Youtube Videos Slowing Down, Audio Popping Stuttering Windows 7 64 bit

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

    Youtube Videos Slowing Down, Audio Popping Stuttering Windows 7 64 bit

    I have only joined to share this info which may or may not help someone as I have seen alot of people with the same issue over the past wee while. This may or may not have been discussed here and I apologise if it has but I am rather busy and don't have the time to browse thru these forums. Peace, Steph.
    My message on Youtube just now reads: this may (or may not) help some folks here who have had issues with Youtube video playback of audio popping and spluttering and videos slowing down on ALL browsers after upgrading from XP 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. I have read the same issues throughout the years on the web and have only just upgraded this week to Windows 7, suffered the same issue of Youtube videos slowing down and audio crapping out, popping and stuttering and I found out today that it is my Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX Card that is the culprit. Here is a copy of a message I typed out to a friend this morning. Hoping that it may help at least one person here on these forums, Have a great day, Peace, Steph.
    I have have a Realtek HD onboard audio with a Gigabyte Motherboard and originally an Intel G41 chipset on this PC for 3 years with XP 32 bit 2.8 Ghz dual core 4 Gigs RAM utilising just 3Gigs. First off I had MAJOR editing problems with the integrated Intel G41 graphics chipset and the brand new Samsung 23 inch monitor crapped out so I got myself a Nvidia 7600 GT video card and also a Creative Soundblaster 5.1 VX soundcard to go with my 5.1 Logitech speaker system (which is FAB)
    The Soundblaster 5.1 VX gave me MAJOR problems from DAY 1 ~! Crackling on Youtube videos sometimes especially when a browser or anything was opened on top of a video. Major noise interferences, feedback, microphone problems etc etc. I persevered .. Like FOREVER as the onboard Realtek is not 5.1, up until TODAY with this slowing down, popping and spluttering on Youtube videos. Soo, I have just disabled the Soundblaster 5.1 and Enabled the Microsoft HD stereo supplied with Windows 7 update and Voila .. Youtube videos PERFECT. Except no 5.1 BUT a perfect video is everything to a music nutter like me ! Soo, I got the gigabyte original drivers CD and installed the Realtek HD of which handily installed the 64 bit version (that I never knew was on it) and now I have a simple audio tweaker to make stereo sound a bit better until I can get into town and buy a BLOOMIN DECENT 5.1 Sound card 64 BIT !!! It seems on the web that people have had major issues with Creative SB 5.1 VX ever since the big bang with similar problems plus drivers that are no longer updated ever since 2009. Soo, I may only have stereo until next week or whenever I can afford it BUT HEY, NO STUTTERING AND NO JERKINESS IS 100% better .. Even if it were in damned MONO !!! Hoping this may help another poor soul, Peace, Steph
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    How close do you have a perfect Win7 install as compiled in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 - especially the way drivers were handled which is not at all like XP?

    Enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3) and run all rounds of Important and Optional WIndows Update to completion, with reboots. Go back and Check for Updates until there are no more. The only Updates to hide are Essentials and Bing.

    Then establish a Clean Boot as shown in Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7, reboot, disable all Add-on's in your browsers except Flash which should be kept updated to latest at all times.

    Report back on these steps.
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    This was a complete delete of XP, a complete format and a completely fresh install of Windows 7 and all updates were installed Exactly as per the book. I'm not a pro but I have installed quite alot of systems here. I hasten to add that the above was done on 2 separate drives with the same issue on Both drives and my description above of disabling SB 5.1 VX has resolved the issue on BOTH drives on 2 OS'.

    This was purely info only as I have read so many people with the same windows 7 from XP problems.

    Thanks, Steph
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    Was this the case using all browsers or just the one you listed in your system spec's sheet ?
    Most browsers use hardware rendering when software rendering works best in most cases.
    Cheers for sharing though
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    Hi there ThrashZone, My main browser is Firefox ( 24 ) and it was truly bad on that but I also had the problem on Opera 12, Slim Browser and also Internet Explorer .. Slim Browser was the least stuttery but STILL bad.

    I know there are knockers on the web when you don't have a pro certificate behind you (maybe not here) but I can CATEGORICALLY state that the CreatiVe SB 5.1 VX has caused more problems for me than I ever needed and had pops and crackles on XP 32 bit for 3 years and then Windows 7 64 bit took the biscuit and I am now Creative FREE and am currently using the on board Realtek audio with NO problems but with stereo instead of 5.1 on my Logitech BUT I have ordered an ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 to blast out my heavy rock vibes and Youtube acoustic song covers in style. I don't play PC games ( I blame old age ! ) but I do like to be creative in the videos I produce to accompany my acoustic covers on the tube and music is my life and it is soo annoying when problems like this arise.

    No, I'm not a pro PC technician but I've installed about 20 Windows systems since Xmas and 'tinkered' with the innards of Windows for a few years and am just finding out just which software is affecting my audio and video. I do use Cyberlink PD9, Magix Music Makers 17 and Samplitude and Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 and Corel Pro X5 and Pinnacle 15 and Sony Vegas and I can categorically state that my Creative SB 5.1 VX screwed up the awesomeness on All softwares and productions.

    I ONLY posted in the hope of helping someone else with the same problems with the same systems and softwares as it took me 3 years to eradicate this problem.

    Thanks for the thumbs up, not needed but most truly appreciated. The world certainly needs Good karma. Have a fabulous day, peace, Steph
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    Thanks Steph for the information.
    Your problem was bothering you a long time: Way before the new sound problem that YouTube has been having for the last week or so.
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    you are welcome. Yes, I had popping and crackling on Youtube videos for 3 years but the slowing down and stop start has 'ONLY' just happened in the past week as 'soon as' I switched to Win 7 64 bit and videos were impossible to view. Taking out the SB 5.1 VX and formatting and reinstalling solved the problem straight away on All my systems. Thanks, Steph
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