Windows 7: Readyboost

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    W7x64 Pro, SuSe 12.1/** W7 x64 Pro, XP MCE

    As far as I know, the OS makes no change at that low of a level in anything, unless possibly through some option within the chipset driver, but I'm not aware of that either.

    EDIT: You might avoid the hassle with the RAM chips by running Memtest 86 first. If you let it run 6 or more passes without any errors, then it probably wouldn't be necessary to remove them at all.
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    Windows 7 Professional 64bit

    You know its strange, after a day of not booting, it seems to be working now. I didn't change anything, so maybe there is a component that is right on the edge of failure. I am suspecting the power supply or the memory. The power supply is 1000W and Tyan recommends 850W so I think it has the capacity. But I do have 9 disks and a high end Graphic card. I will run the memory test and see what pops up. This is my work computer so I want to know what is failing now before crunch time gets here.
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    W7x64 Pro, SuSe 12.1/** W7 x64 Pro, XP MCE

    With that many components wired together, it reminds me of a principle of flight safety...which is safer, a single or twin engine aircraft? The usual response would be the twin, which may be true, but with two engines has twice the chance of a failure (which is more difficult to fly). With the single engine aircraft, an engine failure means a certain forced landing, but in either case, the ultimate fate lies in the pilot's skill...along with a sprinkling of luck.

    I would consider that Tyan power figure to be minimal. Have you run a power calculator which includes all of your "engines"? Here is one that I have found useful before:

    eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
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    windows 7 ultimate

    When you plug in a flash drive in the autoplay that pops up click autoplay. hope it helps someone
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    The ram sticks are water cooled and after a day of non use the systems seems OK. Sounds to me like a leak that dried up.
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    WIN7 Ultimate, 64bit OEM

    i highly disagree that those of us with more than 4Gb of ram will not benefit from readyboost. I currently am running a 16gb SDHC card enabled 100% for Readyboost, and a 32GB USB drive enabled 100% for Readyboost.

    GIMP absolutely flies thru a complex rendering now, in 20 - 30 seconds VS several minutes without readyboost. Security scans takes seconds compared to minutes before.

    I also just changed the virtual memory to almost 500GB (used a whole drive). currently testing that out for kicks and giggles.

    games are also much faster , esp Crysis.

    and yes, i was using all the RAM for some applications before i discovered readyboost. I often run multiple renderings in multiple windows at once. (Gimp)

    I do intend to max out my RAM soon, to 16GB, and possibly upgrade the motherboard to one that will accept up to 32GB of ram.
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    Has anyone (if it is possible) used readyboost on a netbook running win 7 starter? (I have a samsung nb30 touch)
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    XP, 7 32/64bit

    I just got a 4gb SDHC card for my netbook with 7starter on it. It seems faster, but I havn't done any tests with it yet..
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    HP Win7 Pro x64 | Custom Win7 Pro x64

    From what I understand, ReadyBoost is a cache that extends the pagefile. When the system runs out of Memory, it will use ReadyBoost, which can be faster than the HDD. However, I never run out of Memory, 8GB in both of my machines, and neither see's any improvement using ReadyBoost for that reason.

    Although, a while back when I had a notebook with Vista, I saw some improvements using ReadyBoost, but that system only had 1GB of Ram. I'm sure it helps with certain systems, and it's nice that they improved it so well for Win7.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    If you have a decent HDD then you won't notice much difference. I'm using an old micro SD card in a USB adapter for some ReadyBoost, and there's not much difference apart from loading times in a few games have increased.
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