Security in Windows 7: Firewall and Networking

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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]

    Security in Windows 7: Firewall and Networking

    Can Windows 7 change the perception that Windows Firewall is security you use until you install protection that actually does something?
    by Neil J. Rubenking

    Like Rodney Dangerfield, Windows Firewall just don't get no respect. It didn't evolve appreciably in the transition from XP to Vista. It does its simple job well, but its lack of ambition makes it a punching bag for reviews of other, better personal firewalls. I can't tell you how many times I've written sentences along the lines of, "Sure, Product X stealths all your ports against hack attack, but heck, even Windows Firewall can do that." Good news: It looks as if Windows 7 will pull the firewall out of its slump. Some new features are visible and functional even in the pre-beta I've got running on my test system, and there's a tantalizing suggestion of more to come.

    Hangin' with My HomeGroup

    The firewall exists to protect your network, and Windows 7 starts by making it easier to configure that all-important home network. When users hit network problems, they curse the firewall—and they're often right to. Windows 7 addresses the problem by taking over home network setup and making sure the firewall doesn't interfere.

    Full Info at Source ...

    Security in Windows 7: Firewall and Networking - Reviews by PC Magazine
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    Windows 7 (7000) public beta

    I was just about to ask - those that have the pre-beta - which firewall do you recommend for 7?

    Have been just using Vista firewall in Vista, but Comondo???? seems increasingly popular. Did use ZoneAlarm free version in XP after a while.

    Is it true hundreds of people tried to break into my computer???

    Hey - you're all welcome anyway.

    Mi casa es su casa.
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    Microsoft Windows 6.1 (Build 6801)

    use Windows Advanced firewall (Run->wf.msc) to disable all inbound and outbound connections first,then create some rules for your applications and that's it! you can also deal with more advanced options through netsh advfirewall, where you can separate wireless and other traffic...
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]
    Thread Starter

    Hi Graham,

    I use Comodo 3.5 on both Windows Vista and Windows Seven Beta 6801 without any problems. It can take a little getting used to ( controlling the Pop-ups ) when you first start off but after it learns your system applications and such, is pretty non-invasive.

    The Internet security package also contains an anti-virus ( new, so not tested by me, have it on an XP test machine at the moment without problems ) the firewall, and Defence plus ( a defender replacement ) which I also run with no problems.

    Only downside I have heard of is you may sometime find it difficult to remove if you ever want/have to. Comodo have a removal tool for Vista but at the moment this does not work for Windows 7, They do have manual removal instructions on their forums.

    Have used this in conjunction with Avast on various Installations of XP, Vista and Now Windows 7 over the last few years and have not had any problems or infections,(that I know of).

    This is not supposed to be a commercial for the product just my opinion

    Hope this helps..
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    Windows 7 Ult x64(x2), HomePrem x32(x4), Server 08 (+VM), 08 R2 (VM) , SuSe 11.2 (VM), XP 32 (VM)

    @Nigel or anyone that has tried comodo

    yeah but has anyone tried to check their traffic window???
    i only see listening connection for some reason...
    while with PG 2 (vista beta version)
    is working (well crashes rarely but its fine) i mean in connections....
    just trying to confirm if someone sees this???
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    Windows 7 (7000) public beta

    Well, ZoneAlarm free didn't bother me too much on XP as I remember, it's just when you look at attempts to infiltrate your PC that you see lots .. and lots.

    I hope the Windows 7 one is good enough, as I am not very skilled at dealing with Firewall setting.

    As I am on dial-up wireless broadband, would I be safer than having a permanent ADSL line connection?

    The other thing would be, why would anyone want to waste part of their life looking in my PC? :)
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    7 X64


    I am using Vista Firewall Control - works really well, easy to setup, small and light on resources - it's also free.

    It controls your existing Vista or 7 built in firewall

    64 and 32 bit versions from here, if anyone wants to try

    Vista Firewall Control : Sphinx Software

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    Windows 7 Ult x64(x2), HomePrem x32(x4), Server 08 (+VM), 08 R2 (VM) , SuSe 11.2 (VM), XP 32 (VM)

    SIW2 that was the only thing keeping me
    thanks now using the portable free edition instead since im not happy with not being to control comodo....
    when it supports 7 (even if its alpha) i will try it...
    as for the unnistallation it did freeze but another unnistall after the restart did the trick...
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    7 X64

    Hi darkassain,

    Thanks for posting back.

    I'm really pleased with Vista Firewall Control - the fact it works on 7 is a real bonus.

    Don't be surprised to see a few seconds shaved off your start up time after you've trained it.

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