Working with 2 wireless networks - Internet access and HDMI wireless

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    Working with 2 wireless networks - Internet access and HDMI wireless

    Hi, I have just got an EZCast home multimedia wireless sharing device. It works great from my acer laptop and from my android phone. HTC one! My problem is that it works as an access point so both my phone and my laptop need to connect as clients. when I do this I have no connection to the internet anymore.
    I have a great deal with my telecoms provider in Ireland and get umlimited BB over G4 so I use the HTC either in wifi hotspot mode or Bluetooth PAN to connect to the internet on my laptop (and wireless printer).
    Either way when I connect to the EZCast access point I have no internet. The phone sees a wireless network and shuts down my mobile data connection and my laptop can only connect to one wireless point at a time. When I do bluetooth tethering and I am connected to the EZCast AP, I can still see that I am connected to the BT PAN but I have no adapter to connect it to so no internet. I tried to bridge the PAN and the WIFI but forums are telling me that you can't do this with Windows 7 anymore. I have noticed that there is a virtual miniport in Windows and I was wondering would it be possible to use this. I know I could buy a USB Wifi dongle and that would be it but it must be possible some other other way. The networks don't havce to talk to eachother. I need to get internet on the laptop and then at the same time be able to connect to my TV via the EZast Wifi. Hope someone can help. It's my first post her so hope I have given enough info.
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    Hello and welcome Eamonn now I am a tad confused with your rather involved post mate. Now could you simplify it a little to what works with what and what you are actually wanting it to do.

    Now I have to ask I assume you have updated all drivers for all the devices??

    There is a really good networking member here if I cannot help you out but I will try first.:)
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    some clarification

    I have an android phone with wifi or bluetooth tethering.
    I have an Acer laptop running w7.
    I have mobile provider that gives me unlimited G4 data over my mobile data connection
    so I use my mobile hotspot on my phone to connect to the internet on my laptop. to do this I have to connect to the SSID of my phone hotspot. Works great!

    Now I have bought a "dongle" which plugs into the HDMI port on my TV and is supposed to connect with my laptop and do all kinds of wonderful stuff. this dongle is in fact a wireless AP. so now I have to connect to this AP from my laptop instead of my mobile AP so I don't get internet connectivity anymore. It's just an internal wireless network between my laptop and my TV. It's good enough for most things but when I want to runa youtube video over my TV it is not possible.
    so I want to be able to be connected to the internet via my mibile SSID (HTC44e) and still display it on my my TV whiuch is on a different network (SSID EZCast)
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    Sorry to say it cannot be done with the Miracast (that's what you have) system as it just duplicates what you see on the controlling device.

    You need a chromecast to do what you want, but then that limits you to only applications that have chromecast built in. Not all that bad, but you will not get Amazon videos/movies etc.

    I have exactly the same set up as you with my cell phone. Currently running at 98GB per month all for 60-bucks including unlimited talk, roaming and text. But, I have mine set up with a home theater receiver which has 4-HDMI inputs.

    HDMI-1 is a laptop
    HDMI-2 is chromecast
    HDMI-3 is Miracast.

    That way I can switch between inputs an use whatever device is best suited to the applications available. Maybe the Firefox TV dongle (due soon) will be better as they are working on chromecast in a coming version of the browser. Someone has to eventually get it right, it is only a software issue after all. But vested interests and pettiness by google are preventing it's faster spread.
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    Eamonn Carved Duck is obviously better placed than me to answer - if we get stuck there is always that friend of mine we could ask but looks like CD has got it:)
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    Thanks for the help

    Hi, Thanks for help. I thought that that would be the answer but just wanted to see if there was a solution out there. Thanks anyway.
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