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Windows 7: My spell checkers stopped functioning

01 Jun 2013   #1
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
My spell checkers stopped functioning

Hi all!

Hope this is the correct Forum discussion area as all my spell checkers either stopped working....or my memory of them/what they once did has stopped!

This all started with my using Outlook (the new name for Hotmail) to type a letter.....
No spell checker... I seem to remember I had one there else I really really do spell wrong (or take long times like this document two days to slowly go over each word with ... yes ... I broke the emergency door on the wall and took out the paperback dictionary!)

I know what to do to solve this I thought! I type first in Word Pad or Note Pad and then copy and past over to my Email when its all spell checked...but....
I tried Word Pad, No suggestions for misspelled words no help no nothing. Same for NotePad.

Did they ever have spell checking?

My Microsoft Word 2007 is "broken" and so of course I have to find that Forum goup and sign in and get some help there.... and its broken for "lack of money" mostly..... so not expecting help to come from there so right now I can't open a new document to type and use Word's Spell checkers (and therefore I don't yet know if this error has extended to those spell checkers either)

I've got several browsers on my SONY VAIO laptop with Windows 7 Professional version. Tried IE 9 , Safari, Chrome and all three same resut.

More details.... When I try one of the Outlook accounts it does not say "Spell Check " on menu bar but another one (just converted to Outlook from Hotmail this past week!) DOES say "Spell Check" on its menu bar...
I don't know why my other Outlook account does not say it
I can't find that choice or option in preferences to put it back in the menu bar...

And by the by.... I don't really want it. When I clicked on tab on Outlook account that had "Spell Check" tab, assuming it would settle everything... It came up the following message:

>>>Message from Webpage:
>>>Exception raised! Automation server can't create object.

This message occurs no matter which item I choose on the menu/submenu (incuding the new ieSpell program--see below)
In the Outlook without the Spell Check tab I get words underlined in red (unlike what I found under your Forum answers).

Sub menu when I clicked on it says " cut/copy/paste/spelling and grammar/font paragraph direction"

Under "Spelling and grammar" I click a sub menu and get "Show Spelling and Grammar/Check Document now/ (check mark) Check spelling while typing/ CHeck Grammar with Spelling"

This gets complicated... If I choose to "Check document now" it DOES! Great..
but only for the one misspelled word I'm pointing too (I typically misspell 10 words out of a 15 word sentence, even "eht" and "dan" I get wrong and need fixing).

I have to then click on the choice of misspelled word (just like old times!)

But unlike the old times methods of spell checking: then the sub menu vanishes and I'm at the next misspelled word and no menu, no help. Now if I right click I get the TOP sub menu and have to go through the whole process again just to correct the "next" word... very very slow and tedious (at least its the computer doing it and not myself with a dictionary!)

What is going on here?
I tried to get a check mark to appear next to that choice but it refuses to do so. Check marks are working in other areas of the Outlook page including "(checkmark) Check Spelling while typing" choice I can turn that one on and off as much as I like, but I still don't get Spelling words while I'm typing like I did for years and years.

I did check your prior Forum quesitons and found a CNET program ieSpell and downloaded it and tried it but as you can see from the above either I get "Message from Webpage...etc" or I do nothing and its not working like promised.... I do read in my Norton that it crashes on average once a week in normal use, but I'm not even using it yet. Tried starting and restarting browser... did not restart computer as too many projects left open/webpages to do that right now so I'm sending this message out and will try that later today....maybe that is what is needed.

But I doubt it as before the program was installed I have turned on and off computer etc for many times since the problem started, just never got enough time to spell check and write this long a message since I lost spell check features.

In case it matters, I noticed there is no spell checking feature on this Forum page new thread typing box...or is there? I don't know as none of my many misspelled words have red lines under them.

Hope I gave enough information... if not please ask!

Thanks all!

My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Jun 2013   #2
Layback Bear

Windows 10 Pro. 64/ version 1709 Windows 7 Pro/64

I didn't completely read your book but try this.
Open Outlook and go to Tools and select Manage Add On and then find Spell Check and check mark it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Jun 2013   #3
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit

Hi Layback Bear:

Ok Ok... here is the abridged version!

I tried: Open Outlook and go to Tools and select Manage Add On and then find Spell Check and check mark it.

Everything worked as you said... but last level... searched huge page of items, lots of names (some I recognize, some I don't know why or how they are there), but "Spell Check" is not one of them!

Next action/steps?

I added screen shots (did not include "not available" items or "Java" items in the 3 shots, do you need to see the rest of Microsoft list?

Thank you!!!

Attached Thumbnails
My spell checkers stopped functioning-manage-add-ons-6-1-13-p-1-3.jpg   My spell checkers stopped functioning-manage-add-ons-6-1-13-p-2-3.jpg   My spell checkers stopped functioning-manage-add-ons-6-1-13-p-3-3.jpg  
My System SpecsSystem Spec

02 Jun 2013   #4
Layback Bear

Windows 10 Pro. 64/ version 1709 Windows 7 Pro/64

I would suggest you have way to many add-on enabled. If I'm seeing in your pictures what I think I see.
But each to his/her own.
Wait around for other that might have a better idea. I have spell check checked and it works.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Jun 2013   #5
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit

Thanks Layback Bear:

You have hit upon a major problem with using Windows 7.... free support from Microsoft and SONY ended and no one else is helping so lots of freebie programs I get (like ieSpell) to solve problems by asking for help on sites like this one.... not anyone's fault here.. just I'm not the "right" person to be doing all of this stuff by myself....

Yes too many add ons....but which ones are essential... which ones are from freebie programs and which can I get rid of.. I search for each one.... by name and slowly get some answers but but but

I've been burned before!

I've erased things with wierd names that didn't do anything and can't find on internet and then computer crashes because I've erased some valuable essential item.

Yes I'm the type of a person who should have that "blue" screen on Drive C to prevent me from viewing files... or messing with them, but between Microsoft and HP and others who need access to change their messed up programs it was removed and of course Microsoft says there is no way to put it back... I have all hidden files hidden, but that still doesn't prevent me from doing an irrevocable error.

Of course I can do what so many others do.... take computer to Staples (a store here) or paid programs on internet to "clean everything out" but then I'm left with a computer that is back to 2010 and they took the good out with the bad! There is no way I can modifiy or be there when they do that (except during the first two years when I had phone and remote desktop support from SONY & Microsoft).

I don't want to type too much... but you can understand why I'm reluctant to do anything (i.e. for example the "free" ieSpell came with "add ons" like ASPCA! but I either had to decline them, or if they were part of the installation, then I had to write down the name of the program and go searching for it or something like it and erase it knowing that the date was just a day or so ago so it "must" be the bad bad new program taking up room and memory on the HD.

Guess without going over each program there is no easy way out to fix this....

I should have separate questions for IE and Safari Forums: ...both have also "lost" the ability to bring back anything "more" than the "last" browser window, although all have buttons that allow for restoration of complete browsing sessions with many windows so I dont' have to bookmark every single serach window.... sigh.

No viruses/malware, etc. I keep Norton NIA AV all working and up to date.

Like you recomended, I will wait for others to reply.. but thought you (and they) should know a bit more.

Thanks for reading this!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Jun 2013   #6
Layback Bear

Windows 10 Pro. 64/ version 1709 Windows 7 Pro/64

This is a program that works for me to use instead of Word Pad or Note Pad.
FREE Word Processor Based on Microsoft's WordPad Engine
My System SpecsSystem Spec
07 Jun 2013   #7
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit

Hi Layback Bear:

This is to announce to all who read this thread that your suggestion worked!

Jarte is a great Word Processor!

I now use it far more than Word Pad was ever used as its great, serving in between my "temporarily broken" Microsoft full fledged Word and the simple ones that came with Windows 7: i.e. Word Pad and Note Pad.

In fact I found it saves in formats readable by Microsoft Word Program, so I'm just using to create and send messages to others who have Word, in place of my broken one until I get that fixed up. Therefore, since it is so useful this way, I purchased the "paid" version..... well worth the $19.99 for all the additional features and how more closely it emulates Microsoft Word. (Hint: Show main menu puts many items back that resemble Word's Menus).

Of course the main reason for myself choosing the paid version of Jarte was the spell as you go (remember I'm very full of misspellings so this way I can type my thoughts down and every sentence or two go back over the red marked errors and fix them so I can continue writing knowing I've produced a final appearing document along the way) . Many other features too numerous to explain that I have used in Word and miss now that I was stuck using Word Pad.....

Now all I have to do is cut and paste my (now spell corrected!) document (after select all is chosen) and paste into the SevenForums Thread and vola! I'm done!

Since I chose (from just reading about all the expanded features) the paid version, my experience so far does not relate to the free version which for those who do not need all the features of a Word Processor (i.e. Word) or who do not have broken spelling checkers) go ahead and try the free version first to see if you can just be happy with those free features before spending for the paid version. (I was also warned off by an old posting not to use the freeware download on the my favorite CNET for un-removable toolbars/ads hope they fixed it or else find it elsewhere for free downloading).

I do realize that my broken Microsoft Office means no more Excell or Powerpoint creations by me (unless I stumble upon (I think there is a search engine by that name I might use to try looking) some similar free versions of those that are reliable--- and most importantly can be read by those at work who also use Microsoft Office and expect me to provide them with Office friendly documents and spreadsheets/powerpoints etc etc etc whew!)

But again, thanks and credit for a solution/answer go to Layback Bear for the "solution" to fixing the problem and I will mark this as closed after giving a day or so for anyone else to add in first their comments (I always wait so that they are not added to a closed thread, which some forums do not allow, I'm not aware how SevenForums works on that!)

Thanks and Kudos go to Layback Bear for reading my "book" and solving the problem!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
07 Jun 2013   #8
Layback Bear

Windows 10 Pro. 64/ version 1709 Windows 7 Pro/64

Thank you for the pat on the back. I'm glad you like the little program, it works for me.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
07 Jun 2013   #9

Multi-Boot W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64 +Linux_VMs +Chromium_VM

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by XP VM User View Post
Now all I have to do is cut and paste my (now spell corrected!) document (after select all is chosen) and paste into the SevenForums Thread and vola! I'm done!
Firefox and IE have spell checking and highlight misspelled words for me, and list suggested corrections while typing into Forum posts.
I'm not sure about Chrome, Opera, or other browsers, but I expect they would have a spell checking capability.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Jun 2013   #10
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit

Hi DavidW7ncus:

Sorry for brevity of sentences, wrote them as I researched and found answers for each......

So you said IE has it but then why did others write::

IE 8 has no spell check nor did IE 9 which I used to write on this Forum complaining about this.... (I now have just installed IE 10 it appears to have spell checking ability back!!)

So it appears that IE 8 and 9 didn't have spell check in their browsers!!!

Now that hopefully fixed but since I overload the IE's with windows I tried and have to use other browsers

Which is why I'm getting in trouble with them, so I need to find Forums to ask questions about using the other ones...

I'm checking into Safari on my PC-----since I'm also Apple user

Safari 5.1.7 circa 2012 Has the problem described in this Forum thread earlier about not spell checking unless I check "check document now" same as before... Then it only checks ONE word then you need to go through three menus just to "check" the correct spelling of the "next" word underlined in red, so it identified it as wrong but does not fix it or suggest correct words..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 My spell checkers stopped functioning

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