Win7 "workstation" to WinXP "server" file copy FAIL

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    Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit (build 7600)

    Win7 "workstation" to WinXP "server" file copy FAIL

    This is driving me bonkers and I have almost no hair left. I really hope someone can help.

    When I attempt to copy or move a file or folder from my Win7 box to my WinXP (SP3) media server, the operation nearly always fails. Take, for example, my trying to copy the VLC Media Player folder (704 files, 75.1 MB) from Program Files on Win7 to the C: drive on the media server via a mapped drive (X). In all cases, after hanging up at some point during the copy, I get this message:

    Network Error
    There is a problem accessing X:\<whatever current sub-folder copying is>
    Make sure you are connected to the network and try again

    I should note here that you only see the message come up if you wait for it (~1 min) after the copy hangs. If you try to cancel the hung copy before the message comes up, you can crash explorer.exe. I must also stress that there are no other access problems on the network. Files on the media server are accessible as expected from the Win7 box. Performing the same copy in reverse ("pulling" the same folder to the XP box from its console instead of "pushing" from Win7) works perfectly. All machines are in WORKGROUP and the same exact credentials are in use on all machines. All machines run the same version of Symantec Endpoint Protection and have firewall rules configured to allow all LAN traffic. All machines are connected through a Linksys SD2005 5-port GB "dumb" switch. Routing/DHCP is provided by a D-Link DI-604. NICs are all set to auto-negotiate.

    I have tried monkeying with NIC settings (it is an onboard Realtek) to no avail. I have also installed an Intel PRO/1000 XT Server NIC just to see if it was a Realtek issue. No change.

    Here's the kicker: my Win7 Panasonic laptop connected to the same LAN does not suffer this same problem. In fact, when I run the same copy, the speed is about twice as fast as on the Win7 PC in question (before the PC hangs up, of course).

    Any ideas that I might try would be appreciated. I have even recently reinstalled Win7 from scratch hoping that might fix it.

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    Win 7 Ult x64

    Same thing happens in my LAN between both Seven Ultimate x86 and x64 and a XP Pro SP3 file server, and also no problem copying from a Toshiba U200-182 laptop with Seven Pro x86 (Upgrade disk from Toshiba)to the same xp machine, also note that there is a normal transfer speed between al Seven platforms....
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    what does event viewer report on the 7 machine?
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    Win 7 Ult x64

    At least in my machines, nothing unusual or weird....
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    the only thing i can think of is turning off tcp autotune on 7:
    TCP Autotuning & Performance 227 Volts
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    Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit (build 7600)
    Thread Starter

    As much as I hate to admit that I let this thing beat me, it has. I gave up last night and upgraded my XP media server to a scratch install of Windows 7. File moves and copies now behave as they should.

    As much as I would have liked to have seen the issue dealt with properly, it was just a media server with only three or four pieces of software installed on it. I had a spare hard drive and the temptation got the best of me.

    I had one small networking problem AFTER getting Win7 installed on the media server that I will mention in case anyone out there reading this is having the same problem. Again, ALL boxes use the same username and password. ALL boxes are in WORKGROUP. I could map drives to both my workstation and laptop from the media server, but neither other machine could access the media server at all. I would get nothing but an "Access is Denied" error message. After verifying that all settings were as they should be, the fix was accomplished by doing this:

    - Control Panel
    - System
    - Advanced System Settings
    - Computer Name tab
    - Click "Network ID..." button
    - "This is a home computer..." radio button, then "Next"
    - Restart the computer

    All was well after that, even though I shouldn't have had to do it. It was almost like something was a little messed up and this operation kind of "ran a comb through it". Anyway, that's what got me going. I hope this helps even one person out there.

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    Win 7 Ult x64

    "I gave up last night and upgraded my XP media server to a scratch install of Windows 7."

    This is the same conclusion i got last night, I will go to dive into this next weekend, I found that the problem was present only in the connections between all the Seven OS's (x86 & X64) and the XP Pro rig I have in the LAN accting as a file and media server, allthough everything goes normal bet all other XP (Pro or Home) and the Sevens and even from any XP tho the others (Pro or Home).
    Something weird happened in thas machine along allmost two years it was running since last fresh install.

    I think that all this problems are finally related to security and permits issues because both OS's go diferent ways in this areas...
    Thaks for the sugestions and fast posting to everyone.
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