I know this question is old but was this (Codecs in Explorer Columns) ever made possible to do on Win 8.1 or Win 10 (Have both) ?

ltwally said:
The Windows 7 Explorer is pretty poor at digging out the details of multimedia files (avi, mpg, mp4, etc etc.). At best with most of these, Explorer can give you bitrate. And that's pretty much it.
I'd like Explorer to be able to tell me more. Things such as:
  • detailed codec information (including which profile, codec version, encoder, etc)
  • video resolution, aspect ratio, frame-rate and bit-rate
  • # of audio channels, ABR/CBR/VBR, presence of Dolby, bit-rate

Ideally this information should be made available in Windows Explorer as a Properties page, as columns in the Detailed View, and also to the Properties Footer when a compatible file is selected.

Now, that's my wish list. But I'll take what I can get... and right now I'm not finding a shell extension that gives me any of the above, except for the Matroska extension which only supports MKV files.

Anyone out there with suggestions?