F22 Simpilot said:
I have not. Something I was always going to try. I've always run Linux in the VM instead. Great thing about it is that you can right click copy/paste the new VM vmdk file and hold that over in case something happens to the other. I copied and paste ten VMs (The VMDK file) of XP this way for a project I had. So, I had ten instances of XP running at the same time on a laptop with only 4GB of RAM. Since XP could easily just use 128-256 MB of RAM it wasn't much of an issue.

I have no idea why Linux is working and not Windows. Maybe it's a Windows file sharing thing that uses SMB that's doing something in the network to slow you done over Linux. Linux does use SMB of course.

Is your customer database a CSV, SQLite, or SQL file? Linux alternatives do exist to read and manipulate that data.
No, but I could run it in a VM. Shouldn't be very taxing on resources. I have one Win 10 machine that I have to have for Quickbooks, which handles customer data and invoicing...I could use that if I had to, but I really don't care for that. Currently, I use QB only for banking and keeping books.

I've been trying out Linux Zorin and a few Manjaro distros. Some of the Linux community seems down on them (Manjaro), mostly for the way they're 'running' things, and poor attitudes and support. Seems pretty solid.

But I've mostly been using Zorin because it supports my password safe and my vpn (mullvad...at least thru the terminal). I'm learning things, although Zorin is a newbie build. Works well here, though, and provides rolling updates. Lots of power in the terminal and win command line too, but Linux forces you to use the terminal more.