Hello all,
Could not find a solution to this.

I use the windows pic/video importer and for years it always imported with the file name and date taken. Never had a duplicate and easy to organize pics.

recently i upgraded to 10 (what a mess) and then reverted back to 7. I also have a new sony A7iii that may be the cause.

Anyway, When using the imported, "name + Date Taken" is no longer an option under advance settings. My only choices are "tag" or "original file name"

Attached is a pic of the missing option via this web post.
Add Date Time stamp to Photos when importing them in Windows 10

Any ideas? My Sony repeats numbers with every new SD card. I just dumped a thousand pics and it is a total mess of repeated file numbers. We shoot with burst so sometimes so it generates a lot of pics. Load another SD for a different shoot and the numbering starts over again at 001.
import pictures with file and date-date-taken.jpg