I really wish I had the links to the Kinect project that is being developed as FOSS. I saved them as bookmarks on my laptop, but unfortunately my laptop died... and my Chrome browser was not logged-in to my Google account during that time... so all my bookmarks during that time were lost.

I'm sure if you contact the developers at Amulet, they can point you to the open source project that is being developed. After all, the original source came from Amulet, and Amulet gave it to the open source project.

I actually bought a Kinect PC device to test it, but never had time. Now, I'll have to find the Internet resources for it again. I think it was a project that is related to Media Browser, but the open-source developer was planning to add Media Center functionality too.

It would be super cool to be able to sit on the couch and just talk to the PC with requests that are similar to those available via the Amulet remote.