Why Vista No Longer Matters

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    Vista Ult 64 bit Seven Ult RTM x64

    I liked Vista, but I must admit that since the beta's for 7 were leaked, I haven't used it except for my business bookkeeping. This is a beta (although I have to keep reminding myself) and I don't want to take chances.

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    Windows 7 Profesional 64bit

    I just bought my first copy of Vista for a new machine in December...

    After being an XP holdout, I kinda liked it...

    But three weeks later...I install Win7 and haven't looked back....
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    Windows 7 RTM x64

    to be fair it is a shame, Win 7 is what vista should have been. And if you look at it code for code 7 is very close to vista ( yes i know the differences lol ) However its amazing what a few differences 7 has in it has been recieved so well. Yes there are bugs but imho its as near to a RTM product then ive ever seen. Vista was never going to get a fair chance we waited god knows how many years for it. If we wait that long for 7 i think it may get the same hammering. Vista was also slated due to its hardware issues but then again it was completly different then anything else.
    What makes me laugh is when 7 goest RTM people will start praising it for its excellent hardware compatability. it should have cos most of it will be vista lol

    And lets hope that ms realize that there are tough economic times ahead and they price accordinly.
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    XP/Vista/Windows 7 builld 7000

    agreed... at ANY of the developers conferences or tech net events i ever attended (the last about three months ago), when you mentioned vista I had always noticed a singular lack of eye contact, sucking of teeth and examination of shoes by the MS reps. we knew this one was a dog before it got out of the house. I fully believe MS did also.

    I did ask at one conference not so long ago, since I was the one whom ultimately had to tell client what their best course of action was for the foreseeable future, the rep told me and I quote...."the best reason to promote an upgrade to vista from xp based enterprise was so they could migrate more easily to the new operating system (windows 7) when it became available," end literal quote. now picture that, remember he wasn't going to be the one in front of the suits, that would be my job. business doing two quick deployments? hardly.
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    XP/Vista/Windows 7 builld 7000


    i see you. i've used win7 almost exclusively in my house, but for business purposes we obviously cannot go there yet. from results here to date though, I am pretty sure that come retail, that migration will happen relatively quickly. given the enthusiasm on this and other forum, i'm dead certain that software developers are going full bore. I may cock my head at my accounting software a bit longer perhaps, but everything else goes when it becomes available.
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    XP & Vista

    Realistically the differences between Windows 7 and Vista are negligible and as such "SHOULDN'T" really matter on current hardware. The problem is perception. Its not so much slow bootups its how hard drives are slammed during the initial 5-10 minute period after login. Even on fast systems this can be somewhat noticeable. On laptops that aren't running 7200RPM drives it becomes very noticable. As such unless MS was really willing to put a lot of effort on having future service packs do some serious under the hood changes with Vista it really was a forgone conclusion that Vista didn't have legs, and that its sucessor would kill Vista outright.

    I'm running Vista on a Tablet PC with 1.2Ghz ULV/2GB DDR2 RAM/Intel Graphics/120GB5400RPM Drive. I swapped with a 320GB 7200 Drive (That is going to go into my Dell M6400 with the other 320GB drive when I get the thing next month.) and dropped Win 7 on it. The changes shouldn't be this noticle. But its obvious that MS did tweaking in key areas. Benchmarks don't blow away Vista. What MS did was tweak key areas to make the OS more responsive and because of that it seem snappier.

    Sadly Vista was doomed as soon as it was launched. I HATE to make this compairson, because reliability wise the two are worlds apart. But Vista is to win 7 as Windows ME was to XP. A stop gap between OS's. Vista put in place the building blocks for a decade, or more, worth of Windows OS's and as such should be praised for that.
    Not to go all Applian on a win board. But it was Microsoft's OS 10.0. (albeitmore a heck of a lot more stable.) Windows 7 is MS's 10.3. (SP1 was 10.1 & 10.3) Now that we've generally gotten most of the growing pains out of the way bring on the new and innovative features!

    PS- I'm a Dell Certified Tech that does contract work for Dell. I'm doing about 5 calls a day for Dell home and corp repairs and I can tell you there is MASSIVE interest in Windows 7 and where there isn't I'm telling them...get it. If you aren't happy with Vista you will with Win 7.
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    Windows 7 RTM x64

    I agree with the above post. MS did know that Vista was a bloat when released thats why i belive that the development into 7 has gone at an alarming rate. XP is like an old blind dog, you know you have to shoot it but you cant quite bring yourself to get the gun out.
    However even by todays computers XP is still a rock sold OS. Im not surprised that people and buisnesses are not keen to upgrade
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    Vista/Windows 7

    I just got Windows 7 64-bit up and running on my dual boot Vista Home Premium, SP1/Windows 7 computer. I had trouble with my onboard NIC and the SMbus drivers. Thanks to this site and an old Intel Pro/100 plus PCI NIC, all is up and running smoothly. I feel Vista is much like WindowsMe was. If you spent some time dilligently tweaking and searching, you could get both to work reasonably well. Windows 7 looks good...
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    Windows 10 64bit/Windows 10 64bit/Windows 10 64bit

    I like Vista, I haven't played around with Windows 7 long enough yet to give an honest opinion but it seems to be working well so far, I'm still sorting out my applications so don't have everything on here yet that are on my Vista partition.

    I know people are trying to compare Vista with WinME in as far as they think that they shouldn't have been let out but I'm one, perhaps one of the few, that hasn't had any problems with either OS and still have a WinME machine running and being used on my network.

    It's like anything in life give it a little love and understanding and you shouldn't have problems
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    Win7 7201 x64

    Didn't have vista on for long before i got windows 7, but had it long enough to give me a headsup on using win7.
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