HomeGroup vs Workgroup

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    HomeGroup vs Workgroup

    OK, so today at college I got into a huge debate with a peer of mine. Basically, for one of our courses, we had to demonstrate how to use a Windows 7 HomeGroup to share some files and establish some basic connectivity. We then had to connect a Windows XP machine to the HomeGroup. Basically, the argument I got into today was if a homegroup and a workgroup are seperate entities or the same thing under Windows 7. For example, my opinion was that of Windows 7 HomeGroups being a COMPLETELY seperate feature. It is proprietary to Windows 7 and no other operating systems can communicate in the way a HomeGroup does (password protection, sharing libraries, etc.). The opposing opinion was that a HomeGroup is just a Windows Workgroup re-named, basically saying that when Windows 7 creates a Homegroup, it creates a Workgroup CALLED "HomeGroup" and shares are treated as shares in a workgroup are. There's no password authetication or anything like that.

    I would just like to ask you guys, the community, who has been with Windows 7 since Beta Build 7000 and settle the score between me and my classmate. My teacher was also of the opinion that a HomeGroup is just a Workgroup re-named and that a Windows XP machine would be able to connect to a Homegroup similarily to the way a Windows 7 machine would. I believe this incorrect and would like some feedback concerning this.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    Your friend and your teacher do not use Windows 7 Home Groups, else they would know how wrong they are. At a minimum, they should read the system requirements.

    You deserve a tuition refund.

    Engineering Windows 7 : At Home with HomeGroup in Windows 7

    Windows 7: HomeGroup Overview
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    Homegroup is, at least at present, only possible between Windows 7 Machines, It uses totally separate technologies from the old Workgroup. One of the major differences is the use of IPv6 for communication.

    If you wish to communicate with a workgroup windows 7 does have the required backwards compatibility, of course, but this is limited to the Advanced sharing mode of XP.

    Homegroups may be made available for vista machines at some time but due to the obsolete nature of XP I would be surprised to see support at any time. Infact the status of xp is now that only security patches will be made no new technologies above those in SP3

    You could if you wish point out to your peer and your teacher that membership here is free, and members here are willing to educate
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    They are completely different and I wish they weren't homegroup is pitiful even for a small at home network.

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    Hi ken, welcome back - hope you are feeling better.

    just wanted to say that my Homegroup set up totally automatically and has worked flawlessly
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    I would expect nothing less. You have a good grasp on setup etc. I dont think homegroup is useless, just that there are things that make it difficult for the average user to make it work. I have a homegroup with 2 xp boxes and 2 win 7 and dont have any trouble either.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.
    I figured I knew what I was talking about, having been on these forums pretty regularly since the Beta build and following Windows 7 for about a year now.
    We did the whole workgroup networking setup as a final project (bah! what a joke that class is/was) and it doesn't take a genius to figure these things out.

    I think my classmates (people were basically telling me to shut up, getting annoyed by my disagreement) got caught up in technicalities and were over-thinking this whole thing. When people are condescending about topics I'm pretty knowledgeable about just because they follow instructors @ my college like god damn sheep, it gets under my skin and I tend to get my back up over it. Thanks for making me feel like I know what I'm talking about again, lulz. :P
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    Google is your friend. just check homegroup vs workgroup. One major difference. Homegroup has to have IPv6 running to work, IPv6 is one cause of random drops, and slow downs.

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    Yes I agree with ZigZagMan about a simple home network...this weekend I tried setting up a HomeGroup on my comp., got the password, tried connecting my daughters laptop, clicked on Join...typed in password....waited and waited and waited...never went to the You have joined the Homegroup" screen...just sat there. I'm thinking it might be my ESET firewall...give it a shot again next time she comes home...both are running RTM 7600...
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