. ( no solution )

    - - - Updated - - -

    I should have added this, solution buy a surface pro 9 or later.
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