Am I being scammed by Spectrum and or Microsoft?

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    Am I being scammed by Spectrum and or Microsoft?

    I have Posted already asking for help.
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 will not let me SEND.
    Spectrum says, not my problem after a decade of running both on their ISP offering.
    They say that Outlook has been compromised!
    All of a sudden, it doesn't work and they do not know why.
    They then refer me to Microsoft and give me the number for HELP.
    I call and Microsoft says Windows-7 Pro must be upgraded to Windows-10 or they will not help me.
    They also say that Outlook 2007 must be upgraded or they will not help me.
    They say it will take 45 to 60 minutes and it appears that there will be a charge!


    Does this mean I have to go to Google GMail and if so is there a way to transfer all of my Outlook files to GMail?

    I do appreciate any feedback.

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    I have no idea, I dont use outlook.

    Hopefully somebody here does.

    this post might give a bump.
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    What do you mean, "don't use Outlook"?

    Since this started, I've used it every day to Receive messages.

    I just completed a Clone of the C: Drive Outlook is installed on.

    I am at a loss regarding a Bump!

    Best regards,

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    SIW2 said:
    I have no idea, I dont use outlook.

    Hopefully somebody here does.

    this post might give a bump.
    I have never used it.
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    What happens when you try and send email and can you receive emails any error message have you checked the settings most now only use imap so if your not using that it may not work.

    who is the email with ie MS
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    Maybe your ISP has secretly started using Application Specific Passwords
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    Compassion needed for a potential Octogenarian Forum Member, 10+ days.

    As it turns out, my PC was Hacked to include my Email.

    I use Outlook Version 7 and it is all I really need.

    The Hack caused Microsoft to Lock my Account and in turn Spectrum Suspended my Account as it has a "7" in its name.
    As I am becoming aware, Microsoft and its Accomplices will do anything possible to coerce a Windows-7 user to abandon it.
    I have no reason to abandon Windows-7 however since Outlook Version 7 has a 7 in its name they will not assist me in my Recovery efforts.
    What I need is quite easy, but it's been marked "off limits" by Spectrum, so I haven't been able to access my Outlook 7 Account.
    In the Setup / Installation of Outlook 7, there is a page / form that needs to be filled in by the User.
    It contains information as to where the Input and Output info is and how it's to be sent or received.
    I set this page / form up over a decade ago when Office 7 was first released and happily used Outlook 7 ever since.
    If any Forum User knows the input for this page / form, PLEASE help me in my restoration efforts.

    Imagine these ISPs in this order: Roadrunner, followed by Version, followed by Charter, followed by Spectrum.
    Yes, my Roadrunner Email Account has been buried under layers of "Policy" preventing access to promote an unwanted version of Windows.

    I will be 80 years old next week. My Roadrunner Account contains the Email History of myself, my bride of 60 years and my six children.
    Three of those children have died over the past five years.
    I would greatly enjoy reading their Emails along with attached photos again.

    If you can, please help me.

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    If your accounts have been locked by Microsoft/Spectrum there is absolutely nothing anyone here can do for you. Only Microsoft/Spectrum can unlock your accounts. If you are using Exchange you should still be able to access your old emails as Exchange downloads them to a local directory on your PC, you just won't be able to send/receive any new emails. I'm not sure if Exchange 2007 can connect to Gmail but you will probably run into the same problem "You are running an unsupported OS/email client, please upgrade to a supported version".

    No corporation offers support for legacy software or hardware, it costs too much. I have a Windows XP PC. No one will support me on this computer. Luckily I'm a PC expert and can fix my own problems. I put Windows 11 on my mother's computer and have it set to receive the latest security updates so I don't have to worry about her getting hacked. I've also schooled her on how to spot potential scams on email and social media (she keeps getting "you can get an additional $300 every month added to your social security" messages among others).

    I don't recommend running unsupported software or hardware for anyone but experts. There is only limited support forums like this can provide especially when we're only fed partial/incorrect information.

    In your case the easiest route to solve this problem would be to migrate to Windows 11 and to a modern version of Exchange. This means you could get help from Microsoft/Spectrum when you need it. If you don't want to pay for a newer version of Exchange there's Thunderbird email which is free.
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    How unfortunate to have this happen, you have my sympathy. Did you ever try to do the free upgrade to Windows 10? If so, you have a digital license, and could upgrade again. This would solve the problem. This would only work if you had done the free upgrade before MS took it away, which happened last October. So if possible, if I were you I would try to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, An up to date system should allow you to access those emails again. Once you recapture them, you could either keep Windows 10, or roll back to Windows 7. In that case, you could use Thunderbird email. It would be a good idea to update windows 7 with Simplix, so your system would at least be up to date to July 2023.

    If you never did the free upgrade while it was still possible, you would have to purchase a key for Windows 10, and then do the upgrade.
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    Do you recall if your email account was setup as a pop3 account, if so then the PST file you have will still contain your email historically.

    Check in Control Panel for an applet called 'MAIL', this is where you can setup new email accounts.

    See if someone with a newer OS and Outlook version can set up an account assigned with your email details to a virgin .PST file, your email account can then be downloaded and that PST file transferred to your own PC.
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