Video playback is sloppy in Windows 8

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    Video playback is sloppy in Windows 8

    Now I know this might be a wrong place to talk about this but since we usually have two computers at once windows seven users will also know about windows 8, many have upgraded too...

    So, I installed windows 8 pro, everything is fine except two small things...
    1) the video playback is sloppy, in windows 7 on the same pc the HD videos were playing nicely, but in windows 8 on the same pc normal videos (not HD) dont play well, they have a "stop and play" about 10th of a second, but if it continues, you know its not watchable...right?
    the audio plays fine there's no problem with that, but the video is not watchable...
    tried installing the latest player but still no use..

    2) the windows 8 update, not fond of updates cause never really understood the whole point of it considering that the pc runs fine without them,
    the updates wont start because my internet is metered...(I use 3G) but does this mean i can never update since i dont have wifi?? there has to be a manual update process...what is it? - is the question..

    Anybody having anything to say on this is very welcomed..
    Help is always appreciated
    Thank you
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    Our sister-site may prove more helpful for you. Heres a link : Windows 8 Forums
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    im using windows 8 at present, what media player are you using, have you tried others and its still the same, what is the filetype of the video you are trying to play.

    this is the info we need to help, regardless what OS you are using.
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    we need more info about the connection used, is it the same speed as before when using 7 ? if not, this may be causing the lag, not the video but the internet download speed. also, have you configured the flash player settings to be the same as when using 7 ? some settings in win8 may change how videos are played.
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    WMP 13 or whatever you want to call it now in Win 8 saw dvd playback and video support removed entirely! Here I was forced to keep 7 on and going since 8 wasn't going to work! MS felt that since there were too many video players available they would simply strip codecs out of WMP as well as dump the Media Center as options included in 8 and lower the price a bit.

    VLC as well as a few other players like Cyberlink's PowerDVD(retail of course) are usually the best substitutions for WMP when you have always run WMP from WMP 10 to present. VLC offers visualization type screensavers during audio playback like WMP has always seen for that one.

    Updates for the latest MS offering is another matter and I tend to agree with indiannacarnie about checking up at 8F for other similar threads to see if someone running 8 regularly can offer more help. Here I ran the CP and RP builds and called it a day as far as 8 was concerned. I suspect a new thread if you plan to keep running 8 would be a good move to see what others can offer on that.
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    Thank you all and Night Hawk,

    I tried media player classic too, but no use, the video is sloppy, so does this mean there isnt a solution in view yet - for the video playback
    update was only a question because of the video playback otherwise update isnt really needed for home works...
    so the last option for me would be to switch back to win 7??

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    Here I am staying with 7 while eventually getting around to dumping 8.1 on a VM for the fast look and reference. VLC has been the best replacement as far as free programs for video playback. Didn't get much of a chance to check it out fully on the CP or RP builds however.

    The one problem as far as dvd, vcd playback however was getting the initialization of the disk to run when manually wanting to play the disk having it already in the drive. With WMP 12 and older you simply opened and reclosed the drive tray and whamo video plays! But besides paying out for Cyberlink's PowerDVD which is one of the top paid for players VLC trumps right past WMP Classic being that is now a bit too outdated. On XP at one time it worked but not at this time.
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