Router reports much higher max rate than data rate

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    Router reports much higher max rate than data rate

    So if my router is reporting my max line rate is 82 mbit/s but the actual rate getting to the router is 55 mbit/s then what does this suggest ?

    An Open Reach engineer did visit to check everything was where it should be both at my home and at the street cabinet. Resulting in moving the router next to the socket where the line comes in to the house, initially the speed was getting around 65mbit/s after he had organised things better.

    He did say though the connection may go slower or faster over 10 days, its been a month now.

    My ISP is Sky and I am subscribed to Fibre Pro (the best they offer) - their estimate to my house was 70mbit/s.

    Since then the highest rate I've seen is 59mbit down and 19mbit up.

    So since I've subscribed to the highest speeds Sky will offer me I doubt I'm getting capped.

    The internet from outside has been cutting off each sometime around 9pm, maybe theres a bad line somewhere between my house and the cabinet ?

    What do you guys think ? What are some possible ideas what's going on ?

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    Shared line problems. It's pretty rare for you to actually get the speed advertised. There's a lot that goes into an internet connection, like the link speed for the devices. Applications that monitor, or check traffic can of course slow it down. But the most common cause is a shared line. For example:

    You and 12 of your neighbors order the 100mbit service. Your ISP uses a 1Gbit line for all of you. You can get 100Mbits, as long as 2 of your neighbors aren't using it at all, even if the others are using up all of their speed. But if all 12 are on at the same time, it balances, and some people get a drop in speed.

    It's all pretty standard practice with ISPs. As far as the dropoff at 9PM, that's usually caused by a gateway/modem reset. That's when they renew their IP lease. Some even do a full power cycle as well. Check your modem/gatway logs at that time to see if it shows any information about reconnecting (usually the easiest way to tell is the time is incredibly wrong until it gets the correct time from the ISP)

    Maybe it's different in the UK for the shared line. Maybe there's not a questionable cloud of "Up to 100MBits!!!***" there with some bullet points saying you won't always get it. But almost every time here, that's the case.
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    Yes it is the same in England, the internet is shared with the whole area. Therefore you'd expect to get faster internet at night.

    Right now it is Tuesday 10:30am (when most people should be at work).
    I am getting:
    51mbit down
    18mbit up

    max rate:
    85mbit down
    22mbit up

    I'll see how it is at midnight later...
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    it was 51 down, 18 up at 23:30 - it's still the same now at 09:15am.
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