Set network location every time start VPN

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    Set network location every time start VPN

    ATT internet through Arris NVG589 modem, Proton VPN, default firewall with Malwarebytes Firewall Control. All works acceptably except whenever I start the VPN, within a minute or so there's a windows popup to "set network location", with options "home", "work", or "public"; select "home" ...another popup, with a list of file types "select what you wish to share" ...then another popup which point I just close the window. The VPN is working, even though I do not complete windows interrogation. On occasion the firewall will popup a query to allow the connection.

    Now, there is no "home network"; just one modem, one ethernet cable, to the back of one computer. How do I get windows, and the firewall, to accept this and stop the parade of popups every time I start the VPN?
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    Try this: Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Firewall\Allowed Programs

    Now add the Proton VPN client executable (.exe) Select the check boxes for Home/work and for Private.

    What the Windows firewall is doing is detecting a new connection all the time and asking how you would like to treat that connection. Actually, adapter.

    I find the Proton technologies software badly coded in my opinion...

    And just so you know. Proton Mail is fine for some security, but don't think for once it won't rat you out. E-mail already by its nature is insecure. And VPNs are a ruse. I do use one and using one now, but I know what to expect and use it for certain purposes.

    In the digital age there really isn't something called "privacy" or "security." It can be achieved though, but you need to know a lot about IT and what not.

    Anyway, if the VPN is just for insecure open WiFi networks and what have you that's fine. On the other hand, if you know how, you can install a third-party free and open source firmware in a router that supports the OpenVPN client in Windows or smart device and the OpenVPN server in the router its self. Such third-party firmware is ASUS Merlin, DD-WRT, Open WRT and FreshTomato. With OpenVPN via the router and your phone or laptop you establish a VPN from that device back to your house which is an encrypted tunnel need for open an insecure WiFI networks.

    If you're looking for anonymity, then onion routing via Tor with a bridge is the way to go. It's not private though. Anyone can create a Tor exit node. ANYONE... Tor is great for the Press who might be victimized (think shot dead) in a "sht hole" country. There's also TAILS, a live boot CD. If I was overseas I'd boot it via an ordinary device or using other tricks of deception... And I can write three pages on all that.

    Also note, your browser is already supplying a wealth of unique digital fingerprints that say who you are. VPN or not. For starters, research WebGL, WebRTC, Canvas data, HTML5 storage. There are other metrics involved per your computer and browser. Like your current fonts installed or screen resolution.

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