Hello, I recently wanted to try watching a movie DVD on my PC and I was given a warning about there being some problem between the graphics card, DVD drive and the copy protection system that had a recommendation to update my drivers.

I went to the AMD site and downloaded the installer for Catalyst version 15.7.1 as this is the latest version for my Radeon HD 6670 card: something must have gone wrong during the installation (I left my avast! antivirus running while doing the install).

I shut the computer down after the installation and restarted it, I had to use Startup Repair as it seemed to get stuck on the "Starting Windows" screen. When I did get back into my system, I had to roll back the AMD HD Audio Device driver as I was getting no audio and found that was the solution from my online searches).

The problem now is that I can no longer open photos (specifically JPEGs) in Windows Photo Viewer - it doesn't even load properly - and I can't play DVDs as I get a message about there being no DVD playback device in my computer.

There is a AMD Media update waiting in Windows Update that I haven't installed yet, but I've installed earlier AMD Radeon drivers (and rolled back to a System Restore point) to no avail.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? (I know I've borked something somewhere, but I'm not sure what, at least it's probably a software issue).

Please let me know if you need any more info - I need to pop out for an errand in about 20 minutes, so can answer any questions when I return.