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    PhotoEd still needed

    Would you mind re-posting the PhotoEd files? It's still the best thing going for basic needs. Simple is good - note that Notepad is still distributed by Microsoft!

    Does the installation include registry entries? MS removed those from the latest W10 distribution :-(
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Wow 10 years later and people still asking for it eh.

    Alright i've re-uploaded it to my server. Lets see if goes another 10 years xD

    MS PhotoEditor

    - MS Photo Editor 32bit (18.3 MB)
    - MS Photo Editor 64bit (18.8 MB)
    - MS Photo Editor patched EXE for large files + 64bit registry patch (the \Wow6432node) (309 kb)

    Please Note: These are very old install files that I neither use or have tested myself on recent versions of Windows 10 and hold no responsibility or liability as to their functionality. I'm just a hoarder that has hung on to old beloved install files - cause you never know lol.
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    Install worked

    The 64 bit install worked fine on my W10 laptop - THANKS!

    I'm away from home today, but tomorrow I will try the install on my W10 desktop - should work the same.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64


    Yup people still use this! It has one of the easiest to use blending / smudging tools out there.
    A feature that really needs added to MSPaint and other Paint programs but is sadly lacking.
    Too many programs are filled with extra tools and hard to figure out or use tools. MS Photo-editor
    makes the task so much simpler and quicker. It's a pain everytime there's a major update to a new

    windows that it has to be reinstalled & tweaked to work. These files are a Blessing....Thank-You!
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    PhoteEd quit after a week


    Thanks again for posting the PhotoEd install media. I installed it on my desktop W10 PC and it worked beautifully for a week. Then, for no known reason, when I tried to save a photo I got an error saying there was a file write error. Since then I've re-installed the 64 bit and 32 bit versions multiple times, and executed the registry patch to no avail.

    Any ideas of what has gotten hosed up?
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    OK, I tried one last thing - to see if I could remove PhotoEd and start over. I turned out that there was a Repair option, and amazingly it worked!

    Back in business again, hopefully for a long, long time.
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    W10 64b

    MS Photoed printing

    Hello DStealth, Thanks very much for the Photoed patch. Been one of my favorite image edit programs since it was originally issued, and I've been using it (crippled) on systems ever since but with compromises like being unable to save or print. Your patch appears to have eliminated those issues with the exception of printing. Currently running Win 10. Clicking the print icon in the header (directing to my local printer) results only in an "Office" error popup but no crash; Ctrl-P or using the File/Print pulldown crashes the program (simply disappears). I'm guessing this is due to missing Registry keys for printing. Any suggestions on which keys to add?
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    Windows 10

    Hi all,
    I am so glad I stumbled across this thread. I LOVE my old PhotoEditor, and use it frequently. So far I just copied the files from machine to machine and it just worked, but I just bought a new laptop (Windows 10), and it doesn't work anymore. I can sometimes seem to open the program, and it "sees" files in the directory but will not open any of them. I downloaded DStealth's files (the zippped folder) but now I'm stuck. Can someone walk me through it and explain what I need to do like I'm a particularly dim-witted person? I would be forever grateful. Thanks so much for any and all help you may be able to provide!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Download a copy of MS Office XP, and install MS Photo Editor ONLY and it should work again. Just copying the files doesn't create necessary missing registry files. Usually that is the cause of most issues of it not working in Win 10 for one reason or another. Installing from a 2002 or earlier Office CD or download will normally fix it. Then you can install or copy the fix for larger file sizes.
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    Windows 10

    Hi, I tried to figure out how to get a hold of XP, and the only thing I found was how to do it on a virtual machine on VirtualBox. That is WAAAAYYYY more complicated than I'll ever be comfortable with. I'm not a computer person. All I want is to be able to use PhotoEditor again. My older laptop, which also runs Windows 10, has no trouble running it.
    Does anyone out there know of an easier way to get me to the goods? I'm willing to learn, but I do need baby step instructions... Anyone willing to help me - thank you so much! I have the download from DStealth (further up in this thread); I just don't know where to go from there.
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