johngalt said:
lol - and how long were you Beta testing Vista again?

I *unofficially* jumped on the Vista bandwagon with Beta 1, and officially jumped on with RC2 (which ended up being RC1 by the time they mailed it to me). After it went final I only installed a total of 5 times in almost 2 years - and part of that was because of virtual machines and part was replacement hardware that forced me into a reinstall.

Thus far, though, I have only installed W7 like 6 times in the last 3 months - changing when new builds came out then changing back, then doing build 7000 32bit then getting the official build 7000 64bit....

With Vista Beta 2 I installed that puppy like 11 times in a single month.....
I Beta tested Vista as I did XP even for as long as I could remember it being possible to do so. lol
I can tell you one thing, they were never as stable as Windows 7. I must have installed 30 versions of Vista. It seemed like there was a new version available every week and I just had to make sure I was up to date. It was almost like I never did anything else but install the op and learn the new features and spend bloody ages getting older software or hardware to work. Windows 7 seems like a walk in the park, I almost wish having the dozens of releases to install (Wonder when we will have the next build?).
Does make you wonder where we will be by the next build release though.

Keep it up Microsoft thats all I can say.