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Windows 7: Network error

21 Oct 2009   #11

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM

Can the Tomato firmware router act as a DHCP server? It may be enabled and shouldn't be.

I would leave a static IP on the WHS server, and install the DHCP service onto it. Then let your Windows 7 machine pick up it's IP address from your server.

I'm assuming here that WHS can act as a DHCP server - but as I said, It's not really my strongpoint at all!

My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Oct 2009   #12

windows 7

I have tried playing with pretty much all of my network settings, nothing seems to help. The log below was created with a program called "Performance Pinging". Its copying a 5Mbyte file to my WHS over and over. Does this help at all?

Oct27, 09:10:47, 463ms, 86.39 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:10:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:11:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:11:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:11:27, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:11:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:11:47, 521ms, 76.78 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:11:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:12:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:12:17, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:12:27, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:12:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:12:47, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:12:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:13:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:13:17, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:13:27, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:13:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:13:47, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:13:57, 532ms, 75.19 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:14:07, 563ms, 71.05 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:14:17, 579ms, 69.08 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:14:27, 23126ms, 1.73 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:14:51, 607ms, 65.9 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:14:57, 561ms, 71.3 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:15:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:15:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:15:27, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:15:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:15:47, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:15:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:16:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:16:17, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:16:27, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:16:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:16:47, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:16:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:17:07, 532ms, 75.19 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:17:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:17:27, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:17:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:17:47, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:17:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:18:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:18:17, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:18:27, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:18:37, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:18:47, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:18:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:19:07, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:19:17, 521ms, 76.78 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:19:27, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:19:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:19:47, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:19:57, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:20:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:20:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:20:27, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:20:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:20:47, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:20:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:21:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:21:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:21:27, 537ms, 74.49 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:21:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:21:47, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:21:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:22:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:22:17, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:22:27, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:22:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:22:47, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:22:57, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:23:07, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:23:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:23:27, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:23:37, 528ms, 75.76 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:23:47, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:23:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:24:07, 460ms, 86.96 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:24:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:24:27, 460ms, 86.96 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:24:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:24:47, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:24:57, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:25:07, 460ms, 86.96 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:25:17, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:25:27, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:25:37, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:25:47, 535ms, 74.77 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:25:57, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:26:07, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:26:17, 460ms, 86.96 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:26:27, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:26:37, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:26:47, 458ms, 87.34 MBit/s
Oct27, 09:26:57, 459ms, 87.15 MBit/s
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 Oct 2009   #13

windows 7

Ok, so I just figured out that I can copy a 3 gig file with no problems from the WHS to the client machine. But when I try to copy the same file from the client machine to the WHS, it errors.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

28 Oct 2009   #14

windows 7

I replaced the NIC in the server last night. I'm still having the same problem. When I watch the the transfer with a packet sniffer (wireshark) it says there is a tcp offload error?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Oct 2009   #15

windows 7

For any Googlers out there, it was the switch.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
07 Apr 2010   #16


Same issues here.... was it the switch hardware or the switch's firmware?

Please let me know,
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Apr 2010   #17

windows 7

I dont know, I'm having the same problem again. I've tried everything. Next step is replacing the primary hard drive in the WHS. But I havent had time to replace it yet.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Apr 2010   #18

XP Pro SP3 X86 / Win7 Pro X86

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by pinniger View Post
I dont know, I'm having the same problem again. I've tried everything. Next step is replacing the primary hard drive in the WHS. But I havent had time to replace it yet.
Couple of things....

Yes, the Linksys WRT54G V5 Really Is a Lousy Router

A year and a half back I ended up replacing several of these, at my own expense, just to put an end to the mess they were making of people's home networks.

In your registry for every Win7 machine...


Set "Size" = 3

Otherwise there's some kind of bizarro cap on network file sizes... You wouldn't believe the havoc this caused with downloads, backups etc, until someone else tweaked me on to it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Apr 2010   #19

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by CommonTater View Post
Interesting read. Thanks for the link.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Apr 2010   #20

XP Pro SP3 X86 / Win7 Pro X86

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by CarlTR6 View Post
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by CommonTater View Post
Interesting read. Thanks for the link.
I was put onto it by a friend who's a ham radio operator... He tore one apart and found it to be totally unshielded with absolutely no rf bypassing anywhere. Thing was wiping him completely off the 2 meter local chat band... He was causing it to reboot every time he keyed his transmitter ... and no, they were not in the same house!

Tom's hardware panned it. This Small Network guy panned it.

Yet there are literally thousands of them in this area... thanks to big box stores selling them at $29.95 just before Christmas.

Network error-netproblem4.jpg

Network error-netproblem3.jpg

My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Network error

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