If you love Windows XP, you値l hate Windows 7 by Ed Bott

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    If you love Windows XP, you値l hate Windows 7 by Ed Bott

    Posted: 02 Jan 2009
    If you love Windows XP, you’ll hate Windows 7

    Posted by Ed Bott

    My colleague Jason Perlow has been playing with Windows 7, and he hates it. The sad thing is, all the things he hates are improvements, in my opinion, which just goes to show that you really can’t please everyone. But what’s sad to see is that every setting Jason describes as broken is in fact easily customizable so it works the way he wants it.
    The crux of Jason’s complaint is simple: “I learned how to use Windows in 1998. Don’t change a thing.” Here’s his main argument in a nutshell:
    I find it difficult to believe that Windows 7 was created to be easier to use than Vista — if anything, they’ve introduced a number of UI changes that make the system much harder to navigate, particularly if you’ve never used Vista and are going direct to Windows 7 from Windows XP, which is the path that many users will experience.
    Yes, there’s a learning curve........

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    Barman58's Avatar Posted By: Barman58
    02 Jan 2009

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    I find 7 to be streamlined and quite intuitive and user friendly. I don't even miss Vista already.
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    Hi Aaron,

    I think Ed Bott does too,

    It's the first Entry in the "Most inappropriate Post Title Contest 2009"

    I found the actual article quite refreshing - answering some common mis-conceptions
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    I am sick of XP-fanboyism. I wish it was legal to hunt them.
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    Hi DiamondNRG,

    Actually I think it will be when the season opens, I think that's at the end of June this year
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    Very nice! I had forgotten that ... will it be bow only at first? I can't wait for hatchet season! :)
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    I have a feeling there are a lot of Jasons out there. This was part of the problem with Vista and we're going to have to deal with it again for many who will upgrade from XP.

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    Until everyone moves away from XP, we'll continue to have this problem.

    I know a user who didn't move to XP until 2006 - and another who still uses Windows 98. These sort of folks are slow to change, and until it is literally forced onto them they refuse to make the change.

    It is one of the reasons these forums will continue to be valuable not only this year, and the next, but well into the next decade.
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    Well said John, As usual,

    What really worries me is some of the comments you hear to articles like this, eg where one poster was waiting for windows 7, to be usable with XP era hardware.

    Now I used XP for a long time, without problems, and a lot of others before that, but people have to realise that times, and hardware, change and so therfore do operating systems.

    I think, unfortunately that a lot lot of the XP holdouts are going to suffer when they eventually "have" to move on, and find the whole jump to windows 7 too much.

    But as you say it's important that places like The Vista and Seven forums exist to ease their passage "to the dark side"
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    Well, there needs to be a qualification to that statement to begin with.

    XP era hardware runs the gamut from early generation P4 all the way to the early generation Core 2 Duos - so, saying XP generation hardware is simply a misnomer.

    FWIW, though, I am pretty sure that W7 would run, albeit slowly and without a lot of pizazz, on older P4 machines. Whether any of us would *like* it at those slow speeds is a question better left to those who actually try this and work with it on a daily basis....
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