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  1. tmp
    Posts : 17
    Windows 7 build 7600

    How about not using codec packs at all?? There is a plethora of info out there suggesting as much and from experience, I whole heartedly agree. Use ffdshow-tryouts and the 32 and 64 bit editions of haali's media splitter. Gives you all you need without taking over your system.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    I'm almost 50 yrs old and managed to survive more than 10 years of K-Lite crap destroying mine and my friends systems. My computer interests started back with the trs80 color computer and even back then, I was programming. I cant remember the year but i'm guess that it was the late 70's, mayber early 80's.

    If you are capable of figuring out the codec mess, my hat is off to you. I am still working on that. Many people are lazy or just don't have the time, patience and intellect to figure it all out. Eventually you too will find haali and FFDshow doesn't 'do it all' like you profess that it does. Most people will turn to codecpacks. After several years of creating personal packs for myself and sharing them several close friends on the msfn forums (highly technical forums), I let my friends convince me to share my crap with the rest of the planet. Shark007's codecs was born on a cold winter day back on Feb.4, 2006. Here I am 3 1/2 years later with what I believe is about the finest bundle of codecs the planet has ever seen.

    My main focus throughout development was supporting the native windows players. I didnt see the point in installing other players when you were provided with players already. Using my codecs, the windows players will play just about anything. You can even play standalone FLAC in x64 MediaCenter using my releases.

    Enough history of me and the Win7codecs birthplace, I challenge you, try my crap. - Windows 7 Codecs
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  3. Posts : 27
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    What do we need for Windows 7 64bit?

    A little off topic: What files are required for Vista 64bit?
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  4. Posts : 249
    Windows 7 x64

    Shark007, I installed you codecpack and it's very well laid out and it's the closest I've seen to showing .mkv thumbnails in explorer for win7 64bit. However, all I get are black thumbnails for every .mkv file. is there any way to fix this? also, I din't get support for .3gp video files using the h263 format.

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  5. tmp
    Posts : 17
    Windows 7 build 7600

    Hey shark,

    No offense was meant and I have tried your stuff and have set-up your packs on media beginners computers as well as rec them to many family and friends. In fact, I corresponded with you often regarding them when I was trying them. I just was unable to resolve the issues it caused with my system and I personally have had better luck with tryouts and splitters or splitters in conjunction with individual needed codecs though. I didn't profess that tryouts would do it all, I know they don't.

    Also, I don't claim to be an expert-far from it-but the primary issue that I've seen regarding playback with wmp12/wmc has been mkv files. I suggested in another post that I offered, that installing the 32 and new 64 bit Haali splitters with the lastest stable 32 and tryout of 64 tryouts and disabling all but avc/vorbis WILL get you mkv playback in both 32 and 64 bit along with thumbnails.

    Lastly, in another thread related to mkv playback, I was very complimentary to you, though I will always suggest against codec packs if it can be helped based on my own experience with system instability caused by those packs.

    (my comments in thread"mkv playback ez solution")


    No offense to any specific codec pack developers/devotees, just sharing my experience which isn't uncommon. But I strongly advise against using them.

    If you insist on a codec pack,though most computer/media "geeks" agree with me that they shouldn't be used, I would suggest the XP/Vista/7 codec packs developed by

    -They are adjustable configs based on the original ffdshow model,
    -they are comprehensive yet allow for minimal install of as few as 1codec
    -add playback for .mov and realtime without additional "lite" media players in wmp for Vista and XP
    -provide an easy way to utilize/load the 64 bit players as system default, -are updated often,
    -allow for testing of codecs within the GUI,

    and best of all they are completely free and are developed by someone who truly just wants to help vs get rich!! Closest to tryouts I have seen with more supported formats and a simpler user interface though it does disable most other oem/program codecs and can conflict with those that aren't. If you do use it, make sure to visit the developers site and forums and follow the instuctions carefully."

    And I am aware of the number of people who do like codec packs, however, there are a substantial number of computer and media experts whom I agree with that recommend staying away from packs whenever possible. Including many on these forums as well as msft.

    Good luck and sincerely, keep up the great work. You helped me alot and if I hadn't come across your stuff when I was first getting heavily involved with video playback on pc, I probably would have given up altogether!! But I have found a better solution for me after much research and testing.

    So again, many thanks, but on this we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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  6. Posts : 682
    Window 7 build 7600, Xp pro(VM)

    tmp said:
    But I have found a better solution for me after much research and testing.
    So why dont you share you knowledge with us????
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  7. tmp
    Posts : 17
    Windows 7 build 7600

    here is a lik to a thread i created specifically for playback of mkv i wmp12/wmc, both 32 and 64 bit players. The commets in my above post are directly from that thread. Hope it helps. Let me know if you are having other playback issues and I will try to help.

    mkv playback ez solution x32 x64-NO CODEC PACKS!!
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  8. Posts : 1
    Windows 7 7600.16385

    Reporting in:
    • shark007 works just fine except that it did not play H.263 encoded .flv files (downloaded from YouTube). But his thumbnail generation is flawless and awesome.
    • K-Lite (Mega) Codec Pack plays everything. Doesn't mess with default Microsoft codecs. It even generated thumbnails for those (see first bullet) YouTube files. But thumbnails for 3GP, MKV and MP4 not working.
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  9. Posts : 3,028
    Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) SP1

    I have to agree. I gave up on codec packs a long time ago. VLC will play anything you throw at it.
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  10. Posts : 744
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    tw33k said:
    I have to agree. I gave up on codec packs a long time ago. VLC will play anything you throw at it.
    I can only guess that you completely missed the fact that this is a Media Center forum
    and no where was a question poised of what player do you prefer to use.
    Some people actually use Media Center. VLC does NOT work from within MC.

    tmp said:
    How about everyone just stops using codec packs?.... bla, bla bla, codec packs adjust merit values and insert their own filters in some of the programs .... more bla, bla, bla, .... If you have any other questions or how to make a certain format play, post your problem here
    Thank you for your offer of assistance. I have 2 problems for you to resolve.

    1st off, I am not insulted and i am not making any attempt to insult you. My releases DO NOT, as you claim, adjust merit values and insert their own filters in some of the programs. I'd like to set the record straight. Codec packs in general, had a bad rep long before I came on the scene thanks to all the formatted hardrives resulting from using k-lite in days gone by. This was actually my incentive to begin with because I needed a quick, easy, WORKING solution.

    1. I know the following AVI sample can easily be played in Media Center using Shark's Windows 7 Codecs and that my packs will also allow you to choose which audio track you prefer to listen to in MC but since you have offered to resolve this without a codec pack I'd like to hear it. here is the sample.avi

    2. Please explain how to play a standalone FLAC audio file in x64 Media Center, without breaking FLAC playback in x86 WMP, because once again, with the installation of my codec packs, this is possible.

    No other software, other than my codec packs, is required to playback either of these.
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